Narconon Fresh Start Success Stories

I Haven’t Felt This Good In Years

Being in sauna has helped me tremendously. It feels so good to have put on 15 lbs and just be healthy and normal. I haven’t felt this good in years and I can truly say I’m happy today and proud of myself.


It Is Exciting

Guess what?! I’m now on Battle Plans. This is new to me and I’m currently in transition so it makes it way more real as to what I need to set in place in order to fulfill my dreams and achieve lasting happiness. It requires much soul searching, but yet it is exciting!


I Learned The Differences Between Right And Wrong

During Personal Values I learned the differences between right and wrong in my life as well as the rights and wrongs in life in general.


I Have Learned To Dig Deep

At first writing OW’s were tedious and emotional for me. In the process I have learned to dig deep in thought, put it on paper, and get it off my chest. It is a refreshing feeling when I get through a life area. i am ready to be done and have a fresh start in life. Yay for me!


I’ve Learned Things About Myself

Self OW’s have been difficult for me, but at the same time I’ve learned things about myself; the way I operate and why I tend to do the things I do. I am confronting my past and am excited for the end result.


I Have A Purpose

I feel relieved that I got a lot off my chest this week. I’m starting to feel better both mentally and physically. After writing about myself, it made me realize that I’m lucky to be alive. I have a purpose here in society and I’m going to work my hardest to fulfill my goals that I set for myself.


A Growing Experience

Being on Objectives has been a growing experience. Along with my personal growth, I’ve got to see the growth and changes in my twin which has been great. I look forward to completing this course and moving on further in the teachings.


Happier And More Cheerful

Since beginning Objectives, I have been happier and more cheerful. I’m very much looking forward to finishing Objectives and moving forward in my program, especially with the help of my irreplaceable twin. He rocks my socks off.


Thanks For The Hospitality

My major success is the fact that I am sober and eating well. I feel wonderful as we have a nice work out facility and a friendly staff. Once again as I have said before, “Thanks for the hospitality.”


Choose To Live A Sober Lifestyle

I feel better about myself now and choose to live a sober lifestyle from here on out.


I Physically Feel Much Better

I feel physically much better. My tracks/abscesses are almost gone. I have gained back 5 lbs of weight that I lost using. I am eating much more than when I first arrived. I try to keep my mind in a positive space as much as possible. Sleep has improved a great deal and I feel like this is working to get me better.


I Am So Thankful To Be Here

I have been in sauna for 10 days now and really can’t put into words how I am feeling. It feels incredible to be finally comfortable in my own skin again. I am sleeping great; I don’t remember the last time I fell asleep to wake up in the exact same spot with the bed still pretty much made. I am so thankful to be here and have another chance at life.


My Body Is Getting Healthier

So far I feel as though my body is getting healthier as I’m going through the sauna process. My skin looks healthier than it has in years.


A More Positive Outlook

By Now, I’m half way through Objectives and starting to have a more positive outlook on it. I personally had a rough go with it in the beginning. It made no sense to me. But after it was explained to me about how it teaches one to solve their frustrations without turning to drugs or alcohol, it made sense to me.


More Calm And Patient

Today I feel like I am more calm and patient. I appreciate my surroundings more and this place and the people who are in my life. That includes my family, my friends and the staff.


This Has Really Opened My Eyes

Since I’ve came onto course this has really opened my eyes so far and it has really helped me. It made me aware of social and anti-social characteristics. Now I’m starting to write letters to my family to make amends and start over. I feel like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I’m excited to keep writing and learning in this program to become a better person.


I Feel So Relieved

I just passed Objectives and I feel so relieved. It feels really good to have come this far when in the past I would have usually quit. It has not always been easy, but it’s been rewarding.


I Am Ready To Apply All The Tools I Have Learned

My success right now is the ability to clear my head after writing OW’s with exercise. Lifting weights, shooting hoops and running have helped me immensely through the program. A huge milestone happened for me yesterday. I bench pressed 225 lbs four times. I haven’t done that since college and it felt great. I am ready to apply all the tools I have learned through the program to my life. I will stay in shape after I leave to always stay mentally fit.


Analyzing The Social And Anti-Social Characteristics

So far in course I’ve been analyzing the social and anti-social characteristics. It has made me take a deeper look at the people that I surround myself with including myself.


I Have Learned A Great Deal Of Patients

So far in the program I have learned a great deal of patients, to think before I speak and to pick my battles. I have also learned that I learn more about myself and get more out of the program when I am involved in helping someone else.


Comfortable In The Present

Since I have started Objectives I have learned to be comfortable in the present time without sticking in the past moment.


I Can Forgive Myself

This is a very hard process, but the easy stuff doesn’t work. Writing all of these horrible things is extremely hard, but it has helped me so I can forgive myself. I’m feeling better everyday and the more I write makes me feel even better. Thank you to everyone who has helped me. Every single one of you have helped me a different way.


I’m Feeling More Confident

I’ve been here a little over two months now. I’m in the middle of OW’s and feel great. Better than I expected. I’ve disconnected and eliminated the dangerous parts of my life. My future is still unclear, but I know it’s going to be much healthier and happier being sober. I’m feeling more confident with my ability to make the right choices and much stronger to not go back to the life I am familiar with. I’m very happy with my progress and look forward to continuing in a positive direction.


I Am In Control Of My Own Mind And Body

During Objectives, I’ve realized I am comfortable in my own skin, most of the time. I take me with me wherever I go and I am in control of my own mind and body and the choices I make that contribute to my well-being or self-destruction.

I have the ability to make changes in certain things, but I don’t have the control over everything. There are times when I have to let go of wanting to have control over other things (situations, people) and accept that. I also have to have self-awareness, be conscious of my own actions, learn how to identify, address and handle my emotions and feelings. I’m learning to go beyond hearing others -actually listening and learning to observe and communicate better.

I’ve noticed that keeping my material things organized, exercising, eating properly, having a daily routine/schedule help keep my mind at ease. Keeping myself busy with positive people and activity as well as making sure I have some alone time too, reduces my anxiety and gives me better balance in life.

There are a lot of seemingly small things that are really important. It’s making me feel better everyday. I’m really thankful for that.


More Clearheaded

Sauna has helped me sleep better and gain more energy. Since sauna I feel more clearheaded and I feel more present. All in all, I feel much better.