A Drug Rehabilitation Methodology That Has Been Producing Life-Saving Results Since 1966

Successful Life

I’m Loving Sauna

I’m starting to feel better slowly but surely. My sleep is slowly starting to improve everyday. I’m feeling more tired after sauna everyday. This is great. I’m loving sauna!


I Don’t Have To Wake Up And Stick A Needle In My Body

I am super grateful that I don’t have to wake up and stick a needle in my body to feel better everyday.


Overall More Positive And Optimistic Mood

After day 18 in sauna, I have been sleeping very well and have an overall more positive and optimistic mood throughout the days.


Doing Great In Sauna

I am doing great in sauna. I actually slept good last night.


Feeling Better In Sauna

I am starting to feel better in sauna and starting to sleep better.


Thinking Clearer And Sharper

I felt better today and had more energy. The sauna is helping to get the toxins out of my body. It’s noticeable by my thinking being clearer and sharper.


So Far, So Good

Today was my third day in sauna. Last night my sleep increased to 7 hours from a previous night of 3-5. So far, so good.


I Have Realizations Almost Everyday

I have realized that the more I help the students the more I want to stay sober. The more I supervise Objectives, the more I learn from Objectives. I have realizations almost everyday.


Feeling Better Everyday

Since I’ve been at Narconon Fresh Start, I’ve been feeling better everyday. I’ve completed the sauna program and am now successfully running and moving through Objectives.


Learning How To Control My Emotions

Since I have been here I have learned to deal with small problems that I run into in a positive, mature manner. I have learned an extreme amount of patience and how to control my emotions and compose them when I think about my daughter. I have and am learning everyday how to deal with my triggers without using and doing positive things to pass the trigger.


Excited To Use What I Learned

I’ve been in objectives for about two weeks now. My twin Amanda and I work very well together and Vince has been a huge help. I’m very excited to finish up on Objective # 15 so that I can move onto the next part of my program. I’m excited to use what I’ve learned here when I get back into the world to start my new life.


Controlling My Own Actions

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve learned how to be patient, how to think before I make a decision and that I can control my own actions. This has really helped me learn how to stay in present time and how to lift mood back up.


I Feel Whole Again

I realize that the way this program is set up is to completely and fully change the way for me the way I used to act while doing drugs. The person/woman I am today I can say I’m extremely proud to be! My present mind, body and soul are in harmony and I feel whole again. From sitting in the sauna and learning to be around others in sauna for 5 hours, but also making amazing relationships with new people from all different walks of life! The best part of Objectives thus far is my twin. I don’t know what I would do without her. Why? Because we work so well together and have an amazing relationship/bond that I’ll always carry with me for the rest of my life. I truly wouldn’t be here without this program and all the outstanding individuals I’ve met here! Thank you to all staff for being there no matter what!! And a big shout out to Vince for being so informative and helping me understand what and why we’re doing these Objectives.


I Am Doing Great

I am doing great! Christmas was yesterday and I had a wonderful day. I enjoyed spending time with my peeps and staff. The people here right now are truly amazing! I feel confident in my capability to fully confront these O/W’s because I really want to feel relief and genuine happiness.