Significant Improvement In My Abilities

Content WomanI just finished Training Drills and although it was tough to get through the first part of them, I got a lot out of doing them. After talking with several staff members, I understood better the real life applications of each drill. I saw significant improvement in my abilities to communicate, be there comfortably and confront. In my opinion Training Drills are the most important part of the entire Narconon Fresh Start program.


Present Moment

Objectives made me live in the present moment.


I Feel Great

After going on a long hike yesterday I feel great. It really cleared my head and it was good to get out for a couple hours and enjoy nature.


Finishing the Program

Its Monday morning. Today marks my last week here. I am excited to be finishing the program and moving forward with my life. Thank you.


Good Routine

I have developed a good routine of lifting weights and jogging. I am also eating a proper diet now and have even been sleeping on a normal routine now.


Pleased With My Progress

I am very pleased with my progress in my program this far and I am very much looking forward to finishing my review and getting my life back on track and myself back in school.


Things Keep Getting Better

Sending letter has def made me feel better. I am working on my battle plans to help me think about what I am doing when I leave here. I could not have done this without my twins. I love him more than anything. Things keep getting better.


Getting Better and Better

This just keeps getting better and better. Thanks so much to the staff and Marni is the greatest.


I Am Happy

First day in course. I am happy I am moving along in the program. One day closer to living life outside of a program.


Rewarding Part of the Program

I am excited to be making progress and to be getting closer to interning. I feel course is the most rewarding part of the program.


I Feel Awesome

Its my 5th day in the sauna and I feel awesome! Both students and staff are awesome and making the stay enjoyable.


Sleeping Well

Sauna is making me sleep well. I feel like a million bucks. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start!



Sauna has given me time and clarity on what is important in my life, such as my daughter.


Becoming More Comfortable

Today I’m doing Training Drills and I am becoming more comfortable with confronting another person. The Training Drills can be frustrating and seem unimportant at times. But the longer you drill the better you understand them. I have learned a lot about why we do each Training Drill. And it has been very helpful and informative.


An Energy I Haven’t Felt Since I Was a Kid

Everyday in sauna I feel an energy I haven’t felt since I was a kid. The staff have been so positive throughout the past few long weeks in here and it has helped out so much.


Amazing Changes

I am almost done with the Objectives course and it has amazed me how much I have taken from this course. I would have never guessed that such simple drills could produce such amazing changes. Thanks to my twin for running a proper session. Also thanks to my course sups for explaining each Objective very well. I’m happy I came to Narconon Fresh Start. No other center could have given me the sensational experience I have received here.


Feel Back to Normal

Before the sauna I was skeptical my joint aches would ever subside. The past two days have really disproved that. I finally feel back to normal. Zero pain anywhere.


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