Today I Realized …

Happy Guy
I have really been enjoying the sauna program. I feel much healthier, happier, and more calm. The sauna has given me time to think about many things.

Today I realized,

1. Just how much I had distanced myself from friends and family. People I talked to every day before drugs and alcohol only received text messages occasionally if ever.

2. How unsafe it was for my employees to work with me and by not using safety procedures, the risk I had put myself in.

3. How much I neglected my business and financial responsibilities.

4. Getting a better understanding of just how erratic my behavior was.

5. I can hold a conversation now without changing the subject 10 times before finishing.

6. I was taking Ambien more (after I quit using meth) to avoid facing the direction my life was going.

7. How many lies I told, I never thought I lied about anything other than my drug use but am now realizing that lies come in more forms than words.

Thanks again to everyone at Narconon Fresh Start!


I Have Learned So Much

Having never been to any type of rehab before, and was expecting an AA program since that’s the only type I had ever heard of even though I was willing to go, I was scared silly about what was going to happen.

The Fresh Start staff made the transition from every day life into the program very comfortable. Everyone there is very knowledgeable, understanding, and helpful.

I was expecting to go through hell during my withdrawal period but because of the one on one care and the natural approach that the Narconon Fresh Start program takes for withdrawals made it fairly easy.

I have learned so much in the short time I have been here. I have not had any desire to have alcohol. Since being more educated about Ambien, I can say that I don’t even miss that. I managed to sleep 6 solid hours for the first time in 25 years without any sleep aids! I am extremely grateful for Narconon Fresh Start and I have barely just begun.


I Very Much Enjoy Being Here

When I first arrived I felt very scared, overwhelmed and cried. However everyone here welcomed me and I felt comforted that there was no judgment and tons of understanding. It was hard to be alone with out music. Plus I still didn’t feel well. But I slept a full 8 hours comfortably and woke feeling better than the day before. Jackie and Lindsey were awesome to me. I got to have a long Epson salt bath that really helped the injuries that I arrived with. The second day helped me understand the program more and helped me feel less anxious. Everyday that passes I feel better and the other students are all so welcoming and kind. We all can relate to each other which was very comforting. The assists were very relaxing and the exercises they taught me was very helpful. I very much enjoy being here and am eager to continue now that I am out of withdrawal.


It Feels Good to Have Energy and Not Crave

This is my 3rd day of sauna and since starting this process I have realized a few things.

1. It feels good to have energy and not crave or feel I need alcohol to not be anxious or depressed.

2. The exercising I have been doing feels great, it has always been my passion.

3. I feel proud of myself instead of ashamed of my behavior.

4. I feel more clear headed everyday. Like I used to feel before becoming an alcoholic.

5. I am making art again, I wasn’t when I was drunk and high everyday.

6. Being alone bothers me less and less each day.

7. I am having less intense stressful/scary dreams.


More Observant and Aware

I feel really good after finishing Objectives. Its amazing how much more observant and aware I have become. I really enjoyed Objectives. Thanks to Jason and Phil for taking the time to explain each one to me and making sure I fully understand it. I also have an improved ARC (Affinity, Reality, Communication) with my environment and the people in it as well as the ability to use intention and control. Overall I am very glad I came to Narconon South Texas to do my program. All the staff and interns are great. I am looking forward to moving onto the next step of the program.


No Longer Have Any Joint Aches or Pains

After completing sauna I no longer have any joint aches or pains. My sleep is finally back to normal and I feel really good.


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