Can I Go to Rehab and Keep My Job?

Fired from JobOne of the main considerations that keep people from going to rehab to get help for their addiction is the fear of losing their job. This is understandable and so many people forget about going to rehab altogether without a second thought for the sake of not losing their job. After all, there are bills to pay and a family at stake. If the provider for the family is gone, then who will bring home the bacon?

Unfortunately, some people never get the help that they need because in their own mind and what they have convinced others of is that they need to keep their job and be there for their family which seems very valid. But eventually their addiction gets worse and so they risk losing everything. They may start going into work late or missing days, stop paying bills and neglecting the family and the next thing you know, they’re in a worse situation than they would have been in if he or she would have just went to rehab and got the help that was needed in the first place.

There are specific laws set in place to protect the job of those who are seeking help for drug addiction. Don’t let this be a reason for you or your loved one to not get help. Call a Narconon Fresh Start drug counselor today to find out more about protecting your job while away at rehab.

After completing the Narconon Fresh Start program you will be able to return to work with a clear mind and a renewed purpose. You will more than likely be more productive and be able to get more work done on the job. Your boss, coworkers and clients will be able to appreciate that. And your family can have peace of mind knowing that you’re drug-free and have your life back!