I have found all of the stages of the Narconon Fresh Start program to be of great help

I have found all of the stages of the Narconon Fresh Start program to be of great help to me. “Sauna” helped to cleanse my body of toxic chemicals. “Objectives” helped me to stay focused in present time. “Course” has helped me to go back in time and to take an honest, and objective view of my life.


Feeling A Lot Better

Almost done with sauna. Going by faster than I expected. Feeling a lot better than I did when I started.


I’m Really Enjoying Myself Here

I’m really enjoying myself here. I have a positive attitude and a smile at all times and I truly believe that it’s contagious.


Feeling Like A New Man

Sauna so far has made me feel like a new man!


I’m Really Surprised and Impressed with the Sauna Results

I am noticing major changes in the way I feel and think. It’s amazing. I finally sleep 7+ hours sober and wake up fully refreshed and clear headed. This is only my first week of sauna and I’m really surprised and impressed with the results I’ve seen thus far. It’s not easy, but I’m still really excited to see and tell how much of a difference it makes over the next few weeks.


My Hard Work Paid Off

I am really excited that my hard work paid off and that I am graduating on Friday. I can’t wait to see my family.


I Feel Amazing

With 2 days left in sauna left, I feel amazing compared to when I first came here.


Amazing Sleep and Great Energy

I have continued to get amazing sleep and great energy throughout sauna. It’s amazing to be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early and feel well, all while sober.


I Am Able to Do Certain Actions By Myself

Objectives has started to make me realize myself in the here and now and understand that I am able to do certain actions by myself. The staff has been a great help in me achieving that goal.