I Have Been Able to Strengthen My Relationship with Loved Ones

I have been greatly benefiting from this program as a whole. I have continued to be able to keep my mind focused on present time and on positively uplifting my quality of life. I have been able to strengthen my relationship with loved ones involved with my sobriety. I am also living with a clean conscious and rebuilding my self confidence and gaining good morals to base my life on.


Sweating All The Toxins Out Of My Body

Came in to sauna still withdrawing a little bit. After a week of sauna I’m sleeping better and feeling more and more energy everyday. Eating more food everyday, 5-6 meals a day. Also have gained a lot of weight since my first day. Went from 159-170. Feeling good and excited about gaining weight and sweating all the toxins out of my body.


Making The Right Decisions To Stay Clean

Feeling great about everything and everyone in this program. There is a really good group of clients and staff. I feel like I can actually make the right decisions to stay clean this time.


Life Is Better

I feel much better. Sleep is getting better. Life is better.


Amazing Difference In My Everyday Mood

I thought sauna was the worst thing that had ever happened to me until I got 2 weeks in and felt the amazing difference in my everyday mood. I was down 50 pounds wnen I got here, but in just one month in sauna I gained over 23 pounds back and feel healthier than ever. This was such a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone having trouble with drugs or alcohol.


I’m Happy To Be Here

I am feeling so much better. I have great people in with me that keep me going. I’m happy to be here in a better place in my life.


Sauna Has Been Helping Me In Many Ways

So far, sauna has been helping me in many ways. I seem to have more energy and have been sleeping a lot better.


Cleansing My Body

Sauna is really feeling like it’s working on cleansing my body. Nice staff, and the support is strong.


The Vitamins Have Worked Very Well For Me

Sauna has helped me tremendously. Sleep has improved, appetite has improved and I feel way better. The vitamins have worked very well for me.


A New Clarity Of Thinking

I’m getting more sleep. I have a better appetite and a new clarity of thinking. I feel better and have more energy.


It Feels Good To Sweat Out All The Toxins

So far sauna has been very helpful during this whole process. It feels good to sweat out all the toxins that have been being stored in my body all these years. I have been able to sleep a lot better. Taking the vitamins have also been helping me feel better. I’m so glad I have this opportunity to do this and get healthier.


A New Sort Of Appreciation

Although it is early in my sauna treatment, I have gotten the ability to relax to a whole new level. It has given me some sort of clarity; even a new sort of appreciation of my being here in a way I haven’t yet been able to explain, but look forward to it.


Stress I Was Carrying Is Far Less

When I started objectives I was extremely concerned/stressed about my future. I’m still focused on my future, but with a lot less stress. So by being in Objectives, the stress I was carrying is far less.


Patience And Humility

I am very proud of winning twin of the week. I worked really hard all week and the gratification was nice. Objectives has helped me with my own meditation as well as my patience and humility.


This Program Has Worked Wonders For Me

This program has worked wonders for me. I have a much better outlook on the future of my life and feel more in control of my own destiny. The program has changed my perspective significantly and no longer feel much of a desire to use. I have full confidence in the success of this program changing me for the better.


I Have High Hopes

I am doing much better now than the time I arrived here at Narconon Fresh Start. Sauna helped me tremendously as did objectives. I have high hopes for course, if it does a percentage of what sauna and objectives did I will be happy and I will be satisfied.