Strong Ethical Foundation to Build a Better Life

Happy Lady in Office
I came to realize that this rehabilitation method is working well for me. I’ve noticed how my thinking about drugs has changed dramatically. I’ve noticed also more of a desire to do well in my daily activity, work and routine in taking care of myself. I’m extremely grateful for the design of the program and the staff continually motivating me to maintain enthusiasm for a strong ethical foundation to build a better life.


More Patient and Less Anxiety

Sauna has made me sleep so much better. I also eat better and I am in such a better mood. Also a lot more patient and a lot less anxiety. I hated it in the beginning, but sauna is growing on me.


I Feel Cleaner Than I’ve Been In Years

I’ve been sleeping better and have a healthier appetite. I overall feel cleaner than I’ve been in years.


Seeing Things Much Clearer

I have started to feel much better! I’m eating better and seeing things much clearer. Sleeping so much more. Ready to be all back to me.


Feeling Better Everyday

Feeling better everyday. Getting full 8 hours of sleep at least every night. Food is great.


Full Night Sleep Without Drugs

It’s been 2 weeks in the sauna and I’ve gained 17 pounds and can finally get a full night sleep without drugs.


I Feel Good

I feel good. I am sleeping better one day at a time.


More Clear In My Thinking

I feel much more clear in my thinking, and my ability to concentrate on the present is getting better everyday. My mood and my thoughts are very positive.


I Am A Lot Calmer

I am more awake of what is around me and have control of things around me. I am a lot calmer than I was when I started Objectives. I have a great twin! We work together great! Thanks


My Patience And Awareness Has Increased

My patience and awareness has increased a great deal since beginning Objectives. It seemed a little beneath me at the beginning, but they all have certainly made me grow and appreciate the process.


Improving My Confidence And Self Worth

These sessions in Objectives are continuously helping me on my tolerance for repetitive situations. I have also noticed that I am more appreciative of the present time that I am living in and am able to keep my focus on improving my confidence and self worth. Am also aware that my attitude and patience with working with others has significantly gotten better.


Relieving Multiple Worries And Stresses

Objectives has helped me maintain a clear mind, relieving multiple worries and stresses of my past and future as well as making me more aware of my surroundings.


I Can Think Clearer Now

I can think clearer now and express myself in a more positive way.


More Aware Of My Environment

I feel that I’m more aware of my environment.


Life Without Abusing Drugs

I am already starting to think about the remainder of my life without abusing drugs. Now I am actually able to envision a positive future surrounded by positive people.


My Choices Impact Others

I feel patient and healthy. I’ve looked at how my actions snowball into other actions. I see how my choices impact others.


I Like The Challenge Of Being Here

I got through my letters and sent them out. It made me feel good to complete them. I’m onto Personal Values and am writing my self OW’s. So far it’s going good. It’s a little over whelming thinking about how much I’ve used over the years, but I can see how it helps already. I like the challenge of being here.