I Am Forever Grateful For This Program

Thankful to be Drug Free Guy
Even though I had a rough start, I couldn’t be happier with my progress and positively optimistic outlook that I have now. I even look forward to coming and participating six out of the seven days of the week. Change is inevitable, however, my perseverance has increased greatly; there’s always room for constant continuous improvement though. I feel more accomplished with each and every day. I am forever grateful for this program.


My Appearance Has Improved

After completing sauna I have been sleeping much better. My appearance has improved, I have more energy and overall feel better.


It’s Been A Good Journey

It’s been a good journey. Good group of people and the best instructors ever.


I’m Able To Focus Better

I’m able to focus better, think quicker and sleep better.


Feeling Stronger Overall

After six days of sauna I feel 20 times better. My appetite has come back, the fatigue has lowered, I’m sleeping more soundly and feeling stronger overall.


Full Night Sleep Without Waking Up

My 5th day in sauna and I’m already feeling better. I’m getting more rest and starting to have a full night sleep without waking up.


Eating Better As Well As Sleeping More

So far I’ve been in sauna for three days and everything is moving forward. I’m eating better as well as sleeping more.


Much More Aware Of My Surrounding

Objectives has helped me become much more aware of my surroundings anywhere I’m at. It has also helped me become much more aware that present time and being in this moment is much more important than dwelling on the past and things that I can no longer control.


Confidence And Skills I Can Use In My Outside Life

While using and maybe even prior, I was dead set on the future and past. While in Objectives, I have learned to be in and remain in present time. It enables me to confront outside situations and also myself. I feel thankful for this part of my program because it is teaching me confidence and skills I can use in my outside life.


Days Are Easier To Get Through

Objectives has somehow suddenly diminished my anxiety to where I can sleep much better. Days are easier to get though. I look forward to beginning the next part of the program.


Aware Of How My Actions Affect Others

Being in course has made me aware of how my actions have not only affected me, but how they have affected my loved ones, and the people I worked with and surrounded myself with. I feel more focused.


I Like Learning About The Different Personalities

I only been in course for about a week. Now still working on Ups and Downs and so far has been pretty good. I like learning about the different personalities and how to apply them in my life.


Focusing On The Things That I Need To

Even though I just started course, I am liking it so far. I am finally focusing on the things I need to and taking the time to think about how I can improve my life. I feel very good about this phase of the program and am looking forward to the challenge of confronting the things I have suppressed all these years.


I’ve Learned A Lot About The Patterns That Lead To My Relapse

I’m feeling really great after writing the majority of my OW’s. I’ve learned a lot about the patterns that lead to my relapse. I’m thankful for the work that I’ve done in the course room. Everything that I know, I must apply to my life at home in order to be successful.


Peacefulness I Haven’t Felt In A Long Time

Writing the letters to the people in my life was hard, but it made me feel better. Apologizing to those I have wronged brings with it a peacefulness I haven’t felt in a long time. It may also help to mend damaged relationships.


Learning Who I Need To Keep In My Life

As of right now, being on Ups and Downs has been very emotional. It’s been difficult, but healing at the same time. I know and am learning who I need to keep in my life and who I need to make a part of my past and keep them there. I am looking forward to seeing the effect it will have on me as a person when I am finished.


I Feel A Lot Better About Myself

I just finished the Ups and Downs part of course. I feel a lot better about myself. I feel as a huge weight been removed off of me. I am very thankful for this program and I have been drug free for so long now.


I Feel Confident I Am Ready To Leave

I have been feeling great relief writing about all of these things I’ve done and I feel confident I am ready to leave and move on with my life.