Program Highlights from Graduates

We asked several of our graduates in a video interview what was one of their main highlights from the program. We pulled specific clips from each interview to compile an ordered sequence of our program steps to give you an idea of what each step of the program is about and what our students get out of each step.

Program Highlights

Video transcript

What was most important for me was the course supervisors. I felt like they were my friends and I felt like they really really cared. They were always there to talk to me if I needed to talk to them. They were always there to guide me through my courses and to help me out. And no matter how busy they were, someone would always make time and that was really huge for me. There were definitely some supervisors here that have impacted my life that I will never forget. -Meghan

My biggest win on the program was the Communications Course. My communication with my family has gone through the roof. I’ve never dealt with them or coped with them any better than I have now. -Tiffany

The part of the program that has impacted me the most was the detoxification program. Before I came to the program, I was coming off methadone and heroin and it really takes a toll on your body. It makes you drop weight, you’re very unhealthy, your vitamin and mineral levels are completely depleted and going into the sauna program made me get all my physical aspects back into myself. I gained several pounds, I actually got a lot of skin tone and color back into my body and my face. I just felt 100% better after I was actually done with the program. -Brian

Part of the course that really impacted me greatly was part of the program were you learn how to learn again. They broke it down in such a simple way that the person who is very difficult with learning something can understand it. Later after I graduated the program, I took a cardiovascular technologist course. I graduated with 100 average. Being able to learn is so important cause how can you go on with your life if you don’t know how to learn something. -Erin

Part of the program that really impacted me most is the Communication and Perception course. I never realized before the places I was going, the people I was seeing, what my environment did to me and what my effects were on my environment. And this really made me snap into the present time and realize that I am a part of my environment and I am what I make of my environment while vice versa. -Mandi

One of the main parts of the program that really had a deep impact on me was book 5, the Ups and Downs In Life course. This is where I actually got to look and deal with some of the people and situations that really had a negative effect on me. And I had to look at myself in depth in the areas that I couldn’t be around or put myself around anymore and the people that I was hanging around with and how they were affecting my life and putting me in those situations. it really had me look at myself and deal with those people and those scenarios so that I can live a happy, successful life. -Jon

I think the part of the program that definitely had the biggest impact on me was the Personal Values and Integrity course, book 6. Having gone through each of the steps of the program before that, leading up to book 6, it really hit home why I was there, why I was in treatment, why I was doing the things that I was doing before and it made me understand how the things that I was doing before to my family, to my friends, to myself put me in a position that I put myself in. It also gave me an idea of how to prevent that from happening in the future. So that was probably the most influential parts of the program for me. -Vincent

Part of the program that helped me so much was the Changing Conditions In Life. I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time. I like organization, I like structure and so putting my life into almost like a business sense, a model, a plan, how to get through it and how to read what’s going on with me and work my way up through it – that worked wonders for me. -Matthew

I think that some of the things that I got from that book, The Way to Happiness, were to flourish and prosper everyday, something that I’ve always tried really hard to do. I’ve always tried to succeed and do well at what I do to prosper. But reading about it again and what that is and how I can incorporate into my life now that I’m sober and going forward, that felt really good. – Carrie

Some of the highlights of my program were all of the relationships that I built while being here with the friends from all over the United States that have all been through the same things that I’ve been through. We could really relate to each other and help each other out even after we graduate because I lost a lot of relationships with my friends who never used. It was really nice to build relationships with people who may have used, but are also getting their life back on track again. – Sarah

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