Is the Holiday Season a Good Time to Get My Loved One Into Rehab?

depressed-holidaysEvery holiday season there are families that face a series of problems that stem from drug abuse; Family problems, strained relationships, financial difficulty and many other heart breaking situations.

Each family’s situation is different, but the pattern of drug addiction remains the same.

Maybe last holiday season, your loved one said he or she was going to quit using and here it is a year later and nothing has changed. In fact, things have probably gotten worse.

The unfortunate truth is that things will probably never change unless your loved one gets some real help. It’s hard for addicts to quit using on their own and even if they were to quit on their own, it might not take long for them to relapse.

Reasons People Relapse

There are reasons why people relapse. The feeling of sickness and painful drug withdrawal symptoms are one of the reasons that addicts continue to use. An addict might try to quit using, but the painful withdrawal symptoms drive him right back to using so he or she can feel better.

Another reason people relapse is because of drug cravings. When drugs are used, drug residuals get stored in the body fat. If a person quits using drugs without getting the drug residuals out of his or her body, the residuals can be released back into the bloodstream and trigger cravings even years later after drug use has ceased.

Apart from drugs and alcohol being addictive, they can also be a lifestyle. Someone who has been using for some time will develop a particular lifestyle around their drug use. And if they quit using, certain things in their environment can trigger urges and make them want to start using again. Addicts have to be taught a new way of life and given the tools necessary to progress through life and stay sober.

Should I Get My Loved One Into Rehab for the Holidays?

You should always get your loved one into a rehab as soon as possible at anytime just because addiction really is a life or death situation. If you asked your loved one if he or she wanted to go to rehab for the holidays, you would get many excuses to not go to rehab. You may even tell yourself the same excuses. But, there are just as good of reasons to get your loved one into rehab for the holidays as there are excuses that your loved one will give you to not go to rehab for the holidays.

Some excuses that you may hear for why your loved one doesn’t want to go to rehab for the holidays:

  • “I was looking forward to the holidays.”
  • “I want to be around my loved ones for the holidays.”
  • “I don’t want to spend our holiday money on myself.”
  • “My kids will miss me.”
  • “I’ll quit for my New Year’s resolution.”
  • “I need to keep working.”
  • “People will wonder where I am.”

Some reasons you can give to help get your loved one into rehab for the holidays.

  • “You can start a new year with a fresh start.”
  • “You can do this as a gift for our family.”
  • “Rehab will help you keep your New Year’s resolution.”
  • “We want you to be around next year for the holidays. We don’t want you to lose your life to drug or alcohol addiction.”

Confronting Your Loved One

Sometimes it’s not easy to confront your loved one about his or her addiction. It can be a touchy subject especially around the holidays. The best thing to do is to call a Narconon Fresh Start counselor and they will assist you on what steps to take in order to ensure your loved one gets the help that is needed.

Your loved one will start to get the help that is needed in order to fully overcome addiction the day he or she arrives to Narconon Fresh Start.

We first help them get off drugs as painlessly as possible using vitamins and minerals. Once their off the drugs, they start a drug detoxification process that helps to get rid of all of the drug residuals in the body that drive drug cravings. And once they have completed the detoxification step of the program, they start a series of life skills courses that teach them how to take control of their life and progress and live a happier life without drugs.


Get your loved one back this holiday season. Don’t wait. Call Narconon Fresh Start today to find out more about our drug rehabilitation program which uses a methodology that has been truly saving lives since 1966.