Saving Lives from Drug Addiction

Saving Lives from Drug Addiction at Narconon Fresh Start

Narconon Fresh Start success stories.

Clarity and Change

I am finally on the last journal in the Personal Values and Integrity section of the course work. The course work in combination with the effects of sauna and coming on three months of sobriety has all brought me to a point of clarity in my life that prompts change.


Improved State of Mind

I finished writing OW’s on society today and I feel very good about the work that went into it and I believe my work is contributing to my very improved state of mind.


Ready for the Ups and Downs Course

Today was awesome. I really hope we’re done with objectives because I’m ready for the Ups and Downs course.


I Feel Much Better Today

I feel ever so much better today than even yesterday having completed OW’s on living things.


I Hope Others Experience the Same Wins and Gains I Did

Today was a better day in the sauna because it was hotter in the smaller box. I got an amazing sweat going finally. I hope others experience the same wins and gains I did today. I really wish my husband could do the sauna because he would get so much out of it.


I’m So Glad to Have Gained Everything that I Did

Hurray! I’d like to thank all of the people for putting up with us through the nightmares. I’m so glad to be moving past this. And I’m so glad to have gained everything that I did throughout this insanity. I’m very much looking forward to the rest of my program and everything I have yet to gain.


I Will Stay Motivated

I started sauna today. I have an objective and I will stay motivated to meet that objective.


Identifying Antisocial Characteristics in Myself and Others is a Super Awesome Tool

Overcoming Ups and Downs was a very valuable course for me. Identifying antisocial characteristics in myself and others is a super awesome tool that I intend on using from this day forward. With a little push, I disconnected from the people that may endanger my sobriety and began the process of mending the relationships of those close to me. I am very grateful for these things.