I’ve Felt a Change in Myself and the Way I View Myself

Happy Guy
I’ve started on the Ups and Downs In Life course. I’m learning a lot about the people in my life as well as myself. I’m looking forward to writing letters and handling these people for the better. Aside from the book work, I’ve felt a change in myself and the way I view myself lately. I notice my self-worth improving. I’m not sure what exactly has caused it, but I’m excited to grow a little more everyday and start loving myself again.


Being There Physically, Mentally And Emotionally

So far, I’m beginning Objectives and doing TR’s. I have learned to be there physically, mentally and emotionally. Watching the videos and physically going through the process has been helping immensely. I can take things as they are with the help of my twin and supervisor. I am eager to proceed with the process and move on to each step as time goes by. My twin is so very easy to work with and helps me go through the steps. I am more and more comfortable with my surroundings and just being there.


This Will Help Me For The Rest Of My Life

I’ve came to realize that I’m here learning how to become a better person. This will help me for the rest of my life and help me with my kids. I’m feeling a little more comfortable in my skin everyday. Being around people and making conversation that I would’ve never done before I came here. These next couple months are an investment in my future and I’m feeling really positive about it. Thank you for this opportunity.


Each Step Has Its Purpose

The more time I have spent in this program the more benefit I have seen. Each step has its purpose.


Growing Strong In Handling My Triggers

I am doing great. I am improving on fixing all my faults. I am also growing strong in handling my triggers and wants towards substance abuse.


Skills To Help Me In The Real World

So far I’ve got a lot out of the program. I’ve been able to learn skills to help me in the real world. Course has particularly been a big help.


I Will Always Think Of How My Actions Affect Other People

I learned a lot on the Family course. I didn’t realize how I was only thinking of myself by doing bad things to my family. From now on, I will always think of how my actions affect other people and not just myself.


My Mind Feels Clearer Every Day

I am doing the course portion of the program now. I am finding that writing my thoughts down and reading what I wrote is helping me to see where I was and how far that I have come since being here at Narconon Fresh Start. My mind feels clearer every day and I’m feeling better. I am looking forward to getting on with my life in a positive constructive way and back to my family and functioning as the person that I know I am capable of being.


I Do Feel My Body And Mind Continuing To Heal

Sauna so far has been a unique and sometimes exhausting experience. I do feel my body and mind continuing to heal and am looking forward to working more on healing my mind.


Grateful To be Feeling Better

Each day gets easier, not only in sauna, but also here at Narconon Fresh Start. Shannon has been integral in helping me maintain a positive mental attitude, as this New Life Detoxification can get very draining mentally and physically. Overall, I am just grateful to be feeling better.


Getting Better Each Day

So far, so good. Getting better each day. I like the people in my sauna group. They’re really helping me in many ways.


Sauna Has Helped Me A Lot

Sauna has helped me a lot. Wake up every day feeling good. Better and better each day. Mood is swell.


Starting To Have A Much More Clear Head

So far sauna/detox has helped me sleep much better. I also have been eating much better. I also have been eating better and starting to have a much more clear head. I feel like all of these things will keep increasing and doing better as I go.


Life Is Awesome

I’m sleeping better, eating better and life is awesome. I’m feeling less anxious and more calm and relaxed.


Feeling A Lot Better

I’m feeling a lot better. My skin color is good and I’m sleeping and waking up well.


I Have A Much Better Understanding

Since last week I feel I have a much better understanding of Objectives and I’m getting the hang of filling out the worksheets correctly. I’m confident I will have enough patience to finish Objectives.


Course Has Helped Me Tremendously

The Objectives course has helped me tremendously. So far, I feel like I am more focused on present time and not in the past anymore. I have also gained a lot more patience since I began this course. When I first began Objectives I hated it, but I now see why this course is part of this program and I am grateful.