Amazing Success Stories from Narconon Fresh Start

This Is a Great Stepping Stone for Me

Going through the body detoxification was an extreme win for me. Then doing objectives was an even greater win. Now I’m in course learning about myself and the social surrounding of personal lives that are a factor in everyday life. This is a great stepping stone for me in life and I know it will help me be a positive, productive citizen.


My Attitude has Improved Tremendously

Since I have been in objectives, my attitude has improved tremendously. I’ve learned how to have so much more patience and how to have so much more patience and how to work better with another person/others. Objectives is very repetitive and hard at times, but you just have to do it and push through. Life is full of things you aren’t going to want to do, but you have to … and objectives made me realize that.


My Craving for Marijuana has Subsided

So, I am much improved mentally. I do not still long for things such as my car, radio and Chinese food. My craving for marijuana has subsided. I realize if I use drugs in any form, I will not be the person that I want to become and I could be in danger of going to jail, coming back here or to another rehab or dying of an OD. I love living here. They have all been very nice and accepting of me. I have enjoyed objectives with Jamie and Chris (who has been very helpful.) You told me things would get easier once I got out of sauna and yes this has been true. Jake and Caitlin have helped me the most, talking me out of leaving several times, but I am committed to completing my program now.


My Family and I are Closer than Ever

The Narconon Fresh Start program has helped me so much! Working here is such a blessing. I can budget my money. I’m beginning to cook my own meals. I get plenty of sleep and my family and I are closer than ever.


Narconon Fresh Start Sauna Really Cleaned Out My System

Narconon Fresh Start sauna really cleaned out my system of toxins that I built up with drug abuse everyday. My skin and energy just kept getting better. The staff are the best as they are former students. Thanks so much.


I’m Looking Forward to Learning More

I’m ready to start the “Overcoming Ups and Downs In Life” course. I’m looking forward to learning more about this course as it seems interesting to me.


Focusing on a Sober Future

As of right now I’m going through a very difficult time in my life. My mother has terminal cancer and my brother and sister are being, well, not too cooperative. Even though I am having trouble concentrating, writing about all of my past alcohol and pot use made me realize I need to put the brakes on and focus on a sober future. Thank you.


I’m Excited to Have Moved on in My Program

I’m excited to have moved on in my program from the practical to the theory course room and I’m looking forward to getting a new better handle on the tools I need to be happy, successful and sober going forward in my life with the help of our awesome theory Supervisor. Yay!


I’m Learning How and Why I Operate

Throughout my time in theory I have been giving my OW’s a full confront. I have felt emotions I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m learning how and why I operate. I’m learning how to cope with the emotions in better ways. I’m excited to finish my OW’s and be able to say goodbye to the past.


Confident About Staying off Drugs

OW’s are going good. I’m feeling more confident about staying off of drugs as everyday goes by.


Future Planning

Upon working on my battle plans I have been given the opportunity to plan foe my treatment. It has been grounding to start realizing what my plans may be after my fresh start life. To plan ahead for my betterment and future.