The Desire To Use Is Next To None

After writing my OW’s, I realize I don’t have as much of a desire to use as I did before. In fact the desire to use is next to none. I’m feeling much more comfortable in my own skin now that I’ve gotten so much off of my chest and am feeling much less anxiety.


Cleaned All Residuals Out Of Body

I am happy to say that I feel I have fully cleaned all residual drugs and other toxins out of my body.


More Positive Thoughts

I feel awesome. More positive thoughts have crossed and I’m ready to move forward.


A New Perspective

Throughout the sauna program I overcame many difficulties that are troublesome in everyday routines. The results of exercise, vitamins, tolerance and motivation to achieve a desired result. I feel better mentally and physically with a new perspective to complete this program.


Nightmare Have Decreased

My alcohol related nightmares have decreased.


Satisfying End Result

I had a great day on course. I am very happy with the realizations I had during Objectives today. I worked through some tough emotions and was able to achieve a very satisfying end result. Thank you once again to the Narconon Fresh Start tech and and staff for never letting me down.


Ready And Willing

At my current position in course, I feel great. I am ready and willing to continue with my program and in a short time, my life as well.


Glad To Be Here

I’m glad to be here and to have gotten through this rigorous program. I feel good about it and the sober time I’ve gotten from it.


Patience And Joy

This week I’ve been running Objectives and it’s been a huge teaching for me. Though being on this course isn’t what and where I want to be, I have still had wins and gains from it. It’s taught me patience and has given me joy to see the students to have wins and gains. It has taught me that life isn’t always as you want it, but no matter as long as I face it and give it my best I will prevail. Most important is watching students prevail lets me know I’m doing the right thing in life.


More Easily Able To Stay Focused

Objectives has been a great experience. My twin and I have become more aware of each other during this process. Objectives has started to retain my thinking to be able to stay in the here and now or present time. I am more easily able to stay focused and keep my thoughts in the moment and not dwell on the past or worry about the future. My realizations have steadily advanced from minuet ones about Objectives to deeper about life and my outlook on it. I feel this process has prepared me for course and as long as I stay in present time, I will complete course easily and efficiently.


Consider The Best Approach

Objectives is definitely a test of patience, but that helps me be more patient outside this room. Before, I allowed my initial emotions to drive my actions, and didn’t see how “being in my head” affected how I acted. Now I’m able to look at a situation from an outside perspective and consider the best approach to any situation.


Still Smiling

I made it past the first day and I’m still smiling and still here.


Confront, Control And Communication

I am proud to say that my twin and I successfully completed staff gradient TR’s. I believe TR’s are the foundation for clean living without desire to use drugs and alcohol. Confront, control and communication are fundamental in order to achieve a successful future.


Increase In Perception And Awareness

I am so happy to be getting so much out of my Objectives. I feel that my perception and awareness has greatly increased since Objectives. Thank you.