Life-Changing Rehab Program

A Life of Happiness and Success

Being an intern here at Narconon Fresh Start has been a great growing opportunity. I’m surrounded by positive, productive staff and students that enable me to stay in a forward movement in life. My helping other students has been great for my sobriety and has helped me grow both personally and professionally. This is a life that I choose to live now. It’s a life of happiness and success.


Saving Someone’s Life

Throughout my internship thus far I feel as if I have come across several personal gains. Daily I come to work in hopes that I can save someone’s life and/or help someone throughout their own journey in getting sober. I am excited to see mine go from this point on.


Learning to Slow Down and be Patient

So far I have learned to be more patient with people. I have learned to slow down and handle different people differently.


Handling My Own Emotions and Feelings

I’ve finally realized, and not quite sure how it took so long in my struggle with alcohol and putting it down, that sobriety is more than just not physically picking up a drink or any mind altering substance. Somewhere along the lines it clicked that sobriety to me is largely the mental part – having a healthy mind.

In my addiction, my heart and intentions were conflicted with my mind and I had no sense of inner peace. I did not, could not, truly understand what love myself first meant. I solely acted on impulses and chose to numb myself instead of dealing with feelings and life.

Today, life is a lot different. Not everyday is perfect or good, and by no means am I perfect, but I’m okay with that. I understand that hard days cannot last forever, and to keep pushing through it while attempting to be rational and logical. I am learning how to handle my own emotions and feelings, and some days I handle my own emotions and feelings, and some days I handle it better than others. I’ve learned a lot about humility especially in my post and to never be arrogant to not at least hear what someone else has to say.

These are the things I continue to learn and practice here. My gratefulness for this place and recovery are immense. I can’t put it all into words.


Confronting and Acknowledging Confidently

I feel great about TR’s. I feel like I can confront and acknowledge confidently. I’m ready to move onto Objectives.


I Was Able to Repair My Relationships with My Family

I have came a long way since I arrived here 3 years ago. In general I am happy, healthy and productive. I was able to repair my relationships with my family by being honest in all situations.


Feeling Healthy and Motivated

I’m feeling so much more energetic since I’ve been in sauna. I feel healthy, motivated and ready for the next step here.


Being More Aware

After starting Objectives I have began to be more aware of how I talk to people and the actions that I take.


I Feel Almost as If I’ve Never Done Drugs

Since I have been here at Narconon Fresh Start I feel the best I’ve felt in years. The sauna portion helped me the most thus far. I feel almost as if I’ve never done drugs. I’m also near completing the Objectives course and I feel that I’ve learned a great deal of patience. As well as impulse control.


I Have Learned Patience

Since I have been in Objectives I have learned patience. That’s all folks!


More Confident

I’ve learned to maintain a calm and pleasant demeanor with my twin that I can take with me in the real world and apply it to my life and others around me as a positive influence and confident. Also I’ve learned that I can be in present time comfortably without dwelling on past events that were so frustrating knowing I can’t change what has already happened. I’m comfortable listening and being controlled by my twin and I’m also more confident in my own physical awareness.


Back In Present Time

Yesterday Jamie took us on a hike to let go of our letters on balloons. The letters were to those that were close to us that had passed. It was nice to read my letter out loud and I think it really helped me. I had gotten a little worked up at first, but I brought myself back into present time and was able to read the rest of the letter. Thanks to Jamie for doing that for us!


Staying Out of Unhealthy Relationships

Personal Values has really helped open my eyes. I’ve learned to stay out of unhealthy relationships. I’ve learned the ways that I’ve hurt my family. I also learned how to love myself and to take care of myself. I’ve really seen a change in the way I think.


Grateful to be Here

I am in course and it is interesting. Yesterday we went on a hike and I liked it. I’m grateful to be here getting sober and getting my old self back. Thanks to Jamie.