I Have Not Had One Urge or Craving

Since sauna I have been able to sleep and become more active. I finally feel like myself. My over all attitude has improved a lot and I have not had one urge or craving since I started this positive experience.


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Each Day Gets Better and Easier

During sauna, I realized that I have been gradually regaining my healthiness and balance within life and my body both physically and mentally. Each day gets better and easier which gives me much more hope than I had from the first day that I arrived here at Narconon Fresh Start.


I Can Accomplish Anything That I Apply Myself To

I have realized that I can accomplish anything that I apply myself too. That by keeping focused on the main goal following the correct path to achieve it, it gets easier and easier.


I Feel a Lot Healthier Since Being in the Sauna

I feel a lot healthier since being in the sauna. The scars on my legs, face and back from drug use are fading substantially and several people have commented on the improvement in my appearance, even after just a few days. I’m also sleeping better since starting sauna, falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly.


My Body and Mind Have Both Seen Favorable Gains

Since I started this program, I have been eating 3 meals a day plus shakes. My body and mind have both seen favorable gains. I’m able to sleep through the night which allows me to be able to think during the day. I still get mood swings which I’m trying to work on and hopefully find ways to deal with things in better ways then to get mad.


I Feel More Alert, More in Control, No Cravings

Wow! So this has totally been a super slow process. At first I went through extreme tiredness and annoyances. It is now day 25 and today I feel more alert, more in control, no cravings, my sleep is more restful and I’m starting to feel more balanced.


My Body Aches and Pains Have Decreased a Tremendous Amount

My time in sauna, thus far, has dramatically improved quite a few things first and foremost. My sleep has improved so much. I struggled a lot in the beginning with sleeping, but now I’m sleeping though the night. Secondly, My eating has improved as well. Eating three meals a day has made my weight return to a healthy number. Finally my body aches and pains have decreased a tremendous amount which is incredible.


I’ll Use All My Skills I Learned Here to Help Me Stay Clean

I just started learning about social and anti-social personalities on course and I’m finding it very interesting. I hope to be better at analyzing such personalities to help me decided what people should be in my life. I’ll use all my skills I learned here to help me stay clean.


It’s Rewarding and Nice Knowing I Don’t Have to do Drugs Anymore

I’ve been writing OW’s for about 2 weeks now and as hard as it can be sometimes, its rewarding and nice knowing I don’t have to do drugs anymore. We have a good crew in in course right now and especially when someone’s having a bad day everyone looks out for each other. I couldn’t ask for better people to go through this with.


I’ve Come to Realize I Am Much Happier Without Drugs

I feel like I have gotten everything and more out of my program. I have never been so clear headed and I feel good about staying sober. I never thought I could live a life without drugs and now I’ve come to realize I am much happier without drugs.


It Feels Good Getting Things Off My Chest

I have been writing a lot in Personal Values about how I have harmed myself and others around me in the past. It is tough while writing it, but it also feels good getting things off my chest.


I Wish My Parents Would Have Found Narconon Fresh Start 10 – 20 Years Ago

I’m on the Personal Values part of the Narconon Fresh Start program. I’m realizing that I can remember more than I thought. At first I did not want to do this, but it brings up some good memories that I’ve forgotten about before I started using. I wish my parents would have found Narconon Fresh Start 10 – 20 years ago. I’m enjoying writing OW’s more than I thought I would. Thank you.


Everyday is a Success Here

This whole program has been a success in my life personally. I’m not drinking or getting messed up anymore. I feel better. Everyday is a success here,


There is a Reason for All That They Do

When I first started this whole program I was not really feeling it. But overtime, I came to find out there is a reason for all they do. Objectives has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but it proves to me the patients I have and the ability to converse.


I Am in Control of My Mood

I have learned patients. I have learned to do what I need to do without being distracted. I learned that not only am I in control of my environment, but I am in control of my mood in “any” environment.


I Have a Lot of Patience

Objectives has had its ups and downs. The biggest thing I learned so far is that I have a lot of patience. It’s very repetitive and the fact that I haven’t lost it yet is truly amazing to me. On top of that, I’ve also learned everything else that I was supposed to.


I Like Narconon Fresh Start Because …

I like Narconon Fresh Start because it is helping me be more positive in life with a better appreciation of being sober. It is teaching me better patience with an understanding of the value of life.