Families Getting their Loved One Back After Drug Addiction

Happy Family

This Program Really Does Work

I have been writing about a lot of things that I’ve done to myself and my family and friends. Looking back make it so very clear to me that I’m never going backwards and never want to be that person again. My family has forgiven me and are so beyond proud of me and all I have accomplished here at Narconon Fresh Start. The family I have here as well has helped me through so very much and makes being so far from home not be as hard as it was when I first arrived here. I’m in the present time and taking my life one day at a time. Learning how to live my life for me and then think about my loved ones. This program really does work. I’m so proud to say I’ve worked really hard and will continue do so. Thank you all staff, interns and students. But most importantly my family for sending me away to get back the daughter they almost lost.


I Feel More Balanced and Patient

Since coming to Narconon Fresh Start, I feel more balanced and patient. Events that would cause me to give up on in the past seem a little more manageable. I feel like I have put more thought into things and have forced myself to slow down in life and notice all there is to be noticed.


I’m More Clear Minded Than Ever Before

Sauna has been greatly impacting my progress in recovery. It is purifying my body from the inside out. I’m more clear minded than ever before. My overall comfort in my own skin is and has improved dramatically. I also am able to actively involve myself in social conversation more often.


I Feel More Focused

My name is becoming more clear everyday. I feel more focused. Everything seems much more tolerable. Today is a good day.


I Feel Like I’m Ready To Face The Real World

I feel much better today than when I first got here. I feel like I’m ready to face the real world.


Feeling Awesome About My Recovery

I have got as much out of this as possible and am feeling awesome about my recovery. I had a good teacher as well and for me, that means a lot.


Putting The Past Behind Me

I am feeling a little relieved after writing some OW’s. It sucks having to go back and relive that experience, but I’m feeling good about writing about it cause it’s as if I’m putting it all behind me.


I Have Accomplished A Lot

I have accomplished a lot in course and feel quite good about my progress and the things I’ve had to confront.


Taking Better Care Of Myself And Setting A Good Example

I feel more and more positive about the program each and every day. My progress is increasing as I continue writing my overts. I’m feeling less anxious as I write about my past dilemmas and coming clean on mistakes and problems I’ve caused to myself and loved ones. I didn’t want to believe that my drinking was a problem and excused my over indulgence because of how our society accepts drinking as a past time in our culture. Because of this program I now recognize that I need to take better care of myself so that I may be a better person and a good example for others.


Motivation I Need To Keep Improving Myself

This week was a productive week working with my twin in Objectives. I have felt the improvement in myself as well as seen improvement in my twin. This is definitely the motivation I need to keep improving myself.


I’ve Got My Life Back Now

Narconon Fresh Start changed my life. When I first got here, every aspect of my life was in shambles. I had been taking horrible care of myself physically. My relationships with everyone important to me, I had destroyed. I lacked control over my life. I lacked the skills to communicate and I did not care. It’s been three whopping months; three hard months and I couldn’t be any more happy about it. Narconon Fresh Start has given me so much. The sauna restored my body’s physical health. The course room gave me the abilities to control my life again and the ability to fix those relationships I’ve damaged and communicate with those important people again and so much more. I’ve got my life back now and I’m so excited to live it a better way.