I have Learned a Lot of Tools to Keep from Going Back to My Old Ways

Since I have been in this program thus far I have learned a lot of tools to keep from going back to my old ways of living, such as types of people to associate myself with, and reasons not do drugs. Also, I have been able to reconnect with myself and start rebuilding my relationship with my loved ones. Not to mention that the sobriety time I have accumulated while being here.


Toxins Are Starting To Leave My Body

Sleeping better and starting to have a more clear head space. I am also eating better and waking up much less tired and feel like toxins are starting to leave my body. Having a lot more energy during the day.


I Feel Like A New Person Physically And Mentally

I feel like a new person physically and mentally. I’m thinking more clearly and lost memories are coming back. Sauna gives me a lot of time to think and sort out these new feelings and thoughts that I am experiencing.


It’s A Great Feeling To Not Want To Use As Soon As You Get Up

After this past week my sleeping is coming back. I feel better and am eating better. I’m starting to feel like myself again. It’s a great feeling to not want to use as soon as you get up.


I Have Been Given A Gift To Heal

I’m feeling better overall. Better sleep, full appetite. I miss home, but I know I have been given a gift to heal.


Sauna Has Improved My Physical State Of Being

Despite feeling down emotionally, sauna has improved my physical state of being and my overall mood and demeanor. Some days are tougher than others. Overall, I am sleeping and eating better. I am surrendering to and trusting the process.


Increased Energy Level

So far, sauna has helped me in many ways. I am now sleeping through the night. I am eating much better and my energy level from taking all the vitamins has increased. We have a great group of people in sauna so it makes the time go by quick so I’m really enjoying sauna. And the staff are really helpful.


Sweating Out The Toxins And Feeding My Body Vitamins

Everyday I wake up feeling physically better. Sweating out the toxins and feeding my body vitamins and good food is really helping. I look forward to finishing the sauna and feeling even better afterward.


Life Is Solid

The amount of progress I’ve made is night and day. Finally sleep is solid, appetite is solid and life is solid.


I Can Feel And See A Huge Change

I’m pleased to have been given Objectives a chance. It went rather quickly and I know I’m not fully done, but I can feel and see a huge change. Thank you.


Notice Big Changes In My Patience And Attention Span

It’s been two days in Objectives now and I am starting to notice big changes in my patience and attention span. I am excited to finish and move on to the next step.


Starting To Think About My Future For Once

I’m sleeping and feeling better. Starting to think about my future for once.


My Cravings Are Diminishing

As each day goes by, my body continues to feel better and my cravings are diminishing. My mood is even more stabilized and my intentions to succeed are stronger.


Glad To Be Feeling More Like Myself

It’s getting near the end of my sauna session and I have been feeling better more and more everyday. I have been sleeping a lot better throughout the night. I am becoming more aware of what is going around me and what is currently happening right now. I am so glad to be feeling more like myself.


I’m Going To Get The Most Out Of This Program

Every step I’ve taken in this program at Narconon Fresh Start, I have gotten a lot out of. Objectives taught me patience and how to deal with emotions. Course is very helpful. Writing down things that you have been through helps a lot. I have become a person who is living day-by-day and not so much in a hurry. I’m going to get the most out of this program so I can deal with anything that comes my way.


I Will Live A Clean And Sober Life

I feel much better about my future, hopes and aspirations. I feel that I will live a clean and sober life. I got in present time during Objectives and completely detoxed from sauna. I’m currently taking responsibility for my harmful acts by writing my overs and withholds on paper.


I’m Back To My Old Self Again

I truly feel that I have broken my addiction at this point through the detox and Objectives. I feel like I’m back to my old self again and I look forward to completing course.


Everyday I Feel Better

The program so far has been great. I’ve gotten a lot of good out of it. It’s been challenging, but everyday I feel better. I can’t wait to go home and see my family and my old friends. It has been a good experience and I learned a lot, but my time is almost over.