How Narconon Fresh Start is Different from a Twelve-Step Program

One Day at a TimeTwelve-step drug and alcohol recovery programs are known throughout America and around the world. People may know the program as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous).

Members pay no dues, but must simply commit to stop drinking or using drugs. Members seek to achieve sobriety one twenty-four hour period at a time and attend meetings frequently, even daily, to support their desire to stay clean and sober. The Twelve Step guidelines are published in “The Big Book,” the essential core materials of the program. Participants follow through each of the 12 steps that are listed in the book.

Two Steps that Make Narconon Fresh Start Different

Here are two steps out of the 12 Step book that makes the Narconon Fresh Start program different.

1. We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol (or our addiction) that our lives had become unmanageable.

Over and over again, we see graduates go on to live successful lives without ever having to turn to drugs. In their addiction, they were powerless and their life became unmanageable, but after coming to Narconon Fresh Start their personal values and integrity are restored and they learn how to take control of their life and make drug-free decisions. In other words, they are no longer powerless over their addiction.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Narconon Fresh Start is a secular program, meaning it is not a religious program. But students on the program are free to believe in any religion that they want and are even encouraged to continue their own faith. Our goal is to help individuals understand why they started using drugs in the first place and to increase their awareness and abilities and help them gain their own purpose in life so that they choose to stay drug-free.

Attending Meetings

Another aspect that makes the Narconon Fresh Start program different is that graduates of our program do not have to continue going to meetings to maintain their sobriety. They leave the program with the life skills needed to succeed and achieve their goals and maintain their own sobriety.

Effective Sauna Detox

Narconon Fresh Start Drug DetoxAside from the Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills courses that help individuals to live a successful life without drugs, our sauna drug detoxification program is an innovative way to rid the body of toxic residues that drive drug cravings. With the use of a dry-heat sauna, exercise and an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, participants find that they can think more clearly and that they feel more energized. Many students say that they feel like they never even did drugs.

True Recovery

At Narconon Fresh Start, it is the belief that addiction can be overcome and that an individual does not have to always be an addict. We help individuals to free themselves from their guilt and their cravings and provide them with the tools necessary to live a stable, responsible and successful life without having to turn to drugs. By doing so, they are free to progress and live their life with confidence that they will never use drugs again without the constant reminders of their past addiction.

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