Empowering Individuals to Live Without Drugs

I Know I Would Be Dead If I Did Not Make It to Narconon Fresh Start

I am so grateful to be an intern at Narconon Fresh Start. Since I have graduated, I have had the opportunity to interact with and help a lot of students in the past 5 weeks. I know I would be dead if I did not make it to Narconon Fresh Start this July and I am so grateful for this opportunity and to be able to give back to the place that has helped me start a new life.


Everyday Gets A Little Easier

I’m happy to be in sauna. Everyday gets a little easier. I sleep a little more and feel a little better. I’m excited to move forward through this process.


Thank You For Helping Me Get Me Back

Thus far in my program, I am for one so incredibly happy to not be the lost and sad person that I had let myself become. This program is amazing and I haven’t been this happy in so very long. Getting all of the toxins out of my system so far has made a world of difference in so many ways. Sleeping and eating and not having awful dreams. I just can’t say enough good things about this program and people I’ve met here so far! A big thank you for helping me get me back!


I No Longer Feel Like I Have A Weight On My Shoulders

The sauna program has really made me feel much better. I no longer feel like I have a weight on my shoulders anymore. The sauna IC has really helped motivate me to push myself.


I Have More Energy And Am Much More Focused

When I first got here I wasn’t sleeping well. I laid in bed for hours before falling asleep. Now I fall right to sleep at night and normally sleep the whole night through. I know the sauna has helped with this because I tried everything at home and nothing worked. I have more energy and am much more focused throughout the day.


I Can See How Much It Taught Me Patience And Personal Responsibility

Coming into objectives was intimidating, but after spending some time here, I realize how great it is. I have a wonderful twin and an awesome case supervisor. Even though objectives can be tedious I can see how much it taught me patience and personal responsibility. I am grateful for this experience and my positive attitude.


An Experience To Remember

Coming into Objectives I had uncertainty. Today I’m on Objective 13 with my twin and it’s been an amazing experience for myself and my awesome twin. All my peers have also helped immensely in making this time in my life an experience to remember for a long time.


I Have Definitely Grown As A Person

Since being at Narconon Fresh Start I have definitely grown as a person. I have realized a lot about myself whether it’s good or bad, but all things can be improved. I am very grateful that I am here.


I’ve Grown Tremendously

Being a student at the Narconon Fresh Start program was the best decision I’ve made in my life. Having the students and staff with me, helping me, teaching me the technology has made me grow spiritually and personally. Along with my being able to assist and help other students, I’ve grown tremendously. This has helped me make the decision to give back what I have received and I look forward to living a happy productive life.


Coping Without Using Drugs Or Alcohol

Course has been a wonderful learning experience. I have many outside stressors and this program is teaching me how to cope without using drugs and alcohol. I feel like a whole person again. I’m excited to be able to continue my life without the use of drugs.


Realizing The Person I Do Not Want To Be

Being in course has helped me realize a lot about myself and life in general. Putting down on paper and actually seeing the person I was is extremely hard, but good at the same time. It’s helped me understand and realize how far I lost myself and the person I do not want to be. I’m excited to continue on in course and for what’s to come.


I Feel Better Now

I am on physical objects now, the last part of Personal Values. I feel better now getting all of my problems out on paper to analyze and fix.


Learning Social And Antisocial Behavior

I am currently finishing up Overcoming Ups and Downs In Life which deals with social and antisocial behavior. So far I have learned how to recognize the antisocial people in my life and how negative they are to my recovery. I also learned the positive side of people which will greatly make my recovery positive. The staff have been great and understanding.


Increased Morals, Ethics And Self Esteem

I obtained great relief by getting through the 3rd and 4th section of OW’s. To see everything bad on paper was very beneficial. This act resulted in increased morals and ethics plus increased self esteem and lessened anxiety.