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Is the Holiday Season a Good Time to Get My Loved One Into Rehab?

depressed-holidaysEvery holiday season there are families that face a series of problems that stem from drug abuse; Family problems, strained relationships, financial difficulty and many other heart breaking situations.

Each family’s situation is different, but the pattern of drug addiction remains the same.

Maybe last holiday season, your loved one said he or she was going to quit using and here it is a year later and nothing has changed. In fact, things have probably gotten worse.

The unfortunate truth is that things will probably never change unless your loved one gets some real help. It’s hard for addicts to quit using on their own and even if they were to quit on their own, it might not take long for them to relapse.

Reasons People Relapse

There are reasons why people relapse. The feeling of sickness and painful drug withdrawal symptoms are one of the reasons that addicts continue to use. An addict might try to quit using, but the painful withdrawal symptoms drive him right back to using so he or she can feel better.

Another reason people relapse is because of drug cravings. When drugs are used, drug residuals get stored in the body fat. If a person quits using drugs without getting the drug residuals out of his or her body, the residuals can be released back into the bloodstream and trigger cravings even years later after drug use has ceased.

Apart from drugs and alcohol being addictive, they can also be a lifestyle. Someone who has been using for some time will develop a particular lifestyle around their drug use. And if they quit using, certain things in their environment can trigger urges and make them want to start using again. Addicts have to be taught a new way of life and given the tools necessary to progress through life and stay sober.

Should I Get My Loved One Into Rehab for the Holidays?

You should always get your loved one into a rehab as soon as possible at anytime just because addiction really is a life or death situation. If you asked your loved one if he or she wanted to go to rehab for the holidays, you would get many excuses to not go to rehab. You may even tell yourself the same excuses. But, there are just as good of reasons to get your loved one into rehab for the holidays as there are excuses that your loved one will give you to not go to rehab for the holidays.

Some excuses that you may hear for why your loved one doesn’t want to go to rehab for the holidays:

  • “I was looking forward to the holidays.”
  • “I want to be around my loved ones for the holidays.”
  • “I don’t want to spend our holiday money on myself.”
  • “My kids will miss me.”
  • “I’ll quit for my New Year’s resolution.”
  • “I need to keep working.”
  • “People will wonder where I am.”

Some reasons you can give to help get your loved one into rehab for the holidays.

  • “You can start a new year with a fresh start.”
  • “You can do this as a gift for our family.”
  • “Rehab will help you keep your New Year’s resolution.”
  • “We want you to be around next year for the holidays. We don’t want you to lose your life to drug or alcohol addiction.”

Confronting Your Loved One

Sometimes it’s not easy to confront your loved one about his or her addiction. It can be a touchy subject especially around the holidays. The best thing to do is to call a Narconon Fresh Start counselor and they will assist you on what steps to take in order to ensure your loved one gets the help that is needed.

Your loved one will start to get the help that is needed in order to fully overcome addiction the day he or she arrives to Narconon Fresh Start.

We first help them get off drugs as painlessly as possible using vitamins and minerals. Once their off the drugs, they start a drug detoxification process that helps to get rid of all of the drug residuals in the body that drive drug cravings. And once they have completed the detoxification step of the program, they start a series of life skills courses that teach them how to take control of their life and progress and live a happier life without drugs.


Get your loved one back this holiday season. Don’t wait. Call Narconon Fresh Start today to find out more about our drug rehabilitation program which uses a methodology that has been truly saving lives since 1966.


Should I Wait to Find a Drug Rehab for My Loved One?

Drug Rehabilitation SignIt’s never too late to get your loved one into a drug rehab, but waiting to see if rehab is needed puts your loved one at grave risk.

One of the worst pieces of advice to tell someone who is seeking to help a loved one with drug addiction is, “wait until he hits rock bottom.” Rock bottom could be death.

It’s easy to put off finding a drug rehab for your loved one when he keeps saying, “I’m going to quit”, or, “This is the last time”, because you believe him. Deep down the addict probably does want to quit and may even try, but the drug cravings or withdrawal pains drive him right back to using.

Statistics show that the chances of an addict getting off drugs on his own are very slim. It’s hard for someone who doesn’t struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction to understand that so this is another factor of why someone keeps waiting to get their loved one into a rehab.

Waiting to get your loved one some help could cost him his life, job, relationships and everything else that is dear to him. Drug addiction never gets better. It only gets worse. When a person is in their addiction, they aren’t their self. They will eventually start to give up almost anything and everything to get their next high.

If you suspect that your loved one is using drugs or needs help, the time to act is now. Call a counselor and get some advice on how to go about getting your loved one some help. Narconon Fresh Start offers free consultation services so feel free to call 855-734-2223 and speak to one of our counselors.

The Narconon Fresh Start Program

Learning Life SkillsThe Narconon Fresh Start program uses one of the most successful and effective drug rehabilitation methods in the world and is unlike any other drug rehab program. We help individuals get off drugs naturally, which is different from some other rehab programs who use drug substitutions. And our drug detoxification program is very unique. It actually flushes out drug residues that drive drug cravings. And the final stage of our program takes individuals through a series of life skills courses that teach a person how to take control of their life. They learn how to communicate more effectively, confront problems, choose friends more wisely and make ethical decisions. These life skills courses help bring about changes in their behavior and increase their awareness and abilities so that they can reach their goals and live a stable and successful life without turning to drugs.

Get help today. Don’t wait. 1-855-734-2223

How Narconon Fresh Start is Different from a Twelve-Step Program

One Day at a TimeTwelve-step drug and alcohol recovery programs are known throughout America and around the world. People may know the program as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous).

Members pay no dues, but must simply commit to stop drinking or using drugs. Members seek to achieve sobriety one twenty-four hour period at a time and attend meetings frequently, even daily, to support their desire to stay clean and sober. The Twelve Step guidelines are published in “The Big Book,” the essential core materials of the program. Participants follow through each of the 12 steps that are listed in the book.

Two Steps that Make Narconon Fresh Start Different

Here are two steps out of the 12 Step book that makes the Narconon Fresh Start program different.

1. We admitted that we were powerless over alcohol (or our addiction) that our lives had become unmanageable.

Over and over again, we see graduates go on to live successful lives without ever having to turn to drugs. In their addiction, they were powerless and their life became unmanageable, but after coming to Narconon Fresh Start their personal values and integrity are restored and they learn how to take control of their life and make drug-free decisions. In other words, they are no longer powerless over their addiction.

3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

Narconon Fresh Start is a secular program, meaning it is not a religious program. But students on the program are free to believe in any religion that they want and are even encouraged to continue their own faith. Our goal is to help individuals understand why they started using drugs in the first place and to increase their awareness and abilities and help them gain their own purpose in life so that they choose to stay drug-free.

Attending Meetings

Another aspect that makes the Narconon Fresh Start program different is that graduates of our program do not have to continue going to meetings to maintain their sobriety. They leave the program with the life skills needed to succeed and achieve their goals and maintain their own sobriety.

Effective Sauna Detox

Narconon Fresh Start Drug DetoxAside from the Narconon Fresh Start Life Skills courses that help individuals to live a successful life without drugs, our sauna drug detoxification program is an innovative way to rid the body of toxic residues that drive drug cravings. With the use of a dry-heat sauna, exercise and an exact regimen of nutritional supplements, participants find that they can think more clearly and that they feel more energized. Many students say that they feel like they never even did drugs.

True Recovery

At Narconon Fresh Start, it is the belief that addiction can be overcome and that an individual does not have to always be an addict. We help individuals to free themselves from their guilt and their cravings and provide them with the tools necessary to live a stable, responsible and successful life without having to turn to drugs. By doing so, they are free to progress and live their life with confidence that they will never use drugs again without the constant reminders of their past addiction.

If you or a loved one need help with drug or alcohol addiction, call 855-734-2223 to speak with a specialist today.

Reasons Why People Might Not Seek Drug Rehab

Drug and Alcohol AddictionOut of millions of addicted or drug-dependent people, only about one in ten go to rehab each year. The rest of the people have their own reasons why they don’t find a rehab program.

The final result of addiction is either sobriety, prison or death. Once addiction sets in, drug cravings are so strong that most people need help to overcome their addiction. Even with a strong desire to quit, will power is not enough for most people to just quit. It takes an effective rehabilitation program to help them break free from their addiction.

But why do people not seek help?

Here are some common reasons why some people do not seek drug rehabilitation:

  • I don’t have health coverage and can’t afford private care.
  • I’m not ready to stop using drugs or alcohol.
  • I can handle this problem without treatment.
  • I don’t have transportation to get to treatment or it is inconvenient.
  • I don’t feel like I need treatment right now.
  • I don’t know where to go for treatment.
  • The neighbors or community might think less of me.
  • It might have a negative effect on my job.

Though these reasons might seem sensible, they are not reasons why a person should not get help. Breaking free from drug addiction far outweighs any excuse to not get help.

Get off Drugs at Narconon Fresh Start

Addiction to drugs and alcohol contributes to or directly causes illness, disability, broken families, loss of productivity, crime and death. The destruction from drugs or alcohol spreads through families, businesses and our communities affecting individuals one way or the other.

Learning Life SkillsThe long-term Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program helps those who become addicted to drugs or alcohol get their life back. Our program uses a safe and natural holistic approach. It starts with a drug-free withdrawal that helps individuals to get off drugs as painlessly as possible using nutritional supplements. The next step involves using a drug detoxification method to flush out drug residuals that can drive cravings. This is followed by life skills training courses that help individuals recovering from addiction learn how to take control of their life and handle the problems in life that may have driven them to use drugs in the first place. These life skills courses also help them learn how to obtain goals, choose friends more wisely and live a more stable, successful life without drugs. The end result? Approximately seven out of ten graduates report staying drug-free, staying out of trouble and returning to a productive life six months or more after they return home.

If your loved one continues coming up with reasons as to why they can’t get into to a drug rehab program, call a Narconon Fresh Start rehab specialist today at 855-734-2223 to take the first step in helping your loved one their life back.

Learn more about how Narconon Fresh Start can help save you or a loved one’s life.

How do I Find the Right Drug Rehab?

Important things to consider when finding the right drug rehab.

How do I find the right drug rehab? When you are ready to stop your drug or alcohol abuse finding the right drug rehab program is the first step in the process. While the idea of ending your addiction is motivating, without the right help and support from an effective and highly successful drug rehab program you may find yourself spinning your wheels. The process of researching and finding the right program to help you overcome your drug addiction or alcoholism problem can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack.

Finding Drug RehabTo help you narrow your search, let’s go over a few questions. How severe is your addiction problem? For individuals with long-term histories of alcoholism or drug addiction a long-term inpatient or residential program will be your best choice. Remaining in a program for an adequate length of time is going to get you the results you are looking for. Research shows that 90 days in treatment is considered the gold standard when recovering from long-term drug and alcohol addiction.

Do you have any special needs or requirements to ensure your comfort and safety during your recovery? This is an important point for those who have health issues in addition to their addiction problem. Additionally, individuals who struggle with mental illness in combination with their addiction problem will need to address this issue concurrently during their recovery process. Be sure to inquire if the programs you are looking into address mental illness if this is a concern for you personally.

If you are looking at programs close to home find out if you are able to take a tour of the facility. This may help to put you at ease when making a decision about which program will provide the right resources and accommodations to meet your needs. If you’re unable to see the program before enrolling, ask if they can send you any brochures or electronic literature to help you to visualize their facility and the property where the program is located.

Last of all consider how much you are able to invest in a drug rehab program. If you have insurance it is important to contact them to find out what your coverage is for addiction treatment and ask for a list of referrals. While insurance may not cover the entire cost of drug rehab, they may be able to pay part or a significant portion of the enrollment costs. This is a crucial point that many people do not even consider when looking into their drug rehab options; but one that can significantly narrow down your search for a program.

While each program ranges in price based on their services offered, length of stay and location look for the best value for your dollar. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Choosing to attend a lower cost rehab might mean cutting corners on your sobriety. A program that provides all the rehabilitation services you are looking for and the amenities you like is going to be worth spending the extra money on. In the end, this is one of the most important investments you will ever make in yourself.