Learning How to Get My Life Back

Couple Walking in Front DoorI have learned a lot about the condition my life was in when I got here and how it has improved. I am truly happy for learning how to get my life back. I learned about having respect for people and the society. I also learned about how much time, gas and money I wasted on being a drug addict and I am very happy and proud of myself for completing this program. It was worth it!


I Feel Like I’m Getting Everything Off My Chest

I learned a lot today and gained even more confidence in myself than I had yesterday. Writing letters was awesome and I feel like I am getting everything off my chest (admitting and apologizing) that I have wanted to say for a long time.


Seeing the Social Qualities People Have

Today I looked at people in my life and analyzed them. I was hesitant to do this but I got it done. It is good to see the patterns of the kind of people I let into my life and its also nice to see the social qualities people have. Thanks Natalie, Lauren & Megan for helping me.


Setting A List of Guidelines

I finished changing conditions. It was very helpful in setting a list of guide lines for myself to follow in order to be a productive member of society, a good friend, co-worker, son and brother.


Taking Thoughts off the Negative

I feel training drills helped me take my thoughts off of the negatives.


I Had Some Astounding Realizations

Finished objectives #4 and happy about it. Davis is an amazing twin and I had some astounding realizations! I cant wait for objective #5 tomorrow!


The Most Rewarding

Finished all my letters, yay! The hardest ones to do were the most rewarding. It feels good to be done with those.


I Feel A Lot More at Peace

I feel a lot more at peace with what I have been through. I found writing letters was very eye opening and made me realize how wrong I was in my opinion of people that have been in my life.


A Lot of Ways to Communicate

Today was another day of pure success with my twin David. I realized that there are a lot of ways to communicate with someone.


Grateful for This Part of the Program

Ups and Downs was difficult at times, but the ones that were the hardest to do were the ones that I felt the best about when I was done. I’m really grateful for this part of the program. It was nice being able to apologize & thank the people in my life.


Clean on the 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July & I am clean for the first time in ages.


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