It’s About More Than Just Getting Off Drugs At Narconon Fresh Start

Getting Off Drugs

Glad To Be Getting Toxins Out Of My Body

Sauna was good today. Enjoyed a couple of movies, shared a few stories and laughs. I’m glad to be getting the toxins out of my body.


I’m Feeling Good In Sauna

I’m feeling good in sauna getting the toxins out of my body.


I Can Tell The Toxins Are Coming Out Of My Body

I have been beginning to feel better and I can tell the toxins are coming out of my body.


I’m Really Enjoying Being In Sauna

I’m really enjoying being in sauna and doing it the right way. We have great IC’s and crew.


I’m Becoming More And More Confident

I’m becoming more and more confident in the program as I continue. I am finished with sauna tomorrow and looking forward to what lies ahead of me.


I Love Being In The Sauna

I love being in the sauna. I can’t wait to reach the part of the sauna that will help me sleep better. I’m taking each day at a time and working my way up to that part and I’m super stoked! I’m eating much better now than I was a few days ago.


Repairing Family Relationships And Myself

I am doing great. I am really happy with my life right now. I am really grateful to have this opportunity to learn what this program has to offer. I am excited to repair relationships with my family. I am thankful to have a chance to repair myself. I really enjoy having Jamie as my supervisor. She is wonderful and has been a great help through out this whole process.


I’m Finally Able To Cope With Emotions Without Drugs

Today marks my 7 months sober. This is the longest I’ve been sober in years! I’m so thankful to Narconon Fresh Start for giving me my life back. I’m happier than I’ve ever been! I’m finally able to cope with emotions without the aid of drugs. I’m getting my life back together. I have become Jamie again.


I’m So Thankful For This Program

I’m very excited to finally be at Objectives with my twin, whom I’m beyond grateful to have by my side not only for the Objectives, but in my life! And Vince is awesome as our supervisor. He’s very knowledgeable and makes me understand why and how to do these drills the right way! I’m excited to keep moving forward and I’m so thankful for this program!


Happy To Be Moving Forward

I’m happy to be moving forward in my problem. Big ups to Vince for helping me everyday. And my twin also for helping me out.


I’m In Control Of My Own Actions

Objectives has taught me to be more patient. It also taught me to stay in present time and that I am in control of my own actions. I’m extremely happy to be moving through this program.


Noticing Things I Never Noticed

Objectives has taught me to stay in present time. It also has me noticing things around me that I have never noticed/would never notice before. I’m excited that my twin Amanda and I are doing well in Objectives and moving forward in our program. Shout out to Vince for helping us through this when we’ve had any questions, and for cheering us up if we weren’t in the best mood. Can’t wait to move onto course!


I Feel So Much Better After Writing About Myself

I feel so much better after writing about my self and unloading my baggage from the past. The course portion of the program has turned out to be very beneficial.


Grateful To Be Alive And Clean And Sober

Becoming an Intern here at Narconon Fresh Start has been a huge benefit towards my sobriety. It’s allowed me to grow within myself by helping others. It’s taught me to be accountable and reliable. It’s made me happy to wake up every morning and grateful to be alive and clean and sober. I look forward to coming to work everyday. I look forward to what each day brings me. I am grateful.