Confronting My Abuse of Alcohol

Alcohol Abuse HelpAfter being in course about a week, I feel like I am confronting my abuse of alcohol and the dangerous patterns that developed in my later drinking years. I am looking forward to detailing all aspects of my life and how each has had an impact on my behavior and alcohol dependency.


Great Learning Experience

I had a great learning experience on course with Changes and Conditions. I learned a lot about what I can and can’t do and who I can and can’t be around when I get out in the real world.


Focusing on Doing the Best

I am slowly making a dent in my drug list on Self. But I am focusing on doing the best, most detailed work that I can. Being completely honest and trying not to dwell on the things I’ve done in the past. Keeping a positive, upbeat attitude when I arrive to course helps me get through the days.


I Feel Confident

I am currently on writing letters. After learning so much about social and anti-social personalities, I feel confident in connecting and disconnecting with the right people.


Thanks Narconon Fresh Start

Hard to concentrate when you get the good news about making arrangements to fly home. WooHoo! But back to work I go and still doing well. Thanks Narconon Fresh Start!


A Sense of Accomplishment

Course is a change of pace. I feel like I’m getting something done though. A sense of accomplishment I suppose. Yay course!


Clear Picture of Where I was and My Wrong Doings

I am currently in course working on Family. Writing is giving me a very clear picture of where I was, my wrong doings. My outlook towards my future is bright to me. It feels good to get things off of my chest. It is helping me to understand. I feel good.


I Feel Better

I feel pretty good. It’s tough confronting my past, but I feel better after I do it.


A Positive Experience

I have found Objectives to be somewhat out of the norm. It helps to make you think outside of the box. It has been a positive experience.


I Have A More Positive Outlook on Life

I now have a more positive outlook on life thanks to this program and the people in it.


I Have Become More Patient

While being on Objectives I have noticed that I have become more patient and more in tune with present time. At first I thought the exercises were very silly, but I have come to realize that after doing them they do make sense.


More Focused on My Surroundings

As I near the end of Objectives I feel much more in percentile and find myself no longer thinking about past situations. I also feel much more focused on my surroundings.


It’s Really Super Being Here

Today was a great day. Though I am tired throughout the day, I almost seem to have gotten a second wind. It’s really super being here right now.