What Students are Getting Out of the Narconon Fresh Start Program

Getting Help at Narconon Fresh Start

Here are some of the latest Narconon Fresh Start success stories.

Better With Thinking Before I React

Now I am getting better with thinking before I react. I am better at listening and taking other people’s feelings into consideration.


The Sauna Made Me Feel Better

I weight 123 now and the sauna made me feel better. I’m no longer running a fever and my nose isn’t stuffy anymore.


Sauna Helped With Cold

I am close to being finished with sauna and I’m feeling pretty great. I was sick with a head cold the past two days, but sat through sauna anyway and it helped out big time!


Feeling Stronger and Clear Minded

Sauna is going good. Everyday I feel a little bit stronger and clear minded. I sleep a little bit more each day. I’m grateful to be here.


Feeling More Optimistic

Physically better since I left HB. Mentally I’m feeling more optimistic especially after getting out of sauna. Everyone on staff and the students are really great and supportive. I feel at ease and safe here.


Opening Up More and Making Connections

Up until today and since I’ve been here. I’ve opened up much more than I thought and I am already making personal connections. I’ve enjoyed my time here so far.


Sauna Has Been Eye Opening

Sauna has been very eye opening for me thus far! At times it’s hard especially when your reacting, but you just have to remember that it’s actually good to react. That means the program is working! I am very excited to be done and see what’s to come in my program! Happy to be here and can’t wait to be completely clean and sober!


Completion With Great Success

I am now coming to the end of the objectives course and I feel as though I have completed it with great success along with my twin.


I Am Very Grateful To Be Alive Today

I am very grateful to be alive today. Feeling the loss of another is bad, but it gives me the motivation to do better for myself and my twin on Objectives. I am so blessed to be loved and cared for by everyone, especially my family.


Feeling Confident

I am feeling good and confident with my life today.


I Can Always Control How I React

I am so happy to have had this experience here in objectives. I feel like I have learned so much with my twin who is amazing. I am always in control of my body and my surroundings. I may not be able to control what other people do, but I can always control how I react to it. This is such a valuable lesson to have learned and I am so grateful for it.


The Happiest I’ve Been In A Long Time

I’m very happy with my life. I’m also very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to work here and be a part of something bigger. I love my coworkers and my students. Everyday a win for me. I owe so much to the staff here. This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.


I Learned A Lot About Myself

I learned a lot about myself doing OW’s. This part of the course that you put down in writing about the things you did to yourself down on paper really brings out the memories where you can see them. I really had a hard time putting my thoughts to paper, but my instructor helped me out. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start.


Regaining My Ability

Today I have another day sober regaining my strength and sanity. My mind has been able to slowly regain the ability to reorganize my priorities. I am grateful for this program and positive environment to further develop well being.


Alive And Well And Talking With My Family

Successful Monday. Rode it right into Tuesday. Any day above ground and level headed is a successful day for me. I’m alive and well and talking with my family. I feel good about the upcoming New Year and will have a great, prosperous and most successful 2017.


I Can See Things A Lot More Clearly

Monday December 5th, 2016. I woke up, I’m feeling good. Some things were put into perspective this morning. I felt like I woke up, but not just from sleep. A lot of things were awakened today. I can see things a lot more clearly today and just have a better awareness of things. I consider this a success today. For a Monday it’s alright as far as some things that were brought to my attention I had no control of. I just wish there was more i could do. Success is my motivation. God Bless everyone new and old in my life. And I’ll pray and say prayers for all.


My Hard Work Is Paying Off

I’ve had much success this past week. It feels so good to see that my hard work is paying off and is really noticed and appreciated. I am so excited to be sticking around and cannot wait to get started. I can’t believe that I got student of the week because that is a cert that I never thought I would be awarded. I can honestly say I am happy today and am excited for what’s to come.


Seeing Things I Need To Change

This program has become a lot more serious for me in this past week. Doing my OW’s has helped me to realize how selfish I have been. Writing down my overts and withholds and reading over them has been really sobering for me and helped me see a lot of things I need to change about myself now to become more selfless and giving to my family and loved ones in the future. I am thankful for where I am today.


Remaining Sober No Matter What

I am close to finishing the program and I feel that I have learned to look at myself differently. To actually think about things from a sober perspective, rather than get drunk and or high to help me solve a challenge that is thrown at me. I have already put this to the test when on a LOA for my mother’s funeral. The old Danny would have gotten drunk for sure. I made it through this without drugs and or alcohol and it proved to me that it is much better to remain sober in life no matter what.


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