Restoring Purpose and Life to Individuals at Narconon Fresh Start

Restoring Purpose and Life

I Find My Memory And Thinking Process Improving Daily

The morning began early with a cool sunrise in the foggy mist as I greeted Jiggy. Jiggy said, “It’s so bad.” And I said, “Oh, you mean good right?” He was admiring the sunrise as I was, with good morning Christmas cheer. I had much more energy this morning as well as a better outlook towards the remainder of the day. I find my memory and thinking process improving daily and am glad to be a part of this program.


I’m Excited To Move Forward

I had a good first session in the Objectives room. Thanks Mitch for running me through my session today! I’m excited to be moving forward.


I Could Tell My Body Was Purifying Itself

On my fourth day of sauna I could tell that my body was purifying itself based on my mood and feelings.


The Staff Have Helped Me Feel Much More Comfortable

Since I’ve been at Narconon Fresh Start, the staff have helped me feel much more comfortable as the days go on.


I Feel Like I Can See Out Of New Eyes

To start out my success story, I’d like to first thank Lindsey for being such an amazing Sauna IC. She’s truly a huge motivator to me!! This whole program has done so much for me so far!! I’m almost done with my first part of my program and even though some days are harder than others I can get through it because of my will power that I’ve regained and because of all the amazing relationships that I’ve formed that have made me feel loved and being able to love myself and others again!! I can sleep better and feel like I can see out of new eyes for the first time in a long time. Thank you so very much!!


I’m Feeling A Little Better Everyday

I’m feeling a little better everyday. Sleeping a little better. I’m looking forward to moving to the next step.


I’m Having A Great Day Today

I am having a great day today. I saw the kids yesterday, which was hard, but seeing them reminded me of my purpose and to never do what I did again.


I Truly Feel Like A Whole New Person Now

Lindsey has been a great teacher in sauna and has been supportive and helpful. She motivates us to do better and stays nice while she does it. I truly feel like a whole new person now.


Finding More Happiness Talking And Interacting

Monday December 12, 2016. In all honesty, I’ve been feeling better and better everyday. Just waking up looking forward to the day breathing the free air. Just being alive. I find some of the tiniest things and little gestures are some of my finest gains recently. It feels good to just hear things like, Good job,” “You’ve earned it,” or helping someone out with something so small like a piece of gum, or a “You look nice today.” Material things are nice, but I find a lot more happiness in what’s real just talking and interacting with people. Being good to my peers and friends. Having a family to love and be loved by. Being or sounding corny as it may, that’s success for me right now. So yea, Monday December 12, 2016 is turning out to be a real success story in its’ own right. Great success.


Taking The Most Out Of This

I finally understand why I am writing about all of this. It is mentally and physically draining. But if I can do drugs like I have for so long, I can handle this. I am doing my work. Not fighting it anymore. Taking the most out of this. Thank you for all your patience with me.


I Have Already Learned A Lot About Myself

I really feel in my element in the course room. I have already learned a lot about myself working on Personal Values. I look forward to continuing my course work.


Moving Along At A Good Pace

Today I was down on myself because I was thinking too much about what to write. I finally asked Tanner to work with me to figure out how I could get through this part of the course. He sat down and explained it to me and now I am moving along at a good pace and I thank him very much for the help.


I’m Starting To Feel Confident

These past two weeks have been rough for me, but I’m starting to come out of my funk. After finishing my OW’s on sex partners and confronting Kate about our relationship, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I’m starting to feel confident in the steps I’m making for when I leave Narconon Fresh Start.


I Am Relieved

I recently finished my OW’s on family. There was a lot of things that I really did not want to write down, but doing so was really helpful to me. It helped me to get all of my OW’s off of my chest and I also received a letter from my sister that was really difficult to read, but it was something that I needed to read. I am relieved to be getting through my OW’s.


Becoming The Person I Want To Be

I feel so relieved to have gotten everything I needed to off my chest. I am happy to have finally said what I needed to say to the people closest to me. Learning about antisocial and social personalities has been eye opening. Now I am learning about Personal Values which I feel will help me become the person I want to be. I turned in my letter of intent yesterday so I’m hoping to hear back about that. I feel confident that learning this information will help me be a great intern.


I Am Proud Of Who I Am

Everything has just been going really well for me recently. I can honestly say that today I am proud of who I am. I am so excited for what is to come for me as long as I stay on this path of sobriety. I have almost three months clean today and I have never felt better. All the thanks goes to Narconon Fresh Start.


I Got The Chance To Give Back

After completing my letter of intent, I’m hoping to be accepted as an intern for the Narconon Fresh Start program. I’m very happy with the program so far and would love to further my relationship with Narconon Fresh Start. I feel it would be beneficial for me as well as this company. I got the chance to give back and also come help other people learn to live sober.