Words from a Narconon Fresh Start Graduate

Upon the completion of the Narconon Fresh Start program in South Texas, I believe that I am very well equipped and duly prepared to re-enter upon my life and it’s obligations and to achieve a degree of success.

When I showed up here at Narconon Fresh Start I was heavily conflicted and I knew it and through my words and actions I’m sure that others knew it as well. While I knew I was all twisted up and repressed it was only in reading through the Personal Values course book that I began to get an idea as to why. Still I wondered about the sufficiency of re-experiencing past misdeeds. But the coursework text laid out answers that made me very curious to see if writing OWs could create a real change in my perception of myself in the world around me. While I went through the process of writing out these things on a daily basis I became distorted in spirit, mind and body. I began to wonder how long this procedure could continue before I broke and isolated from the process and the people. After completing section one of the work a certain degree of relief did manifest during section two. It was short lived however and as I moved deeper into that part the deformity returned at an even deeper level. Nearing the end section two I made it quite plain that I did not wish to continue, but the course supervisor convinced me to go on. When I had moved into the third journal a great deal of the artificial suppression I’d been living under melted away and the astonishing relief that developed sustained me through to the end of the journal and is an uplifting effect even now.

Upon waking up in the north withdrawal room at Narconon Fresh Start South Texas, I vacillated back and forth between intent to cooperate and absolute non-violent dissociation from anything the staff might try to have me do. However the quite, kindly social fellow that showed up seemed so genuinely concerned with my condition that I couldn’t see myself being uncivil to him. The work began with a course of alternating assists and light objectives. The two items along with food and vitamins heavy in B-complex raised my physical and mental status by making me more aware of myself, my environment, and myself in the current environment.

The sauna part of the program is meant to do one thing and that is to remove toxins of every type from the body through the processes of dissolution of fat stores and perspiration. The primary concept here is that if the individual is re-stimulated by toxins in the sauna procedure then they won’t be so likely to suffer such an incident in the forward more sensitive sections of the program.

After the sauna segment was complete my twin and I went through the Objectives part of the course. TR0 and TR6 are at once the most memorable and the most useful of all the drills. Their pertinence to life beyond the halls of Narconon Fresh Start is that they are at any time and in any situation both relevant and highly applicable. The ability to be in any situation comfortably and to confront the people and events in the circumstances that come up in life in a calm, but firm manner, are key to retaining a desire for clarity in mind and action that simply cannot tolerate the effects of drugs and alcohol.

The textual and written work of the program are at its very heart and comprise the tools and information that are needed to promote such changes in the student, as are required to bring them to the point of being sound enough of spirit and mind as to be worthy of readmission to the social units from which they had failed. One major focus of this section of the Narconon Fresh Start product is to bring the individual to the core realization that we all create our our own reality by the thoughts we dwell on and the actions that proceed from them. The wrap-up to the course is determine one’s position or current condition as per the groups failed out of and to take the steps necessary to retain those groups as healthy, dynamic, actively contributing members.

I am convinced that the Narconon Fresh Start program has brought me to a condition of physical and mental health where I am capable of re-admission to my groups as such a member.