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Drug education and prevention success from teachers, students and drug educators who share their thoughts about the Narconon Fresh Start drug education program.

Narconon Fresh Start Will Help Overcome Addiction to Concerta

At Narconon Fresh Start, we can help clients discover what prompted the Concerta addiction and then help them develop drug-free ways to deal with these issues so that they don’t feel the need to return to use of Concerta or other drugs in the future.

What is Concerta?

Concerta is a prescription drug which is categorized as a stimulant, and is used to treat “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD) in both children and adults. While other prescription stimulants are available and widely used to treat such disorders, Concerta is a slow-release version of methylphenidate hydrochloride whereas other versions deliver the drug into the system all at once such as Ritalin for example. Much like Ritalin and other prescription stimulants, use of Concerta even for so-called legitimate purposes carries great risks. Also, prescription stimulants such as Concerta are highly abused among both legitimate prescription holders and among individuals who abuse prescription stimulants such as Concerta recreationally and without a prescription.

Side Effects

All drugs containing methylphenidate hydrochloride can cause serious side effects including heart attack and stroke, particularly among individuals who have pre-existing heart problems. Because someone may not be aware of a pre-existing heart problem before starting “therapy” with Concerta or before using it non-medically, truly anyone is at risk of such effects. Because Concerta is a stimulant, it is going to be abused among recreational drug users who want to experience a rush of energy or alertness from the drug. And because drugs like Concerta are often abused along with other drugs and alcohol when abused non-medically, non-medical users in particular are at an increased risk of experiencing negative and life-threatening side effects. Other drugs and alcohol should never be used with Concerta of course, and when used legitimately doctors would warn patients of this. But when being abused, individuals don’t often stop to think about such consequences.

One of the dangers with Concerta when abused in this way is that unlike Ritalin or Adderall it is a time release drug, and so individuals who may crush the drug to abuse it much like someone would abuse an illicit drug is bypassing this time release function. Too much methylphenidate hydrochloride is then released into the system which intensifies the stimulant effects but also of course intensifies the negative effects. If someone is experiencing signs of a Concerta overdose because of this including any respiratory or cardiac symptoms, they should seek medical attention immediately.

Getting Help

Individuals who use Concerta both legitimately and non-medically will often develop dependence to the drug and have difficulty getting off of it even when they want to. This is true for all methylphenidate hydrochloride products including Ritalin and Adderall. If someone has been using the drug regularly over an extended period of time, they should actually never attempt to stop using it abruptly as this too could cause negative side effects known as withdrawal which could be dangerous in some instances. Narconon Fresh Start can help individuals through the withdrawal process safely, so that there is minimal discomfort and to ensure this is a safe process. For individuals who have been using Concerta for whatever reason, it is important to address why they felt the need to use the drug in the first place.

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Recent Letters From Teachers

Drug education provided to youth and adults by Narconon Fresh Start in schools and churches and community groups continues. Here are just a few of the notes of thanks we received in the last couple of weeks.


February 19, 2014

To Narconon Fresh Start:

Drug Prevention and Education

Our school has had several presenters throughout the years. It seemed that presentations had little or no impact on our students. On the other hand, your presentation has been far and beyond one of the best we’ve had in our school. You delivered the presentation in a unique way. What I mean by unique is that you presented it appropriately at grade. You were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and funny. It kept the students engaged and they actually enjoyed it, and had fun. I would not hesitate to recommend your program to other schools.

Hope to have you visit us again in the near future.

RG Elementary School Teacher


February 17, 2014

Dear Narconon Fresh Start,

I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to your organization for your efforts in drug prevention and education. For a second year, Tony came to speak with my 5th grade students. He was funny, appropriate, and inspiring. He had an excellent rapport with the students and they were interested and engaged during his discussion.

Thank you for all you do for our community. Your efforts make a positive impact on the lives of our students. I look forward to having Tony speak to my class again next year,


Elementary School Teacher


February 27, 2014

Dear Tony,

Thank you and Narconon Fresh Start so much for coming out to ND Charter School and speaking with our senior class. The students, teachers and myself greatly appreciate you and what you shared with us. You were an overwhelming hit and your presentations hit home with our students in a very personal and introspective way.

You did a fine job of taking a serious subject matter, like drug use, and helped us all laugh and learn at the same time through our discussions. Through all the laughter the students told me they learned a great about the consequences of drug use that they hadn’t heard of or known before.

Moreover, many of them said that they learned things that they were going to share with their family or friends. So your effort to spread knowledge and educate our students was certainly not wasted! I am deeply thankful to you for your unique ability to educate and inform our students; we are so fortunate to have you be our liaison.


College Counselor

…We Really Appreciate that Narconon Fresh Start Took the Time and Energy to Share With Us

Dear Mr. Tony,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak with our students! They were asking many questions both during and after your presentation, which definitely means they were engaged and thinking about all of the information you shared with them.

Last year, when reviewing our curriculum in regards to the health standards for the State of California, we agreed that as a faculty we wanted to do a better job of educating our students regarding drugs. You have facilitated this goal for us and have definitely sparked the conversation for us to continue with the students.

Again, we really appreciate that Narconon Fresh Start took the time and energy to share with us. May God Bless you as you continue to do this work!


Ms. ER       SMM Catholic School

Responses From Students to the Narconon Fresh Start Lectures

“Every time I see my brother smoke it makes me want to smoke, but now that I know what weed/other drugs really are I won’t ever try drugs. I can also give my brother the information and try to convince him to stop and inform my friends to stay away from drugs.”   10th Grade

“This talk was direct and honest. I liked that he relied on logic rather than scare tactics. It helped me to see the bigger picture of how drugs can gradually affect a life and how, from the outside, the choices and changes are directly linked whereas from the inside the addict only sees moment to moment. I won’t rely on drugs for my happiness.”

12th Grade

My Students LOVED the Narconon Presentations

We had the privilege of having Tony from Narconon as a guest speaker for three periods of my Medical Sciences Academy today and my students LOVED the presentations. This is the second year that I’ve had Narconon come out and speak with my students. The first year was extremely successful and this year was the same.

Once again I sat in my classroom and watched and listened to the interaction between Tony and my students, I realized that high-schoolers have not received correct information as well as a sufficient education about drugs. My students were engaged and focused on the presentation given to them today. Some of their faces were priceless as the realized how ignorant they were when it comes to the hard facts (although, coming into the class they thought they knew everything there was to know about these drugs.) I’m guessing many have experimented with tobacco, drugs and alcohol and I believe they were surprised and maybe a little shocked when they learned about the important statistics surrounding these drugs. I saw some students taking notes which I’m sure they want to share with others. I can truly say that many of these students will not experiment with drugs as a result of these presentations! So many students feel that marijuana is an innocent drug and that it is completely natural and relatively harmless, their minds were changed today!

Thank you again for the opportunity to make this available for my students to benefit from this powerful program. I wish all students had the opportunity to hear what my students heard today!


Medical Sciences Academy Instructor