Significant Improvement In My Abilities

Content WomanI just finished Training Drills and although it was tough to get through the first part of them, I got a lot out of doing them. After talking with several staff members, I understood better the real life applications of each drill. I saw significant improvement in my abilities to communicate, be there comfortably and confront. In my opinion Training Drills are the most important part of the entire Narconon Fresh Start program.


Present Moment

Objectives made me live in the present moment.


I Feel Great

After going on a long hike yesterday I feel great. It really cleared my head and it was good to get out for a couple hours and enjoy nature.


Finishing the Program

Its Monday morning. Today marks my last week here. I am excited to be finishing the program and moving forward with my life. Thank you.


Good Routine

I have developed a good routine of lifting weights and jogging. I am also eating a proper diet now and have even been sleeping on a normal routine now.


Pleased With My Progress

I am very pleased with my progress in my program this far and I am very much looking forward to finishing my review and getting my life back on track and myself back in school.


Things Keep Getting Better

Sending letter has def made me feel better. I am working on my battle plans to help me think about what I am doing when I leave here. I could not have done this without my twins. I love him more than anything. Things keep getting better.


Getting Better and Better

This just keeps getting better and better. Thanks so much to the staff and Marni is the greatest.


I Am Happy

First day in course. I am happy I am moving along in the program. One day closer to living life outside of a program.


Rewarding Part of the Program

I am excited to be making progress and to be getting closer to interning. I feel course is the most rewarding part of the program.


I Feel Awesome

Its my 5th day in the sauna and I feel awesome! Both students and staff are awesome and making the stay enjoyable.


Sleeping Well

Sauna is making me sleep well. I feel like a million bucks. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start!



Sauna has given me time and clarity on what is important in my life, such as my daughter.


Becoming More Comfortable

Today I’m doing Training Drills and I am becoming more comfortable with confronting another person. The Training Drills can be frustrating and seem unimportant at times. But the longer you drill the better you understand them. I have learned a lot about why we do each Training Drill. And it has been very helpful and informative.


An Energy I Haven’t Felt Since I Was a Kid

Everyday in sauna I feel an energy I haven’t felt since I was a kid. The staff have been so positive throughout the past few long weeks in here and it has helped out so much.


Amazing Changes

I am almost done with the Objectives course and it has amazed me how much I have taken from this course. I would have never guessed that such simple drills could produce such amazing changes. Thanks to my twin for running a proper session. Also thanks to my course sups for explaining each Objective very well. I’m happy I came to Narconon Fresh Start. No other center could have given me the sensational experience I have received here.


Feel Back to Normal

Before the sauna I was skeptical my joint aches would ever subside. The past two days have really disproved that. I finally feel back to normal. Zero pain anywhere.


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Key Essentials to Live a Prosperous, Sober Life

Successful Life

I have invested a lot of time in other rehabilitation centers whose time span has been much longer than Narconon Fresh Start, and I’ve come to realize one thing; its not about how much time you spend at a treatment center, but the tools that you acquire. I have been 8 months sober now and I have never felt as fulfilled or comfortable in my own skin as I do now. Narconon Fresh Start has bestowed upon me the key essentials to live a prosperous, sober life. I have learned to move on and come to terms with all my mistakes; and instead of dwelling on my errors, I have learned from them. This program has allowed me to recuperate the relationship with my family, as well as be part of a new one. My own Narconon little fam-bam!


Living a Productive Life

I feel a lot better now that I’ve begun to clear my space. It hasn’t been easy or fun but I can see how it is necessary in order to keep it moving and live a productive life.



I thought I got bad news last week but I managed to put a positive spin on it. The program has given me these skills. Thanks to the staff for being so helpful.


Ready for Real World

I am excited to be near the end of the program and feel ready to go into the real world.


My Sobriety

Every day that goes by makes me feel better about my sobriety.


Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually Benefited

Sauna, objectives and course has benefited me in many ways. Sauna benefited me physically, objectives benefited me mentally, and course has benefited me both emotionally and spiritually.


Confident in My Recovery

Well I made it another week and completed another part of the program. I am feeling very confident in my recovery at this point.


Couldn’t Be Happier

I successfully completed OBJ 9 and I couldn’t be happier in the present moment.


Teaching Me Patience

Objectives is teaching me patience and helping me stay in the present.


A Great Time Learning

Its been a great time so far in objectives, learning a lot about myself and others is fun, also very important to grow. Looking forward to completing and moving to course.


I Plan to Go Very Far with the Life Skills Taught

You guys really are amazing. I plan to go very far in life with the skills taught in this program. I hope to maybe come back and intern someday. I am so glad I had the opportunity to join this program and to meet all of you. What you do is truly amazing. I appreciate you all. Thank you for making my stay so comfortable and enjoyable.


It Has Been A Blessing

Thanks for providing this environment for everyone to learn, grow, share, meditate, and balance life. There is no way in which I can ever repay you for this. It has been a blessing in disguise. All of the counselors provide so much. They do a great service which is extremely hard to do. I just want to thank everyone for the help from the mot simplest to the most complex. You have trained them well and I couldn’t thank them enough or give back for all they have taught me. Wish everyone the best for a bright future.


Truly Ready for A Fresh Start

Personal Values/Overts & Withholds was amazing. I confronted so much, everything from my past that I would not have done otherwise and would have continued pushing it to the back of my mind. I truly feel like I am now ready for a fresh start. Thank you.


My Parents Have Their Daughter Back

I have over 2 years sober thanks to this program. I now work here and feel like, I have another family! I love all the people I have met along the way and am very thankful for this program. I have learned how to communicate better with my own family and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start my parents have their daughter back and I found myself again!


Learning How to Get My Life Back

Couple Walking in Front DoorI have learned a lot about the condition my life was in when I got here and how it has improved. I am truly happy for learning how to get my life back. I learned about having respect for people and the society. I also learned about how much time, gas and money I wasted on being a drug addict and I am very happy and proud of myself for completing this program. It was worth it!


I Feel Like I’m Getting Everything Off My Chest

I learned a lot today and gained even more confidence in myself than I had yesterday. Writing letters was awesome and I feel like I am getting everything off my chest (admitting and apologizing) that I have wanted to say for a long time.


Seeing the Social Qualities People Have

Today I looked at people in my life and analyzed them. I was hesitant to do this but I got it done. It is good to see the patterns of the kind of people I let into my life and its also nice to see the social qualities people have. Thanks Natalie, Lauren & Megan for helping me.


Setting A List of Guidelines

I finished changing conditions. It was very helpful in setting a list of guide lines for myself to follow in order to be a productive member of society, a good friend, co-worker, son and brother.


Taking Thoughts off the Negative

I feel training drills helped me take my thoughts off of the negatives.


I Had Some Astounding Realizations

Finished objectives #4 and happy about it. Davis is an amazing twin and I had some astounding realizations! I cant wait for objective #5 tomorrow!


The Most Rewarding

Finished all my letters, yay! The hardest ones to do were the most rewarding. It feels good to be done with those.


I Feel A Lot More at Peace

I feel a lot more at peace with what I have been through. I found writing letters was very eye opening and made me realize how wrong I was in my opinion of people that have been in my life.


A Lot of Ways to Communicate

Today was another day of pure success with my twin David. I realized that there are a lot of ways to communicate with someone.


Grateful for This Part of the Program

Ups and Downs was difficult at times, but the ones that were the hardest to do were the ones that I felt the best about when I was done. I’m really grateful for this part of the program. It was nice being able to apologize & thank the people in my life.


Clean on the 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July & I am clean for the first time in ages.


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Now that I am here …

Woman Standing in a Field I told my family I have money saved and to find me a detox center. Two days later Nate (Drug Interventionist) was coming up my drive way! Originally I just planned on doing detox and then going back home. My parents could have sent me anywhere. They searched the internet and looked at 100s of different rehabs. This one kept calling them back to the website. My mom said she felt a calling or a force drawing her to this particular rehab facility. Now that I am here, it makes more and more sense why! Thank you all!


I Didn’t Crave Drugs

Today I had a lot of time to think about my life and I didn’t crave drugs today.


I Feel Great After My Time in the Sauna

So far I have not reacted. I have lost six pounds since my arrival. I feel great after my time in the sauna. I sleep well every night and the vitamins are making my hair and nails grow rapidly.


Sauna Is Great

Sauna is great, I feel wonderful. I am almost done. I can feel it. Ashley is amazing at running the sauna.


Sauna Is Awesome!

Sauna is awesome! Love it to death! America


I’d Like to Thank the Staff

I’d like to thank the staff for all of their support. I’m looking forward to doing clean and sober activities with my clean and sober friends.


I Have Learned So Much

Dear Fresh Start Programs, I have learned so so much! I learned a lot from the staff, they are so supportive and involved. I feel like I can go to the staff about anything! The staff are angels. I continue to do clean and sober activities with my clean and sober friends. Thank you! Sincerely,


I’ve Learned to Be More Patient

I am happy to say that Objectives is almost over. My twin and I have worked hard to get through it, but we did it together. I’ve learned how to be more patient with myself and others. Its taught me how to keep my mind from jumping to the future and the past. Yay objectives!!


Objectives Has Helped Me Stay In the Present

Objectives has helped me stay in the present and not focus too much on the past or future and things I can’t control at the moment. Laura is the best and makes the time go by even quicker.


Each Day Is Better

Each day is better for me in every way including sleep, energy, appetite, attitude and outlook on life.


I Feel Healthier

I feel healthier; my diet and workout routine seem to help. I slept through the night last night for the first time in months.


Another Beautiful Day

It was nice to wake up somewhat refreshed this morning. I am happy its another beautiful day.


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It Opened My Eyes to the Ways I Mistreated My Loved Ones

Loving FamilyWhen I came to Narconon Fresh Start I was an extremely angry guilt ridden man. After going through this program I have set the ground work for repairing my relationships with my family and those that I love. This was something that I felt was impossible to do because of the things I had put my loved ones threw because of my addiction. It opened my eyes to the ways I mistreated my loved ones and helped me realize that I never want to put them through that again or myself for that matter. I appreciate the staff here and thank them for working with me the way they did and never giving up on me.


It Has Saved My Life and Given Me Hope Again

I’m definitely happy I came to this program. It has saved my life and given me hope again. I’m very happy to be staying here in a healthy environment.


Opportunity to Get a Lot of Stuff Off My Chest

Doing my interview with Mandy really helped me take a good look at the people in my life and gave me a good opportunity to get a lot of stuff off my chest. Thank you Mandy!


I Learned More than I Ever Thought I Would

I loved today. It was amazing. I put a log of feelings down on paper that I never have expressed. I feel great about it and I learned more than I ever thought I would by writing these letters. Looking forward to tomorrow.


It Felt So Amazing to Express to them How Much I Love and Appreciate Them

I wrote amazing letters to my grandma and my dad. It felt so amazing to express to them how much I love and appreciate them. Also, to tell them how sorry I am for the past.


I Feel So Much Better

Hopefully got thru groups today. But we’ll see… big wins for everything I have written so far. I feel so much better.


Open and Honest Line of Communication

Today I successfully completed the groups and family portion of changing conditions. I called the rehab I was at prior to this one and apologized for getting kicked out. I also called my dad and told him I wanted to maintain an open and honest line of communication.


Happy in the Moment

I am successfully in present time and happy in the moment.


I Really Cured Every Aspect of Things In My Life

I feel really good and feel like I really cured every aspect of things in my life that have affected me personally.


Narconon Fresh Start Nevada Success Stories
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