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Fort Collins is a Narconon drug rehabilitation center located Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sauna Helped Stop the Drug Cravings

I’m glad to have had the opportunity once again, to rid my body of drug residuals and metabolites. The New Life Detoxification Program has helped stop the drug cravings, which had been troublesome. I feel like sweated out more toxins than I had in previous sauna. This time I stayed in for longer sessions, drank more water and was sure to take all my vitamins and minerals regularly. I feel ready to move forward to the next step.
P. P.

Drug Residuals Have Left My Body

Today I have a great story of success. I have completed the New Life Detoxification Program here at Narconon Fresh Start; by doing so I have regained my mind, body, and soul back. I feel fantastic inside and out! I’m thinking clearer and comprehending better than ever. I have an increased level of energy and stamina. I feel that all drug residuals have left my body, and I feel like I did ten years ago. Thank you to all the Narconon Fresh Start staff and especially the awesome sauna staff members.
R. C.

Not All Drug Rehab’s are the Same

Not all rehab centers are the same; each rehab may differ significantly in philosophies, program options, credentials, staff skills, qualifications, and cost. The way to tell which rehab center is the most effective is to see how they treat their program participants. For instance, some programs only see their clients as statistics while other drug rehab treatment programs will see them as an individual and make sure their program meets each program participant’s needs as they work through their recovery process. In addition, they will answer questions about how their specific rehab operates by keeping all of their program information accessible to the client and their loved ones.

Highly successful drug rehabs have programs involve the recovering individual’s family. This is because their family members may have been affected by the program participant’s addiction issues and need help healing as well as learning new ways to interact with their loved one when they complete treatment. An effective drug rehab treatment plan will include drug and alcohol education too. This means the recovering addict will learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol and what drove them to abuse drugs in the first place. Being educated about their drug and alcohol addiction issues will help the recovering person to overcome their dependence problem as well as learn how to avoid future relapses.

What it takes to Truly Recover from Addiction

To truly recover from drug and alcohol addiction the addicted individual has to go beyond just stopping their substance use. It takes major changes in their day to day life, their coping mechanisms, their interpersonal skills and the way they view themselves. Recently, Narconon drug rehab programs were acknowledged for choosing to incorporate both the physical recovery and the cognitive skills education necessary to fully rehabilitate an addicted person.

Since 1966, Narconon programs such as Narconon Fresh Start have been operating based on the need to help the recovering individual develop life skills in addition to ending their physical addiction problem. This concept of working on the addicted person’s cognitive skills during their time in drug rehab is now garnering increasing validation from both national and international health organizations. A recent report noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) have released statements acknowledging the necessity to target life skills, e.g. cognitive and social skills during a patient’s time in drug rehab.

The Narconon International website has recently added an area where families can review the importance of life skills in addiction recovery. Narconon Fresh Start incorporates these life skills courses into their programs and understands the importance of educating the recovering individual and their loved ones on constructive ways to handle life’s problems. To achieve lasting sobriety the recovering person needs to repair the damage their addiction has wrought on their lives and the lives of those who care about them. Without repairing one’s past damage, each day will continue to be a struggle.

The Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab program addresses the client’s physical cravings through their New Life Detoxification Program. But, if they do not go any further in their rehabilitation process the individual is drug-free but has not developed any solutions to prevent them from returning to their former way of coping. Narconon and Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs know that the recovering person must find relief from their guilt and develop the ability to solve problems without turning to drugs or alcohol. This is where the Narconon life skills training and courses play a pivotal role in the individual’s recovery and lasting sobriety.

The Life Skills Courses that Narconon Fresh Start cover range from developing the ability to effectively communicate with those around them to developing one’s own moral compass that will help guide them in creating an honest life for themselves when they graduate from the program. Because Narconon Fresh Start’s drug rehab centers are long-term, residential treatment programs they provide the recovering individual with the necessary time and drug-free environment to truly focus on their recovery.

Each center is located in specifically chosen settings ideal for their tranquility and serenity. Fort Collins New Life Center is located in Colorado and provides clients with park-like grounds, fresh air and mountain views. Lone Star Victory Ranch in Texas rests in the heart of the majestic Rio Grande Valley and surrounded by lush farmland. Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Nevada was once a dude ranch and sits on 320 acres; it is still an active cattle and horse grazing land. Sunshine Summit Lodge in California was a former executive retreat with a rural location that lends itself to self-discovery and a healthy change of pace for the recovering program participant. With treatment centers located in a variety of different settings Narconon Fresh Start drug rehab programs will help you or your loved one put an end to addiction once and for all.