How the Narconon Fresh Start Program Helps Individuals Get Their Life Back

This Place Saved My Life

I’m glad to be here working with Narconon Fresh Start. This place saved my life and continues to help me each and every day. I learn something new everyday by the staff and students.


It Gave Me A New Life

Narconon saved my life and got me back on the right track both physically and mentally. I feel like a new person. Not only did Narconon Fresh Start save my life – it gave me a new life as well. Working here has helped with my confidence as I have helped others and gotten to be successful. I have a great attitude and I have not felt this good about myself in a long time.


Enjoying The Benefits Of Sauna

In the beginning … The prospect of finishing sauna seemed very challenging. By not overthinking the process and letting it happen, I was able to come to enjoy the benefits of sauna. My sleep, appetite and mood have all benefited.


It’s Been A Good Experience So Far

Since starting sauna I am sleeping and feeling better. My appetite is better and I am eating more healthy than ever before. Everyone in sauna is really cool and we have a good time and it goes quick. Alex is awesome and stays on top of it by making sure we are all doing well. It’s been a good experience so far.


Cravings Gone

I have not taken a drink in 16 days. My cravings gone since sauna.



Sleeping better, eating better more energy.

My Skin Is Glowing

In the sauna I have noticed the benefit of my sleep being recuperated and my skin is glowing.


Feeling Way Better Everyday

I’m feeling way better everyday. I sleep better and food is tasting better. Sleep + food = good.


My Mood Is Balancing Out

My hair and skin already feels healthier. My mood is balancing out and emotions feel significantly better. Also, my appetite is improving and it shows in how my body looks and feels.


This Program Works

I am so very proud and beyond blessed to be at the point I am in my program with the help of all the supervisors and staff, interns and the students. We have one hell of a group here and we’re one big family from all different walks of life and we all have the common bond of addiction and recovery to be able to help another human being just by saying hello or giving them a well deserved compliment or recognition for doing a great job. This program works and I really hope and pray to be apart of this amazing team. To give back what I personally have received through my own journey will not only help others, but myself as well. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start for helping me get my best self back. Special shout out to Jamie for being so knowledgeable and having the biggest heart. She makes me feel loved, comfortable and most important confident that I can do this and will make it!


I’m Learning A Lot About Myself

After being in course for one week now, I’ve been feeling a lot better. I’m learning a lot about myself. I’m so thankful to be here for this opportunity. And thanks to Jamie for putting up with me everyday.


I’m Very Grateful To Narconon Fresh Start

In 5 days I will be 8 months sober. That is the longest I’ve been clean in 7 years. I’m very grateful to Narconon Fresh Start for this opportunity to be apart of something bigger. I have never had such a feeling of accomplishment before. And for the first time in for ever I can say I’m proud of me.


I Am Learning Patience And Tolerance

By running Objectives yesterday and today, I am learning patience and tolerance in a big way. I also am getting to know my twin in a much more mindful way. I’m learning how to stay in the moment even if the moments are completely useless in my opinion. I know somehow there is a point to everything.


I Am More Aware Of My Surroundings

I feel like I’m very much in present time now because I am more aware of my surroundings and I am closer with my twin.


Comfortable In My Own Skin

At this stage of Objectives, being near the end, I’ve found that they have really shown me a lot. That I am more capable of staying focused on the task at hand and not being bogged down by past traumas that have affected me negatively. I’ve learned that I can communicate with my twin effectively even when I didn’t feel my best and that I could deal with a personality that is different from mine. I also found that I could be comfortable in my own skin regardless of my imperfections.


In Present Time

I am having an awesome time in Objectives. I feel like I’m in present time.


More Aware Of My Actions

Since I have started Objectives, I have been more aware of my actions and have been more aware of my impulses. I have still been working on my actions and trying to control them. I am far from perfect, but have slowly been improving each day. I feel optimistic with the outcome of the program when I finish, but am still trying to stay in present time and not worry too much about the future. Everything will appear and show in time.


It Has Taught Me A Lot About Myself

Objectives is going well. Luke and I are on Objectives 12 and I feel it has taught me a lot about myself already and I enjoy helping him with his program.