I Highly Recommend the Sauna

Sauna Drug Detox
Today was day 20 for me in sauna and I can’t express how much better I feel. I have improved in many different aspects of my sobriety. I highly recommend the sauna. They never said it was going to be easy, but well worth it. Thanks again.


People And Staff Here Are Amazing

Feel great and the people and staff here are amazing. Food is by far the best I’ve had at a rehab. Sleeping good now. Nothing bad to say at all.


Feel So Much Better

I didn’t want to be here at first, but now I am 2 weeks into sauna and feel so much better than when I first got here.


My Mood Has Changed

Sauna has made me feel a lot better since I have been here. I eat better, I sleep so much better, have a lot more energy and my mood has changed as well!!


Feeling A Weight Being Lifted

Course has been good so far. I am writing my handle letters and am already feeling a weight being lifted. I am looking forward to the rest of course and getting the full benefits out of it. Vince has been a huge help my first week here. And some of my peers have also been a big help.


Considering What’s Best For My Well Being

I’ve had a lot more patience and feel much healthier now. I find myself looking through others perspectives before I react. I’ve learned to look at things and people around me to consider what’s best for my well being. I can look at my past decisions and see the bad and the good and understand how it’s impacted who I am today.


I Care More About Myself And Others

From what I’ve learned about myself while writing my overts is that I’m not necessarily a bad person. I just made a lot of bad decisions. Going forward I feel I will be more prepared in the real world to not give in to peer pressure or simply the desire to use drugs and alcohol. I’m more aware of the self destruction of over consumption of these things and now I care more about myself and others to truly do the right thing.


I’m Enjoying This Program

I feel very accomplished after moving along in my OW’s. I feel pretty awesome for getting student of the week as well. I’m truly getting a lot out of it. I’m enjoying this program. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start.


I Have Come A Long Way

I have come a long way since arriving some 60+ days ago. From a quivering pile of jelly at withdrawal, through the sauna, and now in course. My progress has continued at a steady pace. I look forward to completing course and graduating on the 10th of March.


More Focused On What My Future Has In Store For Me

Since starting Objectives, I have been less focused on my past drug use and more focused on what my future has in store for me.


Communication Is Becoming Much Easier

Communication is becoming much easier with my twin, along with my confront. Staying in present time and not looking back on my past and looking ahead to the future is becoming much easier!


Teaching Me Great Patience Skills

I have learned that I am able to be more focused on the here and now in present time. Also I feel this is teaching me great patience skills, and also helping dramatically improve my communication skills.