I Have Noticed Improvements in My Awareness

Happy Sober LifeToday makes exactly one week since I’ve started objectives. The time is flying by and I’m really enjoying objectives. Since starting objectives I have noticed improvements in my awareness of my surroundings and I’m not dwelling on my past. I also have a great twin and an awesome teacher. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start.


Catching myself from Reacting Negatively

I realized how to catch myself from reacting negatively with the help of the patients and the staff.


It’s Nice to Feel Healthy Again

Sauna is going great. I feel so much better than before. It’s nice to feel healthy again.


Staying in the Present Moment

Objectives are great. They help me stay in the present moment. This will help me on the next step of the program and later on in life.


Taking Instruction and Completing Tasks

Objectives has helped me focus on the here and now. I am able to take instruction and complete the tasks given to me.


Everyday Gets a Little Better

Everyday gets a little better. Objectives have shown me a way to get out of my head and into the now.


I Feel Good

The program is helping me in all aspects and I feel good.


I Feel Like I Have the Skills to Stay Clean

Now that I’ve learned the characteristics of social and antisocial people, I feel like I have the skills to stay clean.


Helping with My Patience

Sauna has given me time to think and has helped with my patience. The IC for sauna, Ashley, is awesome.


Life is Good

Life is good. I’m getting through sauna.


Feeling Better and Looking Better

Sauna went amazing today. I love waking up in the am, running and then sweating in the sauna. I already feel so much better, and look way better than I did 2 weeks ago.


Joy of My Life

Sauna is the biggest freakin joy of my life.


Clear Mind, Clear Body

Today I feel great without booze in my system. Clear mind clear body.

I Am So Grateful

I am so grateful for objectives bringing me into the present and helping to keep my mind off exterior concerns. Marni is the absolute best sup and makes understanding and running the objectives even better!


Course is a Life-Changing Event

Course is a life-changing event, Eric taught me so many life lessons. And how to be a gentlemen. If it wasn’t for OW’s I would have never realized I’ve done drugs before.


Doing My Battle Plan

After doing my battle plan and conference call with Judy and my family, I feel a big relief on what is going to happen when I leave. Thanks Judy, you’re the best.


One of the Positive People

I was tired when I woke up but as the day went on I became much more alert. Maybe because I was running tons of thoughts through my mind in course thinking of positive and negative people. I would like to think I am one of the positive people in this world.


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