Sauna has given me much more clarity in my life

Sauna Drug DetoxI am very excited to be out of sauna, but Sauna helped me a lot. Before I started Sauna I felt as I was always tired, but after completing Sauna I feel a burst of energy. Sauna also helped me gain some much needed weight from when I first started. I feel that sauna has given me much more clarity in my life.


I completed the New Life Drug Detoxification program and feel great and back to my former self again.


Thanks to Narconon Program I have gave myself the tools to change my life.



Thanks to the Changing Conditions course I have a formula to change the conditions in my life. It will be one of the ways I improve my life.


Thanks to OW’s I saw what kind of mistakes I was making. I see the changes I need to make so that it doesn’t happen again.


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