Key Essentials to Live a Prosperous, Sober Life

Successful Life

I have invested a lot of time in other rehabilitation centers whose time span has been much longer than Narconon Fresh Start, and I’ve come to realize one thing; its not about how much time you spend at a treatment center, but the tools that you acquire. I have been 8 months sober now and I have never felt as fulfilled or comfortable in my own skin as I do now. Narconon Fresh Start has bestowed upon me the key essentials to live a prosperous, sober life. I have learned to move on and come to terms with all my mistakes; and instead of dwelling on my errors, I have learned from them. This program has allowed me to recuperate the relationship with my family, as well as be part of a new one. My own Narconon little fam-bam!


Living a Productive Life

I feel a lot better now that I’ve begun to clear my space. It hasn’t been easy or fun but I can see how it is necessary in order to keep it moving and live a productive life.



I thought I got bad news last week but I managed to put a positive spin on it. The program has given me these skills. Thanks to the staff for being so helpful.


Ready for Real World

I am excited to be near the end of the program and feel ready to go into the real world.


My Sobriety

Every day that goes by makes me feel better about my sobriety.


Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually Benefited

Sauna, objectives and course has benefited me in many ways. Sauna benefited me physically, objectives benefited me mentally, and course has benefited me both emotionally and spiritually.


Confident in My Recovery

Well I made it another week and completed another part of the program. I am feeling very confident in my recovery at this point.


Couldn’t Be Happier

I successfully completed OBJ 9 and I couldn’t be happier in the present moment.


Teaching Me Patience

Objectives is teaching me patience and helping me stay in the present.


A Great Time Learning

Its been a great time so far in objectives, learning a lot about myself and others is fun, also very important to grow. Looking forward to completing and moving to course.


I Plan to Go Very Far with the Life Skills Taught

You guys really are amazing. I plan to go very far in life with the skills taught in this program. I hope to maybe come back and intern someday. I am so glad I had the opportunity to join this program and to meet all of you. What you do is truly amazing. I appreciate you all. Thank you for making my stay so comfortable and enjoyable.


It Has Been A Blessing

Thanks for providing this environment for everyone to learn, grow, share, meditate, and balance life. There is no way in which I can ever repay you for this. It has been a blessing in disguise. All of the counselors provide so much. They do a great service which is extremely hard to do. I just want to thank everyone for the help from the mot simplest to the most complex. You have trained them well and I couldn’t thank them enough or give back for all they have taught me. Wish everyone the best for a bright future.


Truly Ready for A Fresh Start

Personal Values/Overts & Withholds was amazing. I confronted so much, everything from my past that I would not have done otherwise and would have continued pushing it to the back of my mind. I truly feel like I am now ready for a fresh start. Thank you.


My Parents Have Their Daughter Back

I have over 2 years sober thanks to this program. I now work here and feel like, I have another family! I love all the people I have met along the way and am very thankful for this program. I have learned how to communicate better with my own family and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start my parents have their daughter back and I found myself again!