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Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program graduates share their own personal success on the program.

From Broken Drug Addicted Lives to Beautiful Fulfilled Lives

Narconon Fresh Start Graduate testimonials transcript.

Before Narconon Fresh Start

My drug of choice was opiates, it started off with me using pills and as the story goes, it leads to heroin. Every, “I never…” said became true. I always said I was never going to do opiates, I never was gonna steal from my parents, I was never going to put a needle in my arm and eventually I ended up with a needle in my arm.

In the course of about two years, it progressed from weed and alcohol to cocaine, ecstasy, acid, mushrooms, anything you could really think of.

From the first moment, it just hooked me and then I just started to lose everything.

I started out drinking and smoking pot. And then it progressed onto pills, pharmaceutical stuff and then up into 16 I started using heroin in an IV use when I was 18 years old. From there my life went down the tubes.

I lost a lot of relationships. I ended up losing custody of my kids temporarily.

I was locking myself in bedrooms; I was using. The times when I didn’t have electricity, my son would try to wake me up. If I didn’t have drugs, I wasn’t awake. And I didn’t have food for him. Even though I was working I spent my money on drugs.

I didn’t know anybody in this house. There were like eight people in this house. I didn’t know a single person. My arms were all scared up. I had all sorts of nasty bruises on my arms. I looked down and realized that I haven’t showered in almost a week. I was wearing some lady’s sweatpants I don’t know. I was wearing somebody else’s t-shirt I didn’t know. I have a bandana on my head because my hair’s so nasty and oily.

I was roaming streets. I was living in cars. I was calling up friends to sleep on a couch. I was using McDonald’s receipts to get food.

After Narconon Fresh Start

This program is different. This program works. It’s something that really forces you to take a look at yourself and is able to give you those fundamental tools that I think I know I had lost in myself. I don’t want to speak for everyone, but I feel it’s a pretty general thing we tend to lose when we’re out there living the lifestyles that we’re living. And it kinda is able to build you back up from the bottom up to this person that you knew you wanted to be when you were younger; that your parents thought you were going to be, that your friends thought you were going to be. And it’s able to really rehabilitate you and bring you back to a place where you are your self again and you have those options again and you have those abilities again and you can go forward from there.

It wasn’t just focus on going to group sessions and telling everyone your problems. They actually helped me get those chemicals out of my body and helped me think clearer and work on my communication skills and deal with these people who were not only affecting me, but other family members. They had me take responsibility, which before I had no responsibility whatsoever; had me work on these states of existence where it’s not only yourself. It’s society, it’s family, it’s life forms, it’s everything. It’s a whole program. It’s just one thing. You have many different aspects for you to look at and you need to look at each one for you to be a happy individual again.

I was in about nine other 12-Step programs. I did a methadone maintenance program and none of those programs did it for me. They didn’t work. I don’t put them down at all, but Narconon Fresh Start is the only program that has actually helped me to get tools back into my life where I can apply them and feel like I’m actually doing something with my life. They just teach go to meetings and that you’re an addict. That was kind of the biggest thing for me. Narconon Fresh Start teaches you that you’re in complete control of your life and a substance or a drink or something is not going to have power over you for the rest of your life. That was kind of the key thing that stuck with me, that I’m not this weak man living the rest of my life. I’m actually in control of everything and that makes me very happy.

Now I feel like I’m a more responsible, smarter and more caring person with more integrity and values than I was before I even started using drugs. I really feel like a whole person. That’s something that I couldn’t have gotten from those other programs and that I never did get which is why I ended up relapsing.

They gave me skills on how to repair my actual life. How to be a more better effective individual in everyday life settings. It really helped me repair my life and be able to move on. Not only stop using drugs; It made me a better person now than I was before I ever did drugs. They were skills that I learned that I never had before – ever in my life.

I had used for 15 years. There were mornings were I woke up and thought, “This is it. This is my life and this is what I’ve created for myself and I accepted it. I’ve been clean since 2007 now. Not a day goes by that I’m not eternally grateful for having been sent here. I got things back in my life. I got my family back, I’ve got friends now and I’ve never experienced friendships in my life like I’m able to now. I know what it is to be part of society and in a functioning part of society at that and someone who can contribute to it.

Everything that I learned through my program was exactly what got me to where I am today. I will always have that in my mind and I will never go back to where I was.

It was a relief when I was done with that to look back and say, “You know what, thank God I never have to face that again.” Because I knew at that point that it was something that I never wanted to go back to.

Since I finished the program, I have my family back. I used to call them and they didn’t care to talk to me. But it’s like now when I call, they’re up-tone and they’re so excited to hear from me and we have the best relationship. I talk to my mother everyday. Because of the program, I’ve been able to meet the man of my dreams; the love of my life. We got married a couple of years ago, we bought a house, I’m going to have a baby and it’s like everything is on track. Everything is going great. Everything is going wonderful and everything that I have is because I was able to do this program. Not only do the program, but I’ve been able to apply the program to every aspect of my life. There is not one aspect of my life that is not effected because of this wonderful program.

It has given me so much more of my life back and my family that it’s an immeasurable thing that they’ve given me. They gave me the tools and everything that was needed to do it and it’s been up to me to enforce the tools, to enforce the formulas, to do everything that is needed, but it’s something that has made me the happiest person in the world. It’s something that I don’t think I would have ever said a year ago.

Narconon Fresh Start has basically given me a new life. I have my confidence back, I am able to handle things in life that come up. I handle them, I handle them appropriately. It’s like I make the right decisions. I have friends that surround me that are good influences. I am just really happy with where my life is at right now. And I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Narconon Fresh Start gave me my life back. I now have an amazing fiancé, an adorable baby, a wonderful job, self confidence, happiness, a roof over my head. I just have everything in the world and it’s because of Narconon Fresh Start.

Overall, what I got from Narconon Fresh Start is my entire life back. I got trust with myself back, I got good friends, I’m a good employee, I’m happy, I got my personality back and it’s truly real. I’m good with everything, every aspect; my relationships with my mom, my dad, my sisters, my friends. Overall, I’m just so happy and I’m so glad that I went through this and experienced it. And I’m able to be productive and have a good sober life and know that I’m not relying on anything anymore.

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Program Highlights from Graduates

We asked several of our graduates in a video interview what was one of their main highlights from the program. We pulled specific clips from each interview to compile an ordered sequence of our program steps to give you an idea of what each step of the program is about and what our students get out of each step.

Program Highlights

Video transcript

What was most important for me was the course supervisors. I felt like they were my friends and I felt like they really really cared. They were always there to talk to me if I needed to talk to them. They were always there to guide me through my courses and to help me out. And no matter how busy they were, someone would always make time and that was really huge for me. There were definitely some supervisors here that have impacted my life that I will never forget. -Meghan

My biggest win on the program was the Communications Course. My communication with my family has gone through the roof. I’ve never dealt with them or coped with them any better than I have now. -Tiffany

The part of the program that has impacted me the most was the detoxification program. Before I came to the program, I was coming off methadone and heroin and it really takes a toll on your body. It makes you drop weight, you’re very unhealthy, your vitamin and mineral levels are completely depleted and going into the sauna program made me get all my physical aspects back into myself. I gained several pounds, I actually got a lot of skin tone and color back into my body and my face. I just felt 100% better after I was actually done with the program. -Brian

Part of the course that really impacted me greatly was part of the program were you learn how to learn again. They broke it down in such a simple way that the person who is very difficult with learning something can understand it. Later after I graduated the program, I took a cardiovascular technologist course. I graduated with 100 average. Being able to learn is so important cause how can you go on with your life if you don’t know how to learn something. -Erin

Part of the program that really impacted me most is the Communication and Perception course. I never realized before the places I was going, the people I was seeing, what my environment did to me and what my effects were on my environment. And this really made me snap into the present time and realize that I am a part of my environment and I am what I make of my environment while vice versa. -Mandi

One of the main parts of the program that really had a deep impact on me was book 5, the Ups and Downs In Life course. This is where I actually got to look and deal with some of the people and situations that really had a negative effect on me. And I had to look at myself in depth in the areas that I couldn’t be around or put myself around anymore and the people that I was hanging around with and how they were affecting my life and putting me in those situations. it really had me look at myself and deal with those people and those scenarios so that I can live a happy, successful life. -Jon

I think the part of the program that definitely had the biggest impact on me was the Personal Values and Integrity course, book 6. Having gone through each of the steps of the program before that, leading up to book 6, it really hit home why I was there, why I was in treatment, why I was doing the things that I was doing before and it made me understand how the things that I was doing before to my family, to my friends, to myself put me in a position that I put myself in. It also gave me an idea of how to prevent that from happening in the future. So that was probably the most influential parts of the program for me. -Vincent

Part of the program that helped me so much was the Changing Conditions In Life. I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time. I like organization, I like structure and so putting my life into almost like a business sense, a model, a plan, how to get through it and how to read what’s going on with me and work my way up through it – that worked wonders for me. -Matthew

I think that some of the things that I got from that book, The Way to Happiness, were to flourish and prosper everyday, something that I’ve always tried really hard to do. I’ve always tried to succeed and do well at what I do to prosper. But reading about it again and what that is and how I can incorporate into my life now that I’m sober and going forward, that felt really good. – Carrie

Some of the highlights of my program were all of the relationships that I built while being here with the friends from all over the United States that have all been through the same things that I’ve been through. We could really relate to each other and help each other out even after we graduate because I lost a lot of relationships with my friends who never used. It was really nice to build relationships with people who may have used, but are also getting their life back on track again. – Sarah

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Recovery After a 20 Year Nightmare of Using Meth

We interviewed Jennifer, a Narconon Fresh Start graduate, about her life on meth and what she got out of the program. We put together a short video using her vocals from her interview in the background.

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Video transcript

When I was 12, me and my brother went over to my dad’s house one weekend and we got high on meth. I always wanted to do it after that and I kept on doing it.

I’ve been getting high for 20 years. I started using the needle. I had track marks all over my arms. I was not healthy. I weighed 98 pounds. I was always in the hospital because I had kidney infections and getting beat up by my boyfriend. My house has been raided by the police. I spent time in jail. My parents didn’t want to see me because I was always such a basket case. Me and my sister had a bad relationship. I was a mess.

I think Narconon Fresh Start is the best thing I ever done for myself. When I started the sauna at Narconon Fresh Start, I could actually feel it coming out. I actually started to feel like myself, like when I was 12 years old, before I started using drugs. I got energy, I actually liked communicating with people that were around me. I felt like a real normal person. I was happy with myself and with who I saw when I looked in the mirror.

I have really found out who I am and they taught me a lot about life in general and how to get your values back in life and how to respect yourself and respect your family and the people that you want to talk to and the people that you don’t want to talk to. I think it’s an awesome program. The staff there are really helpful. I really appreciate them and I am very, very thankful for them.


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Narconon Fresh Start Drug Withdrawal Success Stories

Drug withdrawal is difficult and painful for many addicts coming off drugs. But Narconon Fresh Start uses a drug-free, natural and holistic drug withdrawal method that helps individuals get off drugs as painlessly and comfortably as possible.

Taking Mind off Withdrawal Symptoms

Taking Mind off Withdrawal Symptoms

During my time in withdrawal I learned how to focus my mind on other things rather than my withdrawal symptoms. I got my appetite back as well as a sleeping pattern. It was great to be on some sort of schedule that way I felt ready to start my program.

– AG

More Narconon Fresh Start Drug Withdrawal Success Stories

Figuring out Steps in Life

It was really good to clear my head and figure out my next steps in life! Everyone that helped me in withdrawal, I appreciate it!

– CB

Learning Values

My time in withdrawal I learned three essential values that I will continue to use. I learned to be aware of my surroundings. I learned to follow instructions. Lastly, I learned the value of being patient. These things will guide me through the rest of my program and help me to accomplish more goals in the future.

– AO

Amazing Withdrawal

My experience from withdrawal was amazing. Everyone made it calm and peaceful. I enjoyed going for walks and going to the beach everyday was amazing! The food was delicious. The staff were wonderful. They all helped me in a different way and I would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work.

– MS

Controlling Anxiety

My withdrawal experience was a very good one. I was able to learn to control my anxiety by the time I was finished. My sleep got a lot better and I was able to get my appetite back. The staff was great with with getting us out on walks and took us for trips to the beach a lot.

– NA

A New Start in Life

Prior to arriving to Narconon Fresh Start, I had been alone and isolating myself from the rest of society for three years. I was doing drugs and like many others, I was stuck without any answers or outlook for my future. Withdrawal was certainly a positive change which is what I needed for a new start in Life. Thank you.

– CM

Narconon Fresh Start Drug Detoxification Success Stories

The Smaller things in My Life MatterThe Smaller things in my Life Matter

Now that I have completed the sauna drug detox, I now understand what the sauna was meant to do. At first I didn’t believe in it. But as I continued on, I gradually realized the benefits. First I started to get back my natural energy, something I haven’t had in a while. Second, I started to realize the smaller things in my life matter. I found myself enjoying things I would have not have noticed or enjoyed before. Thirdly, I became more relaxed while in sauna. Being in one spot would have normally driven me crazy, but not anymore. Lastly, I now feel like all the toxins have left my system and I’m ready to move on to the life skills courses.

– PK

More Narconon Fresh Start Drug Detox Success Stories

Coming Back to Life

I am 13 days in sauna. I’m sleeping 8 hours. Everyone keeps saying that I look so different from when I came in the program. I have color in my face. I basically came back to life! It feels great!

– AG

Feeling Much Healthier

Now that I am finished with sauna, I feel much, much healthier and aware and I feel that I can concentrate better while doing objectives. I also feel that the objectives are already helping me and my twin to recover from the effects of using drugs and alcohol.

– VS

Feeling Great!

I have been impatient as long as I can remember (27-28 years) and have battled inner demons for that long. I won some and lost some! One of the battles I lost again and again is patience. I quit when things got tough. Completing the sauna and sitting still for 30 days is a miracle and it feels great!

– MJ

Reflecting on Personality Traits

Sauna has been a great experience so far. Beyond the effects of cleansing my physical body, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my personality traits and decide which ones I like and which ones I’d like to change.

– ME

Sleeping Good

I had trouble sleeping and staying asleep. Since day 3 of sauna, I have been sleeping 8 hours straight. My focus is coming back and I feel healthy.

– KM

Feeling Awesome

It’s been a while since I’ve exercised, ate healthy and got good sleep. I feel great. Sauna is really helping me. I feel awesome.

– CS