Learning a New Way of Life and Giving Back

Witnessing Physical Improvements And Overall Attitude Shifts

I really enjoy running sauna. I enjoy being with students and being an active part of their early stage of recovery, being able to witness physical improvements and their overall attitude shifts. This is very rewarding and I feel happy being involved.


Being Able To Sweat Out All The Toxins Has Me Feeling Like A Different Person Physically

I’ve been in sauna for a week now and I’ve really enjoyed it. It has helped me in multiple aspects. For example I am sleeping better then ever, eating healthier during and after sauna. Being able to sweat out all the toxins has me feeling like a different person physically. I’m happy that staff and students help push me every day to work the program exactly how it’s designed, from the pre-work to the vitamins and oils. I feel everything combined has made a huge difference and can’t wait to see my progress when I’m done and moving on to Objectives.


I Feel Better Mentally And Physically

Today I worked on Training Drills 1-6 so far and have gotten into the swing of things here at Narconon Fresh Start. I feel better mentally and physically after a few days of being here.


Better Patience And Awareness Skills

Objectives has thus far taught me better patience and awareness skills. I notice much more minute things now than I have in a while. Things most people would look past and pay no attention to. Thank you Objectives.


My Awareness Has Increased, I Have Better Communication, I’m Able To Control My Body

I realize I’m in present time, that my awareness has increased, I have better communication, I’m able to control my body and that my body can be controlled by myself and others if I choose to allow it to be.


It Felt Good To Take Responsibility For My Actions

I just completed Society and I feel relieved. It felt good to take responsibility for my actions and realize the harm that I caused myself and society. Thanks to Stacy and Mitch for helping me through it. I’m looking forward to moving on.


Blessed To Have Myself Back In Full Effect

This week I started my OW’s. I’m currently writing about myself and my drug use from the day I left to come here to Narconon Fresh Start. It’s very freeing to let go of my past behavior and how I never want to go back to doing drugs ever again. I never want to be numb like that again. I have worked too hard and want so much more for myself and my future to ever go backwards. I’m so beyond blessed to have myself back in full effect.


I’m So Thankful For This Opportunity To Get My Life Back

It was a good week. I am moving through Personal Values. It has helped me see my part in everything. I’m so thankful for this opportunity to get my life back. Thanks to all the staff and students for helping me.


I Am Truly Happy And Blessed

This past week has been really good for me. I’ve learned a lot running a few different posts with Stacey and things have been going really well for me. I am truly happy and blessed today and I am excited for what is to come here at Narconon Fresh Start.


I’ve Enjoyed Spending Time With The Students

This week at Narconon Fresh Start has been very fun. I’ve enjoyed spending time with the students and getting to spend quality time with them. I’ve enjoyed hanging out and assisting Stacy with anything she needs!


I’m Able To Give Back What I Have Been Given

Just this morning I was looking at my life and where I stand today. The conclusion I had is I am very proud of who I am today. I’ve changed my people, places and things and stayed clean and sober. I’m now a positive and productive citizen and human and it feels fantastic. Not only am I proud of myself for my achievements, my family is proud of me. Now I’m able to give back what I have been given and by so, I continue to grow.


Attaining Happiness

I gave my life and happiness to Narconon Fresh Start. I would almost certainly be in jail or a hospital without coming here. I have been able to attain a level of happiness that was absent for most of my adult life. I have been able to repair relationships.


Another Good Day Helping The Students

I had another good day helping the students with various handlings and situations. It’s a pleasure being here helping them improve their lives everyday and watching them grow.


This Place And The People Of Narconon Fresh Start Have Saved Me

This is my final week working at Narconon Fresh Start. As much as I’d like to say that I’ve had success and saved countless lives from drug addiction, I believe the opposite is true – this place and the people of Narconon Fresh Start have saved me. Each staff member, intern and student that I’ve had the honor to work with has left an incredible finger print on my soul. I am who I am and who I’m supposed to be by the grace of God and God chose to allow me the honor of working with countless unique and beautiful people for the last 7 1/2 years. I am truly blessed and a better person because of this journey.


My Self Confidence Gets Stronger Each Day

I work hard everyday. Day by day with new tasks thrown in front of me my self confidence gets stronger each day and I feel great about myself. It is a great reward to me to help others get their life back. As I see them graduate it is a great sense of accomplishment.


A Great Satisfaction

I am grateful to be apart of this organization and this extended family. It has given me the opportunity to help others. I have a great satisfaction at night when I go home and reflect on my day and the accomplishments that all the students make each and everyday. The opportunities that have been given to me are remarkable. I strive each day to touch as many lives and make a positive impact as they have on me. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start.


Blessed To Be Apart Of The Narconon Fresh Start Program Team

I’ve been working at Narconon Fresh Start for eight months now. I just reached my 10 months sober. This is a huge success for me as I have not been clean and sober for this long in over 10 years. Working here and helping students through their programs has been humbling and has helped me grow myself. I am so thankful and proud of this opportunity and blessed to be apart of the Narconon Fresh Start program team. They have saved my life and it is my pleasure to help others do the same.