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Drug addiction causes people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do. You can usually tell if someone is addicted to drugs by some of the signs and symptoms they show. Narconon Fresh Start can help someone who is suffering from drug addiction.

Key Essentials to Live a Prosperous, Sober Life

Successful Life

I have invested a lot of time in other rehabilitation centers whose time span has been much longer than Narconon Fresh Start, and I’ve come to realize one thing; its not about how much time you spend at a treatment center, but the tools that you acquire. I have been 8 months sober now and I have never felt as fulfilled or comfortable in my own skin as I do now. Narconon Fresh Start has bestowed upon me the key essentials to live a prosperous, sober life. I have learned to move on and come to terms with all my mistakes; and instead of dwelling on my errors, I have learned from them. This program has allowed me to recuperate the relationship with my family, as well as be part of a new one. My own Narconon little fam-bam!


Living a Productive Life

I feel a lot better now that I’ve begun to clear my space. It hasn’t been easy or fun but I can see how it is necessary in order to keep it moving and live a productive life.



I thought I got bad news last week but I managed to put a positive spin on it. The program has given me these skills. Thanks to the staff for being so helpful.


Ready for Real World

I am excited to be near the end of the program and feel ready to go into the real world.


My Sobriety

Every day that goes by makes me feel better about my sobriety.


Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually Benefited

Sauna, objectives and course has benefited me in many ways. Sauna benefited me physically, objectives benefited me mentally, and course has benefited me both emotionally and spiritually.


Confident in My Recovery

Well I made it another week and completed another part of the program. I am feeling very confident in my recovery at this point.


Couldn’t Be Happier

I successfully completed OBJ 9 and I couldn’t be happier in the present moment.


Teaching Me Patience

Objectives is teaching me patience and helping me stay in the present.


A Great Time Learning

Its been a great time so far in objectives, learning a lot about myself and others is fun, also very important to grow. Looking forward to completing and moving to course.


I Plan to Go Very Far with the Life Skills Taught

You guys really are amazing. I plan to go very far in life with the skills taught in this program. I hope to maybe come back and intern someday. I am so glad I had the opportunity to join this program and to meet all of you. What you do is truly amazing. I appreciate you all. Thank you for making my stay so comfortable and enjoyable.


It Has Been A Blessing

Thanks for providing this environment for everyone to learn, grow, share, meditate, and balance life. There is no way in which I can ever repay you for this. It has been a blessing in disguise. All of the counselors provide so much. They do a great service which is extremely hard to do. I just want to thank everyone for the help from the mot simplest to the most complex. You have trained them well and I couldn’t thank them enough or give back for all they have taught me. Wish everyone the best for a bright future.


Truly Ready for A Fresh Start

Personal Values/Overts & Withholds was amazing. I confronted so much, everything from my past that I would not have done otherwise and would have continued pushing it to the back of my mind. I truly feel like I am now ready for a fresh start. Thank you.


My Parents Have Their Daughter Back

I have over 2 years sober thanks to this program. I now work here and feel like, I have another family! I love all the people I have met along the way and am very thankful for this program. I have learned how to communicate better with my own family and couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Narconon Fresh Start my parents have their daughter back and I found myself again!


Families Getting their Loved One Back After Drug Addiction

Happy Family

This Program Really Does Work

I have been writing about a lot of things that I’ve done to myself and my family and friends. Looking back make it so very clear to me that I’m never going backwards and never want to be that person again. My family has forgiven me and are so beyond proud of me and all I have accomplished here at Narconon Fresh Start. The family I have here as well has helped me through so very much and makes being so far from home not be as hard as it was when I first arrived here. I’m in the present time and taking my life one day at a time. Learning how to live my life for me and then think about my loved ones. This program really does work. I’m so proud to say I’ve worked really hard and will continue do so. Thank you all staff, interns and students. But most importantly my family for sending me away to get back the daughter they almost lost.


I Feel More Balanced and Patient

Since coming to Narconon Fresh Start, I feel more balanced and patient. Events that would cause me to give up on in the past seem a little more manageable. I feel like I have put more thought into things and have forced myself to slow down in life and notice all there is to be noticed.


I’m More Clear Minded Than Ever Before

Sauna has been greatly impacting my progress in recovery. It is purifying my body from the inside out. I’m more clear minded than ever before. My overall comfort in my own skin is and has improved dramatically. I also am able to actively involve myself in social conversation more often.


I Feel More Focused

My name is becoming more clear everyday. I feel more focused. Everything seems much more tolerable. Today is a good day.


I Feel Like I’m Ready To Face The Real World

I feel much better today than when I first got here. I feel like I’m ready to face the real world.


Feeling Awesome About My Recovery

I have got as much out of this as possible and am feeling awesome about my recovery. I had a good teacher as well and for me, that means a lot.


Putting The Past Behind Me

I am feeling a little relieved after writing some OW’s. It sucks having to go back and relive that experience, but I’m feeling good about writing about it cause it’s as if I’m putting it all behind me.


I Have Accomplished A Lot

I have accomplished a lot in course and feel quite good about my progress and the things I’ve had to confront.


Taking Better Care Of Myself And Setting A Good Example

I feel more and more positive about the program each and every day. My progress is increasing as I continue writing my overts. I’m feeling less anxious as I write about my past dilemmas and coming clean on mistakes and problems I’ve caused to myself and loved ones. I didn’t want to believe that my drinking was a problem and excused my over indulgence because of how our society accepts drinking as a past time in our culture. Because of this program I now recognize that I need to take better care of myself so that I may be a better person and a good example for others.


Motivation I Need To Keep Improving Myself

This week was a productive week working with my twin in Objectives. I have felt the improvement in myself as well as seen improvement in my twin. This is definitely the motivation I need to keep improving myself.


I’ve Got My Life Back Now

Narconon Fresh Start changed my life. When I first got here, every aspect of my life was in shambles. I had been taking horrible care of myself physically. My relationships with everyone important to me, I had destroyed. I lacked control over my life. I lacked the skills to communicate and I did not care. It’s been three whopping months; three hard months and I couldn’t be any more happy about it. Narconon Fresh Start has given me so much. The sauna restored my body’s physical health. The course room gave me the abilities to control my life again and the ability to fix those relationships I’ve damaged and communicate with those important people again and so much more. I’ve got my life back now and I’m so excited to live it a better way.


Can I Go to Rehab and Keep My Job?

Fired from JobOne of the main considerations that keep people from going to rehab to get help for their addiction is the fear of losing their job. This is understandable and so many people forget about going to rehab altogether without a second thought for the sake of not losing their job. After all, there are bills to pay and a family at stake. If the provider for the family is gone, then who will bring home the bacon?

Unfortunately, some people never get the help that they need because in their own mind and what they have convinced others of is that they need to keep their job and be there for their family which seems very valid. But eventually their addiction gets worse and so they risk losing everything. They may start going into work late or missing days, stop paying bills and neglecting the family and the next thing you know, they’re in a worse situation than they would have been in if he or she would have just went to rehab and got the help that was needed in the first place.

There are specific laws set in place to protect the job of those who are seeking help for drug addiction. Don’t let this be a reason for you or your loved one to not get help. Call a Narconon Fresh Start drug counselor today to find out more about protecting your job while away at rehab.

After completing the Narconon Fresh Start program you will be able to return to work with a clear mind and a renewed purpose. You will more than likely be more productive and be able to get more work done on the job. Your boss, coworkers and clients will be able to appreciate that. And your family can have peace of mind knowing that you’re drug-free and have your life back!

From Broken Drug Addicted Lives to Beautiful Fulfilled Lives

Narconon Fresh Start Graduate testimonials transcript.

Before Narconon Fresh Start

My drug of choice was opiates, it started off with me using pills and as the story goes, it leads to heroin. Every, “I never…” said became true. I always said I was never going to do opiates, I never was gonna steal from my parents, I was never going to put a needle in my arm and eventually I ended up with a needle in my arm.

In the course of about two years, it progressed from weed and alcohol to cocaine, ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, anything you could really think of.

From the first moment, it just hooked me and then I just started to lose everything.

I started out drinking and smoking pot. And then it progressed onto pills, pharmaceutical stuff and then up into 16 I started using heroin in an IV use when I was 18 years old. From there my life went down the tubes.

I lost a lot of relationships. I ended up losing custody of my kids temporarily.

I was locking myself in bedrooms; I was using. The times when I didn’t have electricity, my son would try to wake me up. If I didn’t have drugs, I wasn’t awake. And I didn’t have food for him. Even though I was working I spent my money on drugs.

I didn’t know anybody in this house. There were like eight people in this house. I didn’t know a single person. My arms were all scared up. I had all sorts of nasty bruises on my arms. I looked down and realized that I haven’t showered in almost a week. I was wearing some lady’s sweatpants I don’t know. I was wearing somebody else’s t-shirt I didn’t know. I have a bandana on my head because my hair’s so nasty and oily.

I was roaming streets. I was living in cars. I was calling up friends to sleep on a couch. I was using McDonald’s receipts to get food.

After Narconon Fresh Start

This program is different. This program works. It’s something that really forces you to take a look at yourself and is able to give you those fundamental tools that I think I know I had lost in myself. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I feel it’s a pretty general thing we tend to lose when we’re out there living the lifestyles that we’re living. And it kinda is able to build you back up from the bottom up to this person that you knew you wanted to be when you were younger; that your parents thought you were going to be, that your friends thought you were going to be. And it’s able to really rehabilitate you and bring you back to a place where you are your self again and you have those options again and you have those abilities again and you can go forward from there.

It wasn’t just focus on going to group sessions and telling everyone your problems. They actually helped me get those chemicals out of my body and helped me think clearer and work on my communication skills and deal with these people who were not only affecting me, but other family members. They had me take responsibility, which before I had no responsibility whatsoever; had me work on these states of existence where it’s not only yourself. It’s society, it’s family, it’s life forms, it’s everything. It’s a whole program. It’s just one thing. You have many different aspects for you to look at and you need to look at each one for you to be a happy individual again.

I was in about nine other 12-Step programs. I did a methadone maintenance program and none of those programs did it for me. They didn’t work. I don’t put them down at all, but Narconon Fresh Start is the only program that has actually helped me to get tools back into my life where I can apply them and feel like I’m actually doing something with my life. They just teach go to meetings and that you’re an addict. That was kind of the biggest thing for me. Narconon Fresh Start teaches you that you’re in complete control of your life and a substance or a drink or something is not going to have power over you for the rest of your life. That was kind of the key thing that stuck with me, that I’m not this weak man living the rest of my life. I’m actually in control of everything and that makes me very happy.

Now I feel like I’m a more responsible, smarter and more caring person with more integrity and values than I was before I even started using drugs. I really feel like a whole person. That’s something that I couldn’t have gotten from those other programs and that I never did get which is why I ended up relapsing.

They gave me skills on how to repair my actual life. How to be a more better effective individual in everyday life settings. It really helped me repair my life and be able to move on. Not only stop using drugs; It made me a better person now than I was before I ever did drugs. They were skills that I learned that I never had before – ever in my life.

I had used for 15 years. There were mornings were I woke up and thought, “This is it. This is my life and this is what I’ve created for myself and I accepted it. I’ve been clean since 2007 now. Not a day goes by that I’m not eternally grateful for having been sent here. I got things back in my life. I got my family back, I’ve got friends now and I’ve never experienced friendships in my life like I’m able to now. I know what it is to be part of society and in a functioning part of society at that and someone who can contribute to it.

Everything that I learned through my program was exactly what got me to where I am today. I will always have that in my mind and I will never go back to where I was.

It was a relief when I was done with that to look back and say, “You know what, thank God I never have to face that again.” Because I knew at that point that it was something that I never wanted to go back to.

Since I finished the program, I have my family back. I used to call them and they didn’t care to talk to me. But it’s like now when I call, they’re up-tone and they’re so excited to hear from me and we have the best relationship. I talk to my mother everyday. Because of the program, I’ve been able to meet the man of my dreams; the love of my life. We got married a couple of years ago, we bought a house, I’m going to have a baby and it’s like everything is on track. Everything is going great. Everything is going wonderful and everything that I have is because I was able to do this program. Not only do the program, but I’ve been able to apply the program to every aspect of my life. There is not one aspect of my life that is not effected because of this wonderful program.

It has given me so much more of my life back and my family that it’s an immeasurable thing that they’ve given me. They gave me the tools and everything that was needed to do it and it’s been up to me to enforce the tools, to enforce the formulas, to do everything that is needed, but it’s something that has made me the happiest person in the world. It’s something that I don’t think I would have ever said a year ago.

Narconon Fresh Start has basically given me a new life. I have my confidence back, I am able to handle things in life that come up. I handle them, I handle them appropriately. It’s like I make the right decisions. I have friends that surround me that are good influences. I am just really happy with where my life is at right now. And I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Narconon Fresh Start gave me my life back. I now have an amazing fiancé, an adorable baby, a wonderful job, self confidence, happiness, a roof over my head. I just have everything in the world and it’s because of Narconon Fresh Start.

Overall, what I got from Narconon Fresh Start is my entire life back. I got trust with myself back, I got good friends, I’m a good employee, I’m happy, I got my personality back and it’s truly real. I’m good with everything, every aspect; my relationships with my mom, my dad, my sisters, my friends. Overall, I’m just so happy and I’m so glad that I went through this and experienced it. And I’m able to be productive and have a good sober life and know that I’m not relying on anything anymore.

Call today and find out more about the Narconon Fresh Start program and how it can save your loved one’s life.


Should I Wait to Find a Drug Rehab for My Loved One?

Drug Rehabilitation SignIt’s never too late to get your loved one into a drug rehab, but waiting to see if rehab is needed puts your loved one at grave risk.

One of the worst pieces of advice to tell someone who is seeking to help a loved one with drug addiction is, “wait until he hits rock bottom.” Rock bottom could be death.

It’s easy to put off finding a drug rehab for your loved one when he keeps saying, “I’m going to quit”, or, “This is the last time”, because you believe him. Deep down the addict probably does want to quit and may even try, but the drug cravings or withdrawal pains drive him right back to using.

Statistics show that the chances of an addict getting off drugs on his own are very slim. It’s hard for someone who doesn’t struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction to understand that so this is another factor of why someone keeps waiting to get their loved one into a rehab.

Waiting to get your loved one some help could cost him his life, job, relationships and everything else that is dear to him. Drug addiction never gets better. It only gets worse. When a person is in their addiction, they aren’t their self. They will eventually start to give up almost anything and everything to get their next high.

If you suspect that your loved one is using drugs or needs help, the time to act is now. Call a counselor and get some advice on how to go about getting your loved one some help. Narconon Fresh Start offers free consultation services so feel free to call 855-734-2223 and speak to one of our counselors.

The Narconon Fresh Start Program

Learning Life SkillsThe Narconon Fresh Start program uses one of the most successful and effective drug rehabilitation methods in the world and is unlike any other drug rehab program. We help individuals get off drugs naturally, which is different from some other rehab programs who use drug substitutions. And our drug detoxification program is very unique. It actually flushes out drug residues that drive drug cravings. And the final stage of our program takes individuals through a series of life skills courses that teach a person how to take control of their life. They learn how to communicate more effectively, confront problems, choose friends more wisely and make ethical decisions. These life skills courses help bring about changes in their behavior and increase their awareness and abilities so that they can reach their goals and live a stable and successful life without turning to drugs.

Get help today. Don’t wait. 1-855-734-2223