I can fully progress in life …

Dad and SonObjectives has opened my eyes to where I am able to comprehend and understand my past behaviors of past actions. Now that I am aware of this, I can fully progress in life and the Fresh Start Program.


Sauna and weights are fun to do. Feeling good and getting physically healthier.


Still working my way through course. It is a lot of writing, but it is interesting to see how I have effected my family and society.


I’m happy about Battle Plans to see where I can and will be in time. Sober living will be good to help me stay sober and meat good sober friends.


I am so excited to be at the last step of the Fresh Start process. I want to be the best person I can become and this program has helped so much. Thank you everyone – I feel alive!


Working out has made me feel healthier.


I’m progressively flowing through this program with an accepting attitude as well as placing my mind in present time.


I feel more in touch with myself than ever before in my life because of the Objectives course. I am more oriented in life, aware of my surroundings and can handle people and situations better.


Ever since I started sauna I feel more better physically.


Sticking to the program hourly helps.


As I remember, with each passing day, I continue to feel better. The sauna produces the results that I so desperately need to ensure I benefit the most from my review here. Thank you for the opportunity.


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