Success Stories From Narconon Fresh Start

Seeing Positive Results

Newly into my second week in sauna. I am seeing some positive results. Concentration, sleep and energy are approaching “normal” levels. Finding ways to get outside of my own thoughts and not dwell on negative things while sweating it out will only improve the outcome.


More Energy And Sleep

Judy is awesome. Since I started sauna, I have slept better and I see more energy everyday.


Sauna Is Great!!

I feel much better and and am sleeping better. Sauna is great!!


Thank You Narconon Fresh Start

I am feeling better everyday in the sauna. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start for helping me get back to the old me. Happy and healthy – Go Hawks!


I Am Starting To Feel Better

I had a really good day today. I am starting to feel better and am almost done with sauna.


Narconon Fresh Start Has Filled Up My Heart

I am so very grateful for this program and especially for my twin Shannon!! Why? Because the bonds that I have made with her and all the other students here at Narconon Fresh Start has filled up my heart and allowed me to trust again and open myself up to the tasks at hand and that when I put my mind to anything I have the will power to do so!! And I’ve rediscovered myself and having the chance to start over from the lost soulI had become not so long ago. The staff is so informative and they actually care about you getting the most out of your program. Vince has been amazing in the Objective Room. Being able to pull out emotions and completely understand why we’re doing these Objectives!! I again can’t express into words how blessed I am to be here and to have a family that loves me and has put the faith and trust in the person I am today.


I’m Grateful To Be Here

I’m feeling a little stronger everyday. I’m excited to finish Objectives and move forward. I’m grateful to be here. Thanks to Vince for helping me everyday.


Learning Patience and Self Control

Since I have been here, I have started to feel so much more positive then I have in a really long time. I am broadening my positive thoughts about my plan for when I get out of here and I’m super excited for the inner changes that will reflect on my future relationships with loved ones when I go home. I am learning patience and self control which will be key things for me to progress on while I’m here for they will serve me well when I go home.


I’ve Learned To Be More Patient

Since I’ve been on Objectives, I’ve learned to be more patient. I look forward to what is to come.


It Is Important To Listen

What I have learned is when people talk it is important to listen as much as possible. I have also learned that my patients is growing stronger day by day.


The Things I’ve Done Are In The Past

I am learning a lot of the bad habits I had. It made me feel down at first, but I’m starting to learn that the things I’ve done are in the past and that all I can do is make up for what I’ve done. This is helping a lot to make me remember the things I’ve done instead of suppressing my memories, that way I don’t go back to doing the same thing I was doing before.


This Has Helped Me Clear My Space

Working in the course room has brought a lot of emotions. I’ve had a lot of things I needed to work through and this has definitely helped me clear my space. I’m happy to be moving forward in my program and I’m excited to see results.


I Feel Like I’ve Accomplished A Lot

I am doing great so far. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and I’m looking forward to completing the program. I feel relieved to have been able to get a lot off my chest after completing the other dynamics. I also enjoyed helping another student yesterday by running him in TR drills. I feel great joy being able to help other people.