It Opened My Eyes to the Ways I Mistreated My Loved Ones

Loving FamilyWhen I came to Narconon Fresh Start I was an extremely angry guilt ridden man. After going through this program I have set the ground work for repairing my relationships with my family and those that I love. This was something that I felt was impossible to do because of the things I had put my loved ones threw because of my addiction. It opened my eyes to the ways I mistreated my loved ones and helped me realize that I never want to put them through that again or myself for that matter. I appreciate the staff here and thank them for working with me the way they did and never giving up on me.


It Has Saved My Life and Given Me Hope Again

I’m definitely happy I came to this program. It has saved my life and given me hope again. I’m very happy to be staying here in a healthy environment.


Opportunity to Get a Lot of Stuff Off My Chest

Doing my interview with Mandy really helped me take a good look at the people in my life and gave me a good opportunity to get a lot of stuff off my chest. Thank you Mandy!


I Learned More than I Ever Thought I Would

I loved today. It was amazing. I put a log of feelings down on paper that I never have expressed. I feel great about it and I learned more than I ever thought I would by writing these letters. Looking forward to tomorrow.


It Felt So Amazing to Express to them How Much I Love and Appreciate Them

I wrote amazing letters to my grandma and my dad. It felt so amazing to express to them how much I love and appreciate them. Also, to tell them how sorry I am for the past.


I Feel So Much Better

Hopefully got thru groups today. But we’ll see… big wins for everything I have written so far. I feel so much better.


Open and Honest Line of Communication

Today I successfully completed the groups and family portion of changing conditions. I called the rehab I was at prior to this one and apologized for getting kicked out. I also called my dad and told him I wanted to maintain an open and honest line of communication.


Happy in the Moment

I am successfully in present time and happy in the moment.


I Really Cured Every Aspect of Things In My Life

I feel really good and feel like I really cured every aspect of things in my life that have affected me personally.


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