I Feel My Body Has Been Cleaned Out From All The Toxins

Detoxified Body

I have found the sauna to be of great help to me in many ways. For one, I am sleeping much better. I also have a better appetite. I feel my body has been cleaned out from all the toxins I have been exposed to over the years. In general, I feel my health has greatly improved.


I Have Learned To Follow Directions

So far, I have learned to follow directions/orders very well. I work well with my twin and also my supervisor. I look forward to the next steps I will be taking.


I Have Learned How To Deal With My Lack Of Patience

I have learned how to deal with my lack of patience. I learned how to stay in present time and out of my head. I am ready to finish strong and progress in my program.


Helping To Focus On The Task At Hand

Objectives is a real test in self control and patience. It has however been keeping my mind void of thoughts of the past and future. It has also been helping to focus on the task at hand. I know that as I go through this course, I will learn patience and more self control.


I Am Not Thinking About The Past At All

So far Objectives is going good. I have a great twin who follows everything we run and it really keeps me focused on the present time. I am not thinking about the past at all which is really helping me.


I Have Gotten A Lot Calmer

Objectives, you’ve been real!! Nice knowing you. Since I’ve began Objectives I have gotten a lot calmer! I no longer feel that I have to do something all the time. I’m completely content with doing absolutely nothing now. Objectives was very good for me.


Feeling Good About Being Sober

I have had a great week. I feel that I have gotten out a lot of stuff that has been building up in my mind. I also have been feeling better and better since the beginning until present time. I feel like I have accomplished a lot and am feeling good about being sober and continuing with sobriety.


It Gets Me Out Of My Head

At first I didn’t care much for Objectives, but after getting started, it’s not that bad. It gets me out of my head and my worries go out the window. Once I think back on my day it’s actually kind of fun. It makes the day go by so much faster which is nice because it goes smooth and silky. It also makes it easier when your twin is awesome and as serious as you are.


I Feel Like My Head Has Become More Clear

Each week in sauna has gotten increasingly better and has seemed to go by much more rapidly. Everyday, I feel like my head has become more clear and my attitude much better. I believe my final week should be no different.


Mental Acuity And Sharpness Have Definitely Improved

I am nearing the end of sauna and am finally starting to feel the fog in my brain lift. Mental acuity and sharpness have definitely improved. Appetite is increasing and I am sleeping very well.


My Head Feels Much Clearer

Since starting sauna my head feels much clearer. I have gained weight and my sleep has been much better. All in all I’m starting to feel much better.


Sauna Is Helping Me Sweat The Toxins Out

Sauna is helping me sweat the toxins out. It is making me feel better everyday and also helping me sleep better at night.