I Feel a Sense of Freedom that I so Longed For

I Feel A Sense Of FreedomFirst off, I am successfully 68 days sober and clean. The Personal Values course has taught me so much about myself. Some good, some bad and some things I never thought I would even think about. I used to think survival just meant to survive and stay alive, but this book explained how to exist in the world without failure and not just doing the bare minimum to get by. It showed me how to apply ethics in my life and right from wrong. I can say honestly that after O/W’s. I feel so much better about my past, my present and myself. In general, I feel a sense of freedom that I so longed for. I don’t feel like a slave stuck in my own head anymore. It made me realize that the main person you hurt by withholding things is yourself and I am done hurting my self and ready to start living an honest life drug-free.


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Confident in My Sobriety

I feel successful in my program here at Narconon Fresh Start so far. I am two months in and my focus and determination has improved drastically. I am much more relaxed and confident in my sobriety. I am less withdrawn and more present centered and aware.


It Doesn’t Get Much Better

Everyday at Narconon Fresh Start is a success. I’m surrounded by awesome staff, I’m sober and I’m happy. Every day here is a good day. It doesn’t get much better than that.


I Can Actually Sleep on My Own While Sober

I learned how to deal with different personalities while in sauna. Usually I would have lost my temper and done something I regret. Also while in sauna, I have learned that I can actually sleep on my own while sober.


Narconon Fresh Start Testimonials

I Can Think Clearly

I learned so much about my body by following the program. I can think clearly and my body is finally clean and healthy. The people and staff around me have helped me so much. I can’t thank everybody enough for all the support. I’ve gained a lot from this program.


Ready to Move on

I completed objectives last week and I completed Overcoming Ups and Downs today. I also handled all of the people that are in my life and I feel really good about the letters I have sent to them. I’m ready to move on to the next part of my program.


The Relief I experience is Awesome

I am experiencing a lot of relief from writing up my O/W’s. It’s difficult to confront some things, but once I’m able to do it and get it written up, the relief I experience is awesome.


I’m Learning a Lot of Social and Anti-Social Personalities

I am currently on the Overcoming Ups and Downs and I’m learning a lot of social and anti-social personalities. I am happy to be able to apply these to my life and get rid of the anti social personalities in my life.


I Am Glad that I Came to Narconon Fresh Start

I am glad that I came to Narconon Fresh Start. I needed the extra help to get me sober. It also helped me in ways i didn’t think about before. It brought me to present time and gave me the patience to do the tasks asked of me. At first I didn’t think confronting the things in my past would help me, but after doing it, I felt better and could accept what I have done.


I Feel Good and Got a Fresh Start to Life

Sauna helped me sleep better. Objectives helped me to deal with my surroundings. I’m going to use my Conditions as a tool to better my self. I feel good and got a fresh start to life. Thanks to the students and staff members.


I Realize the People that are Healthy for Me to Have in My Life

Course has successfully helped me realize which people in my life are anti-social and social. I realize the people that are healthy for me to have in my life and the ones that are unhealthy. I am extremely glad that I have realized this to help me clear out all the negativity in my life.


I Have a Solid Foundation Now to Move on

I found the Narconon Fresh Start program extremely challenging overall. It tested both my patience and perseverance. I do feel a great sense of accomplishment having completed the course. The sauna, I felt, prepared me physically for what lied ahead, Objectives brought me back to center, and I felt more in-touch with my environment. The course work really allowed me to reflect on the damage I have caused on not only myself, but my family and the world around me. I feel that I have a solid foundation now to move on with the rest of my life.


I can Really Apply what I’ve Learned in My Life

I feel so much better since I’ve been here. Not only do I feel better, but I met a lot of good people. I enjoy being here and I feel I’m getting better at the same time. At first I thought objectives was going to be weird, but I found that I can really apply what I’ve learned to my life.


I am Satisfied with all that I Have Learned

Objectives are helping me in more ways than I expected them to. I have learned patience; I have learned to be in present time and have no focus on the past. I have also learned that I can control the objects in my environment. I have also developed a great relationship with my twin. I am glad I got the opportunity to do objectives and I am satisfied with all that I have learned. Lastly – The staff here is awesome – they make it more enjoyable for sure!


I Have the Tools to Achieve and Prosper

I had a great, fresh happy, positive outlook when I got to Narconon Fresh Start. I have cut ties with people and have a better understanding of who I want in my life. Narconon Fresh Start helped me learn how to go about working on myself and all the areas of my life. I have had a lot of buildup throughout the years and was able to be upfront and honest with myself. I also learned how much I have been missing out on by being stuck in the past and expecting more out of my future. I know now how to make the most and focus on the present so my future will be positive and drug-free. I realized how much I have affected people and myself when I thought everything was alright. I was so wrong. As much as I hate to say it with all my complaining I think I have gotten a lot of this program. Looking around and seeing a bunch of strangers going through the most uncomfortable part of their lives and getting along and working together is something I will never forget. I am nervous, but very positive that I have the tools to achieve and prosper. I realize how much work goes into the present time and how much energy I was using in the past. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start and all the staff for putting up with me and my bad attitude because I am so proud and happy I completed this. I learned more than I thought I would.


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