I Have Discovered A Lot About Myself

Self DiscoveryThis week while writing OW’s, I have discovered a lot about myself as far as the behaviors I have exhibited to my friends, family and breaking the law. I know that if I continue to do these behaviors I will end up on the same path I was on which is no longer the way I want to go. I also feel like OW’s can teach a large amount of patience which could also help me in the real world moving forward.


I Like Sauna

I like sauna because I like to sweat and it feels good. It also helps me to sleep. Thank you.


Thinking Clearly

Done with sauna, sleeping better, eating better, thinking clearly and working out. Thank you staff.


Sauna Helping Me Feel More Relaxed and Composed

Sauna helping me feel more relaxed and composed. Sleep and appetite are improving tremendously.


I Love Being Here

Narconon Fresh Start is a great place and I love being here. Hope I can live out the rest of my years here.


I Have Learned A Lot About Myself

I have learned a lot about myself this last week writing OW’s and how much damage I caused myself and others during time of using drugs.


I Never Felt Better In Years

I never felt better in years. No cigarettes, no alcohol and no drugs. It’s been a long time coming.


I’m Happy I’m Doing It

I started the Overcoming Ups and Downs course. It is definitely hard to get through and hard to stay focused, but I’m happy I’m doing it. It is making me realize a lot of things about my life, like who should be in it and who shouldn’t. I like writing stuff down so that I can get it off my chest.


I Have Made A Complete 180

I’ve been working extra hard these days on my course work. I no longer take as many breaks and am powering through this. I’m taking course very seriously and am no longer slacking off. I have made a complete 180 from when I started to where I’m at now. It’s a great feeling being able to see the finish line.


I Can’t Wait to Begin My New Life

I feel good this week because I am getting closer to getting out of here and finishing my program. I can’t wait to begin my new life.


I’m Feeling Better and Better Each Day

It’s getting easier for me to sit in course all day and write. I feel good about myself by writing everything I’ve done and am aware of my actions off and on drugs. I’m feeling better and better each day I get something done.


Course Has Made Me Fell Better Overall

Over the past week I have felt very happy. I feel like writing about everything. Course has made me feel better overall and has given me a better sense of awareness.


I Am Really Glad I Am Here

I hate my life a little bit less. I am really glad I am here, like really glad.


Thank You to All Staff

I woke up this morning feeling great about today. I’m getting a lot done on the writing portion of this program and am trucking through. Thank you to all staff.


I Had a Great Night Sleep

I had a great night sleep last night. Had a few dreams and morning was here before I knew it.


I Am Looking Forward to Fixing the Relationships I’ve Damaged

I feel so much more relieved after finishing my OW’s and getting everything I needed to off my chest about my past and the things I did to those who mean the most to me and how I’ve done them wrong or harmed them in any way, shape or form. I am looking forward to fixing the relationships I’ve damaged, mostly my family. I appreciate this program very much.


I Do Actually Feel Better

Throughout the course work, writing my OW’s, I am looking at all the crap I did within only five months. Not only did I wreck my body, but I put myself in harms way countless amounts of times. I do actually feel better after writing it all on paper.


Since Being in the Course Room, I Have Learned A Lot

Since being in the course room, I have learned a lot about different people in my life as well as myself. I am also realizing how much harm I have done to myself as I write my OW’s.


I Have Realized the Amounts of Harm I Have Done

While writing OW’s this week I have realized the amounts of harm I have done to myself and others in my life. And the amount of time I have wasted while I could be doing much more constructive activities in my life.


Feel Better Mentally and Physically

So far in sauna, I started to feel a lot better mentally and physically.