Should I Wait to Find a Drug Rehab for My Loved One?

Drug Rehabilitation SignIt’s never too late to get your loved one into a drug rehab, but waiting to see if rehab is needed puts your loved one at grave risk.

One of the worst pieces of advice to tell someone who is seeking to help a loved one with drug addiction is, “wait until he hits rock bottom.” Rock bottom could be death.

It’s easy to put off finding a drug rehab for your loved one when he keeps saying, “I’m going to quit”, or, “This is the last time”, because you believe him. Deep down the addict probably does want to quit and may even try, but the drug cravings or withdrawal pains drive him right back to using.

Statistics show that the chances of an addict getting off drugs on his own are very slim. It’s hard for someone who doesn’t struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction to understand that so this is another factor of why someone keeps waiting to get their loved one into a rehab.

Waiting to get your loved one some help could cost him his life, job, relationships and everything else that is dear to him. Drug addiction never gets better. It only gets worse. When a person is in their addiction, they aren’t their self. They will eventually start to give up almost anything and everything to get their next high.

If you suspect that your loved one is using drugs or needs help, the time to act is now. Call a counselor and get some advice on how to go about getting your loved one some help. Narconon Fresh Start offers free consultation services so feel free to call 855-734-2223 and speak to one of our counselors.

The Narconon Fresh Start Program

Learning Life SkillsThe Narconon Fresh Start program uses one of the most successful and effective drug rehabilitation methods in the world and is unlike any other drug rehab program. We help individuals get off drugs naturally, which is different from some other rehab programs who use drug substitutions. And our drug detoxification program is very unique. It actually flushes out drug residues that drive drug cravings. And the final stage of our program takes individuals through a series of life skills courses that teach a person how to take control of their life. They learn how to communicate more effectively, confront problems, choose friends more wisely and make ethical decisions. These life skills courses help bring about changes in their behavior and increase their awareness and abilities so that they can reach their goals and live a stable and successful life without turning to drugs.

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