I Do Not Want to Use Whatsoever

Life Without Drugs
Currently, thanks to Objectives I have been in a much better state of mind. I have gotten out of my head a lot more and my past hasn’t been a part of my thoughts. Objectives has been a huge help during this program. I feel a lot better about myself. My patience has gotten a lot stronger because of Objectives. I’ve learned how to be in the present time and it has also helped me a lot also. My mindset on getting better has become a huge focus and I do not want to use whatsoever.


Feeling A Lot Better Since I Started Sauna

I have been feeling a lot better since I started sauna. I am with an awesome crew. Sauna has been helping me sleep a lot more solid and be more relaxed.


I Am Starting To Feel These Things Called “Feelings” Again

I am sleeping better than I have in a long time, and I am starting to feel these things called “feelings” again. This tells me that I’m progressing in my sobriety and not being so introverted with my thinking anymore.


I Wake Up And Am Happy To be Here

The sauna has helped me a lot. I sleep plenty now and don’t feel groggy all day anymore. I’m in a much better mood when I wake up and am happy to be here.


I’m Starting To Love Myself

I’m feeling healthy and sleeping great. Waking up normal and I’m starting to love myself for pushing harder.


My Body Is Recovering Nicely

After being in sauna for well over a week, I feel amazing! My sleep has gone from a broken 3-4 hours to a solid 8 hours and my body is recovering nicely. My skin also feels great and is glowing.


Sauna Has Helped Me Improve My Mind, Body And Soul

I feel that my time spent in the sauna has helped me improve my mind, body and soul. It has helped me to be calmer and more introspective.


Feel More Focused

Feel better, more energetic, feel more focused.


In Present Time And Out Of My Head

It’s been rough in Objectives because you have to run all day even when you think you’ve got it. But it has gotten me in present time and out of my head with thinking about the past and future. It has also taught me to be more patient and aware of my body. I’ve had a great group to work with and my twin is pretty awesome. I’m ready for the next step and excited to move on.


A Valuable Experience

After being in Objectives for 12 days, I feel more aware of being in present time. I am learning to be more patient when some Objectives can become lengthy and tedious. This has been a valuable experience.


I’m Glad That I’m Here

I’m glad that I’m here. I feel great and happy that I’m still alive. Objectives is nice. It keeps my mind on what’s going on here and now. It’s great not to be thinking about the past.


More Aware Of Things

Feeling pretty good about everything and more aware of things. I feel in present time and am happy and thankful to be here.


I Have Been Able To Practice Several Different Skills That I Learned

So far in Objectives I have been able to practice several different skills that I learned. First, being patient with myself and others. Another thing I have greatly improved on is self awareness with my surroundings and actually noticing what’s around me. I look forward to seeing how I improve throughout this part of the program.


I Have Came A Long Way

I had a real good Sunday and I got to go to Easter church and eat a real good brunch. I am excited about my progress in the program. I realized I have came a long way.