Narconon Fresh Start Saves Lives

Being Here Has Given Me A Completely Different Outlook On Life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life no matter how long I live. I realize I only have the moment to make it count. Being here has given me a completely different outlook on life. If my life ends today, I am completely OK because I died on my feet fighting for my life, rather than living on my knees inslaved to heroin. I am so grateful to Narconon Fresh Start and all of the people here.


I Feel A Lot Better Today Than I Did When I Was Getting High

I feel a lot better today than I did when I was getting high. I am eating and sleeping as well.


After Going Through Sauna I Feel More Focused And Clear Headed

I came in sauna with a foggy brain. After getting through sauna I feel more focused and clear headed. I feel more relaxed and have been sleeping much better. Sauna has made me feel like my old self in a good way.


I Have Noticed Each Day I Am Feeling Stronger

I enjoy meditating and listening to music while in the sauna. It helps me relax and genuinely feel better afterwards. I have noticed each day I am feeling stronger. I am feeling very happy about it.


I Can Think A Lot More Clearly

I feel a lot better. I’m a lot less depressed than I was and I can think a lot more clearly. My thought process doesn’t feel crowded by brain fog anymore.


The Sauna Is Working Very Well

Everyone here is very helpful. The sauna is working very well.


I Feel An Improvement In My Energy Level

Since i started sauna I feel an improvement in my energy level. Taking all the vitamins has greatly improved my appetite as well as improved my sleep. It also helped me build healthy relationships with other peers I’ve gone through the sauna section of the program with.


I’m So Thankful For The New Life I’ve Been Given

I’m so proud of myself! I’ve come so far! I’m almost 4 months into my internship and almost 6 months clean! It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy. I owe so much to Narconon Fresh Start. I’m so thankful for the new life I’ve been given and this opportunity.


I Am Grateful To Be Here Today

Since coming to Narconon Fresh Start, I am sleeping better and feeling more mentally stable. Objectives is currently helping me to focus on myself and the present moment. I am realizing that I am the only person who can keep myself healthy and sober and that I will get as much out of the program as I put into it. I am grateful to be here today.


Everyday Has Been An Amazing Opportunity To Grow As A Productive Member

Throughout my program at Narconon Fresh Start, I’ve been able to confront my past. I started living in the present. Everyday has been an amazing opportunity to grow as a productive member of this facility and mature mentally.


I Feel Great About My Progress

I feel great about my progress this far on course. Getting to the OW write-ups and finally being able to get the past ten years off my chest is a tough, but ultimately liberating process that I know is a vital part of my recovery. And Tanner is a very rad and helpful Course Supervisor.


It’s Going To Give Me Strength To Be A Better Man

Being on course working on Personal Values is a soul searching experience. I’m now writing Overts and Withholds and doing so I’m having to look at what I did not only to myself, but to the ones I love and care for. This is a trying experience for me because I don’t like to admit the wrongs I’ve done, but in the end it’s going to give me strength to be a better man.


I’m Feeling Confident About Going Home And Staying Sober

I’m almost done. My last week here! It’s been tough, but I’m feeling confident about going home and staying sober! Thanks for the tough love!


My Depression Is Under Control And I Am Very Happy To Not Be On Psych Meds

So, I feel accomplished having completed sauna and objectives. The feeling of dread being here has been reduced to maybe just about 10% of the time. My depression is under control and I am very happy to not be on psych meds. I’m excited to tackle course with Tanner and I feel we have a friendly and fluid relationship to build on. So far, all the staff has been very awesome, and if they weren’t so awesome, I would’ve had a much more difficult experience thus far.


I Feel Successful

In course I feel successful because I’ve begun to get a lot off my chest. I’ve gotten so much written and I’m excited to be done soon.


I Have My Drive Back

It’s Monday morning success! In the last 7 days, I’ve pushed through some tough issues. I have realized something that I haven’t been able to see before. Life is good right now. I’m feeling good vibes for the future. Nothing can stop me. I’m on fire now that I have my drive back!


I Have Really Came A Long Way

Since I have gotten to Narconon Fresh Start, I have really came a long way. The sauna helped me tremendously in getting back to a good physical condition and feeling healthy. Objectives was also good and taught me a lot. How to communicate better with people and objects around me, and to be more in the here and now. It is a huge accomplishment for me to have made it to the course room.