Success Stories from Narconon Fresh Start

More Clear Minded

I have noticed that I am more clear minded and opening up to be tolerative. Also my sleep is significantly improving.


I Feel Healthier Overall

I have noticed a change in my mood and appetite which is a noticeable improvement to my day. I am also able to nap on occasion – something I haven’t been able to do in years while sober. I feel healthier overall.


I Feel A Lot Better

I successfully worked through a pretty rough day the other day and this morning. I feel a lot better now and am glad I’ve been able to do so. I think Objectives have been a big part of me being able to get through the things I’ve been dealing with and it helps get me out of my head and keeps me in present time instead of constantly being in my head thinking about the things I have no control over at the moment.


I’m Presently In A Great State Of Mind

Running these Objectives so far has done what they are intended to do and I’m presently in a great state of mind and comfortable around my twin, myself, space and environment. Being more aware of my surrounding and myself has shown me that living in the past was a waste of time.


Another Day Clean

I am enjoying the company of my twin in Objectives. Each day is another day clean.


My Communication Has Really Improved

During Objectives I found that my communication has really improved. It feels good to be sober and doing something constructive. Vince is very helpful and makes Objectives go smoothly.


I Learned Quite A Lot Studying Antisocial Characteristics

I learned quite a lot studying Antisocial Characteristics and Ups and Downs. After doing Ups and Downs, I found that I wasn’t antisocial after all. I came up with many examples using myself, but then realized while thinking more of others that others exhibit antisocial characteristics like I do. At times some more than others. I’m excited with what’s to come and I know it will be tough. I am going to do the best I can.


Thank You Narconon Fresh Start

The past week has been very productive. I made it to the last area of OWs. I turned in a Letter of Intent in hopes to be an Intern here and I feel good about it. I’m on Physical Objectives, OWs and I’m graduating this week. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start.


Learning About Antisocial And Social Personalities

It’s pretty rad being in the course room. Learning about antisocial and social personalities is interesting and helpful.


I Love Myself Again

This week in the course room hasn’t been easy, but I completely understand what we’re doing in here and how much I needed to not only talk about my past, but get it out on paper, and in great detail, look at the way I used to live. Letting myself purge all the bad dead and all the many years of drug use. Doing drugs hurting myself and my family. The awful treatment of my family and friends. I’m proud of the continued progress I’m making here and for all the good that is going to come from me moving my life in the right and sober direction for the rest of my life. I love myself again and being able to help others on their journeys well. I love this place and can’t wait to continue being apart of this amazing team. A huge thank you to Stacey, Mitch and Barry for helping me confront all I need to get off my chest and out of my head and new found heart. I love the Laura I am here and now and that’s because of all my hard work and the help and caring of my close friends, Shannon and Mandi and all the other students and staff. Thank you.


Boundaries To Best Keep Me Sober

Personalities has helped me notice who to have and not have in my life and what boundaries to best keep me sober.