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Narconon Fresh Start reviews from parents, graduates and teachers sharing the success they’ve had with the program.

It Opened My Eyes to the Ways I Mistreated My Loved Ones

Loving FamilyWhen I came to Narconon Fresh Start I was an extremely angry guilt ridden man. After going through this program I have set the ground work for repairing my relationships with my family and those that I love. This was something that I felt was impossible to do because of the things I had put my loved ones threw because of my addiction. It opened my eyes to the ways I mistreated my loved ones and helped me realize that I never want to put them through that again or myself for that matter. I appreciate the staff here and thank them for working with me the way they did and never giving up on me.


It Has Saved My Life and Given Me Hope Again

I’m definitely happy I came to this program. It has saved my life and given me hope again. I’m very happy to be staying here in a healthy environment.


Opportunity to Get a Lot of Stuff Off My Chest

Doing my interview with Mandy really helped me take a good look at the people in my life and gave me a good opportunity to get a lot of stuff off my chest. Thank you Mandy!


I Learned More than I Ever Thought I Would

I loved today. It was amazing. I put a log of feelings down on paper that I never have expressed. I feel great about it and I learned more than I ever thought I would by writing these letters. Looking forward to tomorrow.


It Felt So Amazing to Express to them How Much I Love and Appreciate Them

I wrote amazing letters to my grandma and my dad. It felt so amazing to express to them how much I love and appreciate them. Also, to tell them how sorry I am for the past.


I Feel So Much Better

Hopefully got thru groups today. But we’ll see… big wins for everything I have written so far. I feel so much better.


Open and Honest Line of Communication

Today I successfully completed the groups and family portion of changing conditions. I called the rehab I was at prior to this one and apologized for getting kicked out. I also called my dad and told him I wanted to maintain an open and honest line of communication.


Happy in the Moment

I am successfully in present time and happy in the moment.


I Really Cured Every Aspect of Things In My Life

I feel really good and feel like I really cured every aspect of things in my life that have affected me personally.


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I Have Noticed Improvements in My Awareness

Happy Sober LifeToday makes exactly one week since I’ve started objectives. The time is flying by and I’m really enjoying objectives. Since starting objectives I have noticed improvements in my awareness of my surroundings and I’m not dwelling on my past. I also have a great twin and an awesome teacher. Thank you Narconon Fresh Start.


Catching myself from Reacting Negatively

I realized how to catch myself from reacting negatively with the help of the patients and the staff.


It’s Nice to Feel Healthy Again

Sauna is going great. I feel so much better than before. It’s nice to feel healthy again.


Staying in the Present Moment

Objectives are great. They help me stay in the present moment. This will help me on the next step of the program and later on in life.


Taking Instruction and Completing Tasks

Objectives has helped me focus on the here and now. I am able to take instruction and complete the tasks given to me.


Everyday Gets a Little Better

Everyday gets a little better. Objectives have shown me a way to get out of my head and into the now.


I Feel Good

The program is helping me in all aspects and I feel good.


I Feel Like I Have the Skills to Stay Clean

Now that I’ve learned the characteristics of social and antisocial people, I feel like I have the skills to stay clean.


Helping with My Patience

Sauna has given me time to think and has helped with my patience. The IC for sauna, Ashley, is awesome.


Life is Good

Life is good. I’m getting through sauna.


Feeling Better and Looking Better

Sauna went amazing today. I love waking up in the am, running and then sweating in the sauna. I already feel so much better, and look way better than I did 2 weeks ago.


Joy of My Life

Sauna is the biggest freakin joy of my life.


Clear Mind, Clear Body

Today I feel great without booze in my system. Clear mind clear body.

I Am So Grateful

I am so grateful for objectives bringing me into the present and helping to keep my mind off exterior concerns. Marni is the absolute best sup and makes understanding and running the objectives even better!


Course is a Life-Changing Event

Course is a life-changing event, Eric taught me so many life lessons. And how to be a gentlemen. If it wasn’t for OW’s I would have never realized I’ve done drugs before.


Doing My Battle Plan

After doing my battle plan and conference call with Judy and my family, I feel a big relief on what is going to happen when I leave. Thanks Judy, you’re the best.


One of the Positive People

I was tired when I woke up but as the day went on I became much more alert. Maybe because I was running tons of thoughts through my mind in course thinking of positive and negative people. I would like to think I am one of the positive people in this world.


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I have found all of the stages of the Narconon Fresh Start program to be of great help

I have found all of the stages of the Narconon Fresh Start program to be of great help to me. “Sauna” helped to cleanse my body of toxic chemicals. “Objectives” helped me to stay focused in present time. “Course” has helped me to go back in time and to take an honest, and objective view of my life.


Feeling A Lot Better

Almost done with sauna. Going by faster than I expected. Feeling a lot better than I did when I started.


I’m Really Enjoying Myself Here

I’m really enjoying myself here. I have a positive attitude and a smile at all times and I truly believe that it’s contagious.


Feeling Like A New Man

Sauna so far has made me feel like a new man!


I’m Really Surprised and Impressed with the Sauna Results

I am noticing major changes in the way I feel and think. It’s amazing. I finally sleep 7+ hours sober and wake up fully refreshed and clear headed. This is only my first week of sauna and I’m really surprised and impressed with the results I’ve seen thus far. It’s not easy, but I’m still really excited to see and tell how much of a difference it makes over the next few weeks.


My Hard Work Paid Off

I am really excited that my hard work paid off and that I am graduating on Friday. I can’t wait to see my family.


I Feel Amazing

With 2 days left in sauna left, I feel amazing compared to when I first came here.


Amazing Sleep and Great Energy

I have continued to get amazing sleep and great energy throughout sauna. It’s amazing to be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early and feel well, all while sober.


I Am Able to Do Certain Actions By Myself

Objectives has started to make me realize myself in the here and now and understand that I am able to do certain actions by myself. The staff has been a great help in me achieving that goal.


I Have Discovered A Lot About Myself

Self DiscoveryThis week while writing OW’s, I have discovered a lot about myself as far as the behaviors I have exhibited to my friends, family and breaking the law. I know that if I continue to do these behaviors I will end up on the same path I was on which is no longer the way I want to go. I also feel like OW’s can teach a large amount of patience which could also help me in the real world moving forward.


I Like Sauna

I like sauna because I like to sweat and it feels good. It also helps me to sleep. Thank you.


Thinking Clearly

Done with sauna, sleeping better, eating better, thinking clearly and working out. Thank you staff.


Sauna Helping Me Feel More Relaxed and Composed

Sauna helping me feel more relaxed and composed. Sleep and appetite are improving tremendously.


I Love Being Here

Narconon Fresh Start is a great place and I love being here. Hope I can live out the rest of my years here.


I Have Learned A Lot About Myself

I have learned a lot about myself this last week writing OW’s and how much damage I caused myself and others during time of using drugs.


I Never Felt Better In Years

I never felt better in years. No cigarettes, no alcohol and no drugs. It’s been a long time coming.


I’m Happy I’m Doing It

I started the Overcoming Ups and Downs course. It is definitely hard to get through and hard to stay focused, but I’m happy I’m doing it. It is making me realize a lot of things about my life, like who should be in it and who shouldn’t. I like writing stuff down so that I can get it off my chest.


I Have Made A Complete 180

I’ve been working extra hard these days on my course work. I no longer take as many breaks and am powering through this. I’m taking course very seriously and am no longer slacking off. I have made a complete 180 from when I started to where I’m at now. It’s a great feeling being able to see the finish line.


I Can’t Wait to Begin My New Life

I feel good this week because I am getting closer to getting out of here and finishing my program. I can’t wait to begin my new life.


I’m Feeling Better and Better Each Day

It’s getting easier for me to sit in course all day and write. I feel good about myself by writing everything I’ve done and am aware of my actions off and on drugs. I’m feeling better and better each day I get something done.


Course Has Made Me Fell Better Overall

Over the past week I have felt very happy. I feel like writing about everything. Course has made me feel better overall and has given me a better sense of awareness.


I Am Really Glad I Am Here

I hate my life a little bit less. I am really glad I am here, like really glad.


Thank You to All Staff

I woke up this morning feeling great about today. I’m getting a lot done on the writing portion of this program and am trucking through. Thank you to all staff.


I Had a Great Night Sleep

I had a great night sleep last night. Had a few dreams and morning was here before I knew it.


I Am Looking Forward to Fixing the Relationships I’ve Damaged

I feel so much more relieved after finishing my OW’s and getting everything I needed to off my chest about my past and the things I did to those who mean the most to me and how I’ve done them wrong or harmed them in any way, shape or form. I am looking forward to fixing the relationships I’ve damaged, mostly my family. I appreciate this program very much.


I Do Actually Feel Better

Throughout the course work, writing my OW’s, I am looking at all the crap I did within only five months. Not only did I wreck my body, but I put myself in harms way countless amounts of times. I do actually feel better after writing it all on paper.


Since Being in the Course Room, I Have Learned A Lot

Since being in the course room, I have learned a lot about different people in my life as well as myself. I am also realizing how much harm I have done to myself as I write my OW’s.


I Have Realized the Amounts of Harm I Have Done

While writing OW’s this week I have realized the amounts of harm I have done to myself and others in my life. And the amount of time I have wasted while I could be doing much more constructive activities in my life.


Feel Better Mentally and Physically

So far in sauna, I started to feel a lot better mentally and physically.


It Has Been An Honor to Go Through This Program

Proud of ProgramI’d like to take this opportunity to express gratitude for this program. I’m near the end of this journey. I feel confident in the next phase of my life. I look forward to applying all that I have learned here to whatever it is that I do. Each day, I become stronger and more emotionally stable. It has been an honor to go through this program. I feel fortunate to look back on this experience. Thank you to all the staff and students who have helped me along the way.


I Don’t Get Night Sweats Anymore

I have been sleeping a lot better since starting sauna. I don’t get night sweats anymore either. I feel overall a lot better than I did when I got here a week ago.


Feeling More Alive

The more time I spend sweating in the sauna, the more alive I feel.


Feeling A Lot Healthier

So far in sauna I have started to feel a lot healthier. I’m sleeping good, and my appetite is coming back.


Sleeping Better

Eating Better. No sweats at night and sleeping better.


Feeling More Like My Old Self

I am more aware of my body and surroundings and am overall more happy in general and feeling more like my old self.


Objectives Has Opened Up My Mind and Eyes

Objectives has opened up my mind and eyes to my surroundings. I know it will help me a lot and to be more respectful for when I return back to society. Thank you to all staff and students for this experience.


I Really Learned A Lot About Myself

Course is great. I really learned a lot about myself and the people in my life and how to deal with everything. I’m looking forward to applying everything I learned into my daily life.


I Can Handle Life and Anything that Comes My Way

I’m on the Changing Conditions course and I feel great to know that I can handle life and everything coming my way.


Confident in Pursuing a More Healthy and Conscious Life

Course for me so far has been therapeutic. I have been able to face so many things in my life. I feel very confident in pursuing a more healthy and conscious life.


Getting these Events off My Chest

So far writing about groups is making me see how I impacted some of my friend’s lives. I’m glad I’m getting these events off my chest.


I Feel Good About Myself

I feel good about myself. I realize I’m not a complete loser after all. Yay me!


I’m Just Glad I’m Sober and Happy

I feel inspired today. I am happy that I am still alive and have this opportunity to get my life back. It feels great to be sober and be able to wake up and fall asleep everyday without being sick. I am very happy to have support from my family and the staff members here. Being on Groups in course makes me realize how many relationships I’ve damaged because of my addiction whether it be friends, co workers or bosses, and how much drugs have taken a toll on my life. I’m just glad I’m sober and happy.


I Have Found Course to be of Great Value to Me

I have found course to be of great value to me. It has made me think about people, places and things that I haven’t thought about for quite some time. Course has forced me to confront my long held feelings and memories. It has been positive.


Beneficial Course Work

Throughout the Handles course work and Analyzing Personalities course work, I found it really beneficial. Not only did I disregard how others influenced my decision making in the past, but I disregarded how these anti-social personalities were influencing me to do the wrong thing, such as drinking or drug use.


Feeling Much Better

I’m feeling much better than I was. Eating more and I have gained 10 lbs. I’m 158 now. Sleep is coming back too.


Feels Good to Get Things Off My Chest

When I first started course it was difficult to start writing at first. As this being my 5th day, it has gotten much easier and feels good to get things off my chest. I am taking my time and getting it done slowly.